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Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it?

This is a discussion on Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was at work on a very cold day and a customer came in with a hand truck to pick up some joint compound. It ...

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Thread: Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it?

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    The tire was very lucky.....

    I was at work on a very cold day and a customer came in with a hand truck to pick up some joint compound. It had to be zero degrees outside and the store was just about 50-55...I was behind the counter when I heard a creaky sound, I got up and looked around and then...BOOM! I had the gun out of the holster at low ready as I ducked I heard the customer say....Holy---- the tire blew up! I put the gun down behind the counter, no on saw me, and examined the previously air filled tire on his hand truck (dolly). I explained to him about air expansion and hot and cold and it was kinda' cool to see that my physics teacher was right....He filled up, with cold air on a zero degree day, an empty tire and then walked into my store stayed five minutes and BOOM! I was actually impressed at my reaction time. Sheesh.....
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    Once . I was almost rear ended at a red light , then the driver cut me off in the parking lot I turned into. The vehicle cut off my going forward and I could not back into busy traffic and the driver was in my way to drive over the curb and grass. . I drew and held the pistol along side my seat.
    The driver walked past my truck about 15 ft from me , while I watched. The passenger was out and screaming at the driver (domestic dispute ,I figure). the driver never realized how close he came to looking at the wrong end of my pistol.
    Once the driver was far enough away , I hopped the curb and drove into the parking lot.
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    ive been lucky enough to have been able to avoid all situations that would require that........hope to be able to say the same thing when im an old man
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    Only when I was a reserve police officer. Never as a civilian.

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    Yes. On several occasions.

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    It's a long story.
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    1. Nine idiots in the Sierras who thought there were enough of them to to intimidate someone- NOT

    2. Truck stop,middle of the night someone beating on the door. Opened it to find a hooker who had the wrong address. Don't know what scared her more, the Diamondback in my hand or me in my skivvies

    3. Three college kids in a jet boat that tried to swamp the canoe I was fishing from. First pass they came from behind and the skier took a cut that darn near swamped the canoe. When they made their second pass, I caught the skier in the chest with a 1oz lead weight cast from a spinning rod. While they were hauling him into the boat( unconscious I think) I had paddled back into the cove where I was camping. As they pulled up to the shore and started to climb out, I turned from the truck armed and suggested they find a different place to play. Judging from the speed with which they found reverse, they agreed. That weight sure did raise a welt.

    4. The guy was almost in the front window of a friends house when he looked up to the loft to see the muzzle of my 38 pointed at him. He left. Deputies later found him in his shop "white as a ghost, shaking uncontrollably and unable to speak". He never did bother my friend again.

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    Not yet. I work really hard on staying away from situations where it is more likely to present a situation where I would have to. I hope I never have to, but the muggings are starting to increase around where I frequent. So I got two choices. Live my life like normal and be prepared for the worst and hope for the best or live in fear and don't go out of the house. I choose the first.

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    They retreated quietly. Well mostly, some profane words of suprise hung in the air.

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    ccw no; shotgun yes
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    Three times, but I have learned to stay away form certain places, and people. My SA has improved greatly over the years.
    Y'all be safe now, ya hear!

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    No but I hope that if I am ever in a situation that I feel required to draw, that the BG will have good enough sense when he sees a .45 pointed at him to head in the opposite direction.
    That's not to say I would draw unless I felt I absolutely had to, but if my life is on the line, so is the BG's. In that case I hope he makes the right decision, and doesn't force me to make my decision.
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    I have never had to show my pistol, but have had two semi serious situations that are now kind of humurous.
    1. A buddy and I were scuba diving in a fresh water lake. We had a large truck inner tube with a diving flag on it that was our platform and our boat was anchored about 100 feet away. Some nut decide he was going to see how close he could come with his boat to the tube we had just come up on. He made two passes and was coming around for the third when I cut the line on my spear gun and stuck in the side of his boat just below where he was sitting. I missed, but the game warden got him after we described the boat and told heim where the the spear had stuck.
    2. I was on way home from a week of diving[same trip as above] and having fun with my buddies. We were out of state and it was late at night so we pulled into a parking lot for an hour of rest. A group of 6 or 7 guys pulled in right after us [they had obvoiusly been drinking] and drove up right infront of my car, blocking my way out. They commenced to come closer to the car telling the two of us we shouldn't be there. The closest thing I had to a gun was my black snorkle. I stuck the end of out the car window [it was very close to the same size as a 12 ga. shotgun] and explained that we would be happy to leave if they would move their car or I would be very happy to shoot my way out. They sobered up real fast and moved their car.
    My buddy and I laughed all the way to the border and still talk about that night.
    Best wishes.

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    Once. I produced an empty black-powder pistol to convince a car full of guys with baseball bats poking out the window of their car that they really didn't want to jump my firiend and me in a parking lot late one night, and that driving on past and out of sight was a great idea..
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    Only at work. Never on the street.

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