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Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it?

This is a discussion on Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Twice. In both cases the sight of the weapon was enough to halt the threat. I might add that in both cases I was outnumbered ...

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Thread: Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it?

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    Twice. In both cases the sight of the weapon was enough to halt the threat. I might add that in both cases I was outnumbered and alone.


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    Once while visiting my then girlfriend at a low end apartment complex i was starting to walk up the outside stairway and a guy jumped out of the bushes next to the stairwell. Once he saw the business end of my Glock 19 he calmly just turned around and walked away. I wish I was as calm as he appeared to be. I made her give notice the next day and found her a much better place to live and she was out of there within two weeks. I was surprised at how fast it happened and how fast I reacted, I was also mad at myself for letting somebody get so close in a part of town I knew to be bad.
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    Good endings to many situations mentioned here - but - Ted Nugent would say one thing common in several posts wrong - should have held them (the one's who backed off / got away) for the Police - to keep them from assaulting the next guy \ girl who isn't packing.

    Well, Ted might have said just shoot them but the latter is better I think....

    : )
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    And you think the law is going to keep them put away someplace where they won't harm anyone?
    Most of the time they are out of jail before the patrol officer get's done with his paperwork. If not the judge will kick him back out very shortly!! It's not right but it is reality, thoughts otherwise is just wishful thinking. If having a weapon drawn on him but one of his chosen subjects isn't enough to detour a future attempt, do you really think a night or two in a warm jail, with three meals a day is going to do it? Also in my case the idiot didn't do anything wrong yet. At least the last time I checked playing ding dong ditch ain't against the law!!

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    Yes, about 20 years ago I had just changed jobs and moved to a new city. I was living in an apartment temporarily, but was in a good part of town. I had just come home from the grocery store and had put everything away. I heard my door knob jiggle and looked out through the peephole. There was this big skinhead with tattoos that was dancing in the hallway. I thought it might be someone visiting the punk rock college students across the hall. But, he gave me the creeps so I went to my bedroom nightstand and got my Charter Arms 44spl in a gun rug from my night stand. As I returned to the livingroom the front door was busted in and this creep was charging me with his arms out like he will grab my neck. It seemed to take forever, but I got the zipper undone and brought the gun up and almost full trigger pull aimed between his eyes when he saw the gun and ran. I called the police and they said that if they had to file a report they would have to confiscate all guns at the scene. They suggested I could decline to file a report and keep my guns (which I did). Stupid, stupid Melbourne, FL police department...who are they protecting??? I had to pay for door repairs since there was no police report. When do the police guns get confiscated for being at a crime scene???? I live in Colorado now so come and try your confiscation MELBOLURNE, FL police department!!!

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    Sadly yes, just this past January 14th. I posted a thread about it here. If you want to read the details they can be found HERE
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    Twice, one a drugged up guy got offended when he jumped on the trailer behind my truck and tried to steal some equipment and I drove off anyway then slammed on the breaks. When he came running over and started beating on my window and screaming obscenities and telling me he was gonna kill me, he met Mr. Glock.

    Then RAN.

    second time two guys tried to roll me at an informal shooting range. Short version of a long story, Guy #1 was the decoy and guy #2 was the flanker. I saw #2 and pretended like I didn't, but tracked him. When #1 asked what I do when my gun is empty as he started to accelerate towards me, I drew my carry weapon and told him, put 2 in your chest with this one. Then made him aware that if his buddy wasn't where I could easily see him in 2 second I would shoot #1.

    They also ran.
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    About a month after I received my LTCF here in PA I was coming out of work late on a saturday night. Around 11:45pm-12am. Im a chef, therefore I work in a restaurant. We closed down at 11, I was just in there late prepping for the sunday morning rush.

    This means there was plenty of time for the entire parking lot to clear out, there was nobody left but another chef who was a key holder. The bad part about my restaurant, is its just a few miles away from a bad part of town. I was walking outside and there was a car parked about 20 feet away from mine, in an otherwise empty parking lot. I scoped it out and it didn't look right, but I was leaving so whatever. I kept walking and 5 guys got out of the car, all minorities, and started walking swiftly at me saying nothing. At this point I pulled back my shirt over my holster and placed a firm grip on my firearm. They saw this and turned around...

    A friend told me I was wrong and they could have been asking for help, maybe broken down. I said, then you're going to get killed if 5 guys need to rush you at 12 at night to ask for car help...

    I think I detered them well enough and they drove off. Went back inside and escort the other chef to her vehicle then we parted ways.
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    Yes, when I was working at a local TV station as a broadcast engineer. The chief engineer had told the engineers that we were to be the security guards for the station, so I asked and received permission to carry(openly) my S&W model 19 when I made my security checks. One night, after signoff at 2 AM, I gave my co-worker a ride home. After I dropped him off, I was stopped at a red light, definitely not paying enough attention to my surroundings when the door of my 67 Mustang opened and a guy started to get in. I grabbed my pistol from the dashboard and pointed it between his eyes. His eyes got as big as saucers and he stammered, "wrong car" before backing out and closing the door. I ran the light and continued home. Yes, I know the dashboard isn't the best place to carry, but it was before Va became a shall issue state, so it had to be in the open, and it wasn't on the seat because I'd dropped my friend off less than a minute before, so I hadn't yet put it back on the seat. Another mistake I made was not having my friend lock the door when he got out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcabin View Post
    A friend told me I was wrong and they could have been asking for help, maybe broken down. I said, then you're going to get killed if 5 guys need to rush you at 12 at night to ask for car help...
    Yeah, they all could have had mothers who loved them. You never know.

    Still, five young toughs acting in coordinated fashion at midnight in a dark parking lot to quickly and quietly close the space, with apparently obvious tension and focus in their movements and body language? And your friend would sit there and take it? Your friend would likely be eliminated. You would not. Pretty simple, that.
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    Twice - Once I was a teenage and grabbed a gun at home and did not have to fire.

    Kids who thought they were HS bullies got off the bus at my stop after telling me they were gonna mess me up this and that. I got into my house and kept them out, went to my dad's defensive handgun grabbed it turned the corner to the living room where they were on the porch with a brick at the window. When they say me they ran - never another problem with them.

    Second time I was at a friends house and had disarmed because of drinking (1 glass) when a guy came through the door with a ski mask and real looking Airsoft gun (Metal no, orange tip) I got to my gun racked the slid and was raising it before he knew i was there. He dropped the act and it ended. I WAS NOT AWARE THIS WAS A FRIEND OF HIS BEING STUPID.
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    Never a ccw, but a shotgun once. Lived in rural Maine, really rural nearest neighbor 1 mile away. Pickup drove into yard and continued out to the rear acreage. I had no idea who it was so I grabbed the shotgun and headed out to investigate. Found pickup but nobody around. Honked the horn. Heard movement in bushes, aimed shotgun, out steps a guy w/ his little kid. Turns out he was a game warden! We had a short discussion ( I chewed his butt for not stopping at the house). He left. That was the end of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom G View Post
    Yes twice. One time I was about to be robbed and the second time I was outnumbered and about to be robbed or worse. I didn't shoot either time because the people involved turned tail and made tracks in the opposite direction. A lot of problems of this type can be stopped without shooting someone.
    I had a similiar situation with three punks in Miami Lakes. They confronted me and I warned them I had a .357 in my hand and could take all three from where I was standing. (Had a bobbed, tuned, ported SP 101 in my shorts in my right hand.) One went for his pocket with both hands and I drew. I was pumped and would have taken all three down at that point. They thought better of it and split. Cops said I did the right thing.

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    not a ccw but multiple times serving in Iraq... they were more afraid of pistols then rifles. funny thing though a burst from my SAW always did the trick

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    Once I had spotted some shady looking people taking cover in the bushes next to a neighbor's apartment, she and her room mate were college students and usually returned home around midnight, which was the time I had spotted the prowlers... I was watching them through the blinds while talking to 911 and with no lights on in the house but I suspected they saw me through the blinds BECAUSE their behavior had changed, they jumped out of the darkness and started to pace around as if they were spooked or panicking... then one of the clowns started to move towards my own residence, at this point I was bracing for a possible attack and got my .45ACP putting a clip in the pocket... I don't know if he saw my gun but when he came within probably 7 yards of the window he turned right back, where he and his buddy got into a crappy looking car hightailed it, 20 min later LOE arrived... and shortly after that my neighbor... I have no idea if she had any idea what was possibly waiting for her that night, and I don't believe the police found those men.
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