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Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it?

This is a discussion on Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Half-way pulled, but didn't shoot, because my Smith 642 never completely left the pocket holster. I was walking out of a mall, and noticed a ...

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Thread: Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it?

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    Half-way pulled, but didn't shoot, because my Smith 642 never completely left the pocket holster. I was walking out of a mall, and noticed a group of men who looked to be up to no good hanging around off to one side. I immediately moved to the other side, and began to circle around them as my car was parked down an isle behind where they were standing. One of them called out to me, wanting to know if I wanted to buy a watch. Yeah, right. I acted like I didn't hear him and kept walking, and put my hand in my pocket on the 642's grip. The same guy then started to follow at a brisk pace, saying "hey, I'm talking to you." He had very quickly closed the gap to about 10 yards, so I turned quickly around, continued walking backwards, and pulled the 642 half-way out my pocket. The BG immediately stopped, and began to walk backwards for a few paces, then turned and trotted back to his group. I was almost to my car, hopped in, and left quickly. I'm certainly glad I didn't have to actually pull it all the way out, and certainly glad I didn't have to fire.

    I hope that day never comes,and I work at avoiding places/situations where that may be more likely. However, I realize that sometimes no matter how cautious you may be, those situations find you.

    I had someone approach me in a different mall, completely different circumstances than the time described above. This guy had run a red light while talking in a cell phone, and then stopped in the middle of an intersection. With traffic behind me beginning to back and blow horns, I had to go around him as did everyone else. He then followed me into the mall parking deck, where he began to threaten me, and eventually threatened to pull a gun. I told him he needed to leave leave and I walked away without having to pull my weapon, and he eventually left. While this was peaceably resolved, it's an example of how this situations can come up when you least expect it.
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    Yes, had a BG trying to break into the back door to my house, where my (cancer patient) wife was inside sleeping. Drew on him, forced him to the ground and held him at gunpoint until the troopers arrived to take him into custody. I didn't fire because he let go of the door handle when I made my presence known. If he had opened the door or attempted to, I would have used lethal force. Thankfully it didn't come to that as I have zero desire to take a human life.

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    Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it?

    In the line of duty yes, as a civilian no thank God.

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    Many times .

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    Re: Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it?

    So far I've only had to reach back for my gun once when a guy followed me through a parking lot (yay SA, I noticed in time to prepare). I asked him if I could help him with my hand on the grip. He may have just been begging, hard to tell if the reach had any effect on his behavior. I the end he left and I never actually drew. Made me think more about how I'd handle future situations.

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    Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it?

    Just once when a homeless guy tried to get into my car at a gas station. I drew, took aim and just shook my head "no". He called me a ***** and ran off. If he'd kept yanking on my door handle I might've shot through the window.
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    No, thank goodness. I did pull my knife out twice, though.

    This was shortly after I graduated and lived in my first townhouse. I had a late night at work and got home after dark. The mailboxes are a separate building, so I walked down to the building, got my mail, and headed back. I passed one townhouse building where a neighbor was sitting out on the front steps. (This guy had tried to get flirty with me before and I ignored him. He just didn't "feel" right. I had checked the TN Sex Offender registry, and lo and behold, there he was.) So I was walking back with my mail, and he got up from the steps and started walking up behind me. Well, that didn't "feel" right, either. I pulled out my Benchmade AFCK and opened it with a nice loud click, made sure the shiny blade shone up under the street light, and started to open up an envelope as I continued to walk. He made a very swift u-turn.

    The other time was against a pitbull that ran up to me and circled. Pulled out the same AFCK (this was before I had my CCW), and started to circle him. He left.
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    Yes, 15 years ago had a man approached me and a female co-worker in a parking lot before dawn. It was summer and he was wearing an army jacket with hands in his pockets. He was walking towards us screaming at us. Raised my .357 at him and told him to stop. He wasn't scared of me pointing a gun at him at all. Actually he was rather brash. It was odd how fast it happened but still how much my mind processed the available information in front of me. If he would have taken any step towards us I would have had to shoot him. He started back across the parking lot rambling about how I had a big gun for him. I was weak in the knees 10 minutes later when I actually realized how close I came to shooting someone. Also scary what he would have done to the girl if I hadn't been there. She still remembers that to this day and tears up when she sees me.

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    Have I had to pull it no, Thank God. Hands on once.... should have been hands on another time.

    I've been Hands on once for a Pit-bull who luckily for me the fence was high enough for him not to jump over. I was in Detroit getting a Death Certificate signed from the doctor's office for the family who was using our Funeral Home that I work for. I was in the back ally of the doctors office parking, got out and as soon as the dog saw me darts full speed at the fence. Hands went on the M&P and turned towards the growling noise and the dog running into the fence.

    Second time was in a parking lot, I didn't go hands on just kept giving the short guy a stair down as he talked on his cell phone, making a B line towards me as I stood at the back of the truck. He couldn't see my gun or my friend or brother until he got around the back of the truck. It would have turned out bad for him as I was OCing and my friend who doesn't have his CPL yet was holstering his gun to OC it, and my brother who was still in the truck which had had my friends shotgun in it because we were headed home from the range.

    To this day I still think I should have went hands on but part of the reason the guy turned and looped around us was because I used my training and stair him down, kept my front towards him, it also helps that he saw my friend and his gun in plain view. He just looked shady why would you walk towards me in a parking lot that has plenty of empty spaces to go around us? He wasn't walking down the isle, he was cutting through parallel to the store. He had one hand in a pocket?
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    I have never pulled a gun but I have pulled my weapon many times while in RVN but never as a civilian. In the military your rifle/pistol/revolver is a weapon, not a gun, on a male your gun is located above your knees and below your belly button.
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    Yes, many times as an active LEO. Did not fire due to threat being removed.
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    I have drawn and not fired twice.

    The first time I was sitting in my car in a dark parking lot between the building and some woods. I had the dome light on doing some paperwork. Some guy walked up and tried to open my car doors. I showed him my XD .40 and he ran off.

    The second time, I was in leaving one of our offices late at night after doing network maintenance after hours. This office is in THE worst city in Hampton Roads (Newport News has daily shootings). When I walked out the door I had my hand in my pocket on my LCP and I almost walked into a homeless guy standing outside the door and off to one side, out of the rain. We were both pretty surprised. I don't think he ever saw the LCP in my hand at my side.
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    asides from some "hand on the grip" moments I've drawn a couple of times (seriously I'd rather have not had to)

    a couple of years ago it was some kid (well very late teens) who had just walked on in through the back door of my old house after making a token knock - I scared the **** out of him (almost as badly as he'd scared me by slinking in) and had one of my 1911 .45s drawn on him he put up his hands and started babbling about how he was looking for yard work to do etc. etc. - later, after he'd been arrested I learned he'd been going around the neighborhood that day, knocking and knocking and ringing and ringing at people's houses with some story about looking to be hired to do yard work because he needed some money man - I thought I managed to keep it together in that situation but I still had the butterflies in my stomach for a little while after that

    the second time was when I had my old Star BM which used to be my only carry gun besides a .38 at the time, this was years ago - I was working late at an old job in a sketchy neighborhood - not a warzone but there was a certain low but constant level of criminal activity in the area I suppose you could say - this guy starts following me, and has a really angry expression on his face, this sort of stocky, beefy-running-to-fat guy, he may have been homeless but his clothes seemed in better condition than the average loiterer but he may simply have been crazy, who knows - I had a hand on my Star after noticing him and when I made it to my car instead of fumbling with my keys trying to get in I pulled out the Star and pointed it at him - this seemed to make him madder but he let out some angry noises, no words, just noises and ran off. I was pretty badly spooked for the rest of the night, just glad he didn't come charging at me.

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    Yes and the BG ran away...
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    Yep , when I was a kid I used to hitch hoke to see my girlfriend . Her brother and I used to enjoy shooting 22's when I would visit , so on this day I asked my dad if I could take his 22 L.R. H&R , he said yes , so I tucked that six inch barreled revoolver in the front of my pants and off I went . After getting out on the highway I thought i would pull my shirt over it so not to alarm anyone while I was hitch hiking .
    A few miles from her house this 62 Galaxy rolled up , loud exhaust and a couple onray looking fellows in it , obviuosly drinking , told me to hop in . So after getting in , wondering about the smarts of this , the passenger a pretty good sized man keeps looking over the seat grinning , then says " what would you do if I was to grab hold of you ?" I didn't know what his intentions where , didn't wait to find out , now whishing I had loaded the pistol but seeing no choice but to hope a bluff worked , I pulled my shirt up and layed my hand on the grips , he yelled " the f ing kid has a gun ! the F ing kid has a gun ! " the driver throwed a glance over his shoulder and saw I was indeed carrying and slammed on the brakes . I did not hesitate to jump from the car in fear that my bluff might be called , they smoked the tires and took off . I still had another two miles or so to go and I tell you , I was scared . 43 years ago the traffic was far and few between on this highway and so where the houses , I decided to load the pistol and walk the rest of the way carrying the pistol in my hand . to this day I do not know what thier intentions where , but when I got to my girlfriends house and discribed the car and men , her parents knew of them imediately and told me I was lucky , they had a nasty reputation for beating people badly . Also 43 years ago being questioned by an officer for carrying a gun , even concealed was unheard of around here .
    I think it was probally in the 90's before hearing of anyone around here being questioned or arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and if I remember right the officer didn't last long as he had other issues with the public also . Kenneth

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