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Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it?

This is a discussion on Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My dog made me mad and we had a show down but I gave in when he lifted his leg and threatened the couch...

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Thread: Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it?

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    My dog made me mad and we had a show down but I gave in when he lifted his leg and threatened the couch

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    Almost once, on a bulldog. He attacked the two dogs I was walking, but retreated before I could get unholstered (it's not easy to unholster while holding the leashes of two dogs engaged in a fight). I'd be pleased as punch if that is the closest I come to ever justifying my sidearm :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by shagdog View Post
    Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it? Why did you draw and not fire?
    Once. A pair of crooks split up and approached me, in a dark parking lot. I had seen them together moments earlier, and I saw them split up. When the lead guy rapidly approached and became threatening, I drew on him and suggested he reconsider. They both quickly withdrew and disappeared. Firing wasn't required.
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    I've never even been in a situation where I considered touching my firearm. I hope to keep it that way.

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    Yes, twice. Because the car jacker left and the guy other guy drove off.

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    Yes. Fortunately the BG turned and ran away.
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    Almost once, very very close. and the lucky dirt-bag knows it. I have video and showed it to a deputy friend. He said if it was him he probably would have drawn. In-laws are such a pain.
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    I can't add to the answers as I am still waiting for my CHL to arrive. Probably sometime between the tomorrow's mail and two weeks from tomorrow's mail.

    A common thread in all of the events described in this thread seems to me to be the answer as to why drawing but no firing was involved. I suspect that the lack of a presented weapon on the part of the BG may have made the difference. Threatening moves and perceived danger warranted drawing. If the BG had a gun in hand or was seen in the process of drawing one and it was confirmed that he had a gun and was preparing to use it, then firing yours would most likely have been the end result.
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    1985: Walking home from the store in broad daylight with a 6-pack in my left hand. Scrawny guy coming the other way with a cheap switch-blade style knife flicks it open and while still 10 feet or so away advises me that "he'll be takin' those beers now". I didn't need to draw as it was sufficient to pull my jacket back and put my hand on the pachy grips of a Dan Wesson .357, causing the guy to stop abruptly, apologize and ask to leave... which I let him do after instructing him to drop the knife... which I still have.
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    Yes, twice. First time was stopping a drunk Eskimo from breaking in to my girlfirend's apartment when I was stationed in Alaska (not kidding). He backed away from the window and ran.

    Second time was my crazy neighbor trying to break in and attack me. She turned tail and stormed off. Female Neighbor Invades Home
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    Another thing common to this thread is that many, maybe a majority of these incidents, occur in parking lots.

    In the self-defense classes I teach, I always inform the students that, no matter what that time of day, parking lots are the most dangerous places on earth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KenInColo View Post
    Another thing common to this thread is that many, maybe a majority of these incidents, occur in parking lots.

    Very true. A very vulnerable area as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shagdog View Post
    Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it? Why did you draw and not fire?
    Yes. I was out at 1am on my own property when my dogs went off acting "real funny" I drew, anticipating a rabid critter (since most varmits run from the dogs and this didn't) turned out to be a guy hiding. He looked scared and except for being where he shouldn't, he did not act threatening in any way so I didn't shoot him. I made a post about it here when it happened. I called the police, but he ran off through the woods. He musta done some talkin, coz soon lots of people seemed to know about it. I think the cockroaches of the neighborhood scattered when they saw my truck driving in after that. Never had any more troubles.

    Another time, I was also out late on my own property (same place, just land, not my house), I had just loaded the dogs into the back of my truck and gotten in to leave, and a man drove up and parked blocking me, which put me in code red because that is a highly threatening move. I had a .22 rifle on me, before I had my CHL. He opened the door to his truck, and I couldn't think of a single way to justify his actions, this situation was heading SOUTH!! I thought I might have to shoot a man tonight. But the dogs met him first, one is tied in, but the other rides loose and there is no tailgate so she could get him if he got too close. She stayed in the truck bed and stayed truely defensive, not escalating the situation but definitely not backing down either, and whatever he had in mind he decided it wasn't worth going through the dogs to get to me.

    My dogs are worth their weight in gold.
    And yes, while I was shaking afterwards, in the heat of the moment all was very clear. Trust your instincts, it's not magic, its really the sum of all your subconscious observations.
    I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I expect the same from them. -- John Wayne as John B. Books in "The Shootist"

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    Have you ever had to draw your gun ?? ...... Nope.

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    Kinda... I was in the process of drawing, but haven't really drawn yet: Walking from a Movie Theater to the almost empty parking lot (for those who know the area: The Parking Lot of Harkins Movie Theaters in Bricktown, OKC, where i parked somewhere at the rear end corner of the parking lot - next to the Uhaul Bulinding and kinda underneath the old I40 overpass). Some fishy guy left another car and quickly walked towards me. Told him if i could help him - he kept on walking. Told him loud & clearly to stop and if i can help him - he kept on walking. Told him a third time to stop and TO NOT come closer - he kept on walking. Still coming towards me pretty fast, maybe about 10 yards away, i proceeded to draw from my IWB. But just the motion of my hand going to wards my 5 O'Clock position and pulling something from there caused him to immediately stop, turn around, run back to his car and drive away. Didn't even have to draw all the way (actually, i wasn't even able to draw all the why, because he started running the very same second i started to draw :D), my gun actually never really left the holster.

    Welt back to the theater and called the police. They took a report, told me i did good and they'll keep an eye out for the suspect. Never heard anything from them though...
    Regards, Mike

    The german american, now living in Germany, but surely missing home!

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