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Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it?

This is a discussion on Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just last weekend. I was visiting some family gravesites while visiting my hometown of Memphis, TN. I was at my grandparents graves when I heard ...

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Thread: Have you ever drawn your gun in defense and not fired it?

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    Just last weekend. I was visiting some family gravesites while visiting my hometown of Memphis, TN. I was at my grandparents graves when I heard a dog barking. I looked and saw a large dog barking and looking over to an undeveloped portion of the cemetary. Keep in mind this cemetary is in a very bad part of Memphis, South Parkway and Rozelle. I fully expected to see someone or a group of people coming from the direction the dog was barking. After a few seconds another large dog showed up. That scared me more that seeing another human. They started to move towards me and circle my position. I pulled my revolver, a 22 mag, and had it at the ready. I tried to stay calm and not make eye contact. I started moving slowiy towards the parking lot. The dogs continued to follow me and finally stopped. After the incident, I was glad I had my gun, glad I didn't have to use it and never in my life would I have considered having to defend myself against wild dogs! I guess it's true, you never know what's going to happen.

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    Just reading through the treads this am and again came across the one regarding carrying chambered or something like that.. Saw that there's 161 folks that are not comfortable with a chambered round.. To these folks I would simply say. Buy and carry a DAO pistol or revolver. The round won't go off without the trigger pull and you will more than Likely save yours or a loved ones life by dong so. I can attest to the simple fact that under most conditions you will not have the time, or presence of mind to rack the slide and make ready to defend off an attacker hell bent on doing you harm. We all like to think we have what it takes, but being someone that has had something similar happen on two occasions, one while carrying my G23 with no round chambered and once with a S&W revolver. The clear winner was the revolver. Keep this I'm mind. Regardless of round count, the first one to hit his target is probably gonna win the fight. Now if the G23 was loaded and ready for business, the Glock would be my go to choice every time; just thought I'd add that little tidbit.

    just a touch of history behind the two times I had to draw a weapon. Both times were attempted home invasions, back when they were few and far between. Neither gained entry and I laugh at it now, but was not funny at the time. Each time I was startled outta my mind and when I reacted to the event I gave out a very loud shout as I readied my weapon. Why, I have no idea. It just happens. Both times it was simply the word "hey" but it is loud and in anger.. My wife said it scared the pooh outta her. The first time was with my G23 and I carried it not chambered. I used to carry it around the house and set it on the end table or somewhere close depending where I was at.

    One evening someone tried to kick in the front door. It sounded so loud and with so much force that I almost fell outta my chair. Luckily I have always made an effort to keep the doors deadbolt on when we are inside regardless of time of day; just a habit from apartment living. Anyway, the door held and I was able to gather my wits and grab the Glock and rack the slide and while all that was taking place out comes the banshee yell! Lol.. Now I can't be sure what made the person or persons leave, the racking of the slide, the door holding from such a hard kick, or my audible alert, but there was not another kick on the door and the police were called and on their way. After reflection on the situation it was clear to me, that if whoever kicked the door had of gained entry on that first kick, I would have been dead meat if they wanted to shoot me, and my wife would then have been at their mercy. Needless to say, that just will not do. From that day forward I decided to revamp my defensive situation and started keeping all my guns loaded and ready for action. I also started carrying on my person all the time, especially at home.

    The second time I pulled a firearm was when I saw a guy in my back yard through the sliding glass door. Obviously up to no good and looking for a entry spot. This one wasn't such a startle, but t was enough to get the adrenal glands to pumping and out comes the yell and revolver at the same time. It was loud enough that the guy heard me through the glass and off he went like a jack rabbit.. That rascle was pretty fast, so the ole foot chase was outta the question, but the police were called and a description was taken.. One noticeable difference between the two events for me was instantaneous. My confidence level was greatly enhanced knowing that I was ready for the fight should it come to it. It's kinda hard to explane, but subconsciously I knew all I had to do was draw and make ready and that made a world of difference after the ordeal. Because I was alert and ready, he was at my mercy instead of the other way around. I know not every situation will be the same obviously, but having to take the extra second or two to ready the firearm is not the way to win a possible life or death battle. Some folks will have to experience the situation just like I did before they understand, that you are not ten foot tall and bullet proof. I truly hope you come outta it safe and sound as I did.

    In closing I hope that those folks on the fence regarding the chambered or not chambered query, will take some advice from just an average Joe. Even though I call myself an average guy, I was a in my prime and very athletic all the way through my youth and into my late 30's and early 40's. These events happened several years apart and in between that time period, so physical condition has very little to do with the success rate IMO. I equate it to more along the lines of who has the high ground there and being a round down and the additional time to ready the weapon will surly cost ya.
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    Great thread. Reminded me of a few things I need to brush up on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spec View Post
    Second time was in a parking lot, I didn't go hands on just kept giving the short guy a stair down as he talked on his cell phone,
    I think this is a common "I'm not paying attention to you so you don't need to pay any attention to me" ploy. I've seen it used by someone who was hanging around in a parking lot, looking like he was going to steal something if he found an open door. Same person tried to rob a retired fish plant manager. Dumb move. Fish plant managers have to deal with and handle all sorts of people who cannot or will not hold down a regular job.

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    yes..... a couple of bad guys wanted to rob me but changed their mind when i pulled a Baretta 96...they were unarmed and retreated, so, no need to fire......

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    Let me preface this by saying I've only been carrying for a week and before this incident I have never had a true reason to carry but this was a rude awakening and I was thankful to have it.

    I didn't have to draw, thanks in part to some dumb luck and partly to SA, but I did go hands on. I was walking my dog at dusk (first stupid move) in an extremely nice and assumed safe (second stupid move) neighborhood which caused me to believe it would be okay to walk a bit later than we should have been. As we were walking, a beat up, junky car that obviously didn't fit in with the residences I was walking by (which quickly upped my alert level) drove down the road, slowed to a crawl as it passed (up another level), drove past and pulled into a house it DEFINITELY didn't belong to and flipped a U (mind is flashing red lights in front of my eyes). Once I saw it pull into that driveway and turn around, I knew something wasn't right so I started up the drive to the nearest house and acted like I lived there then turned about 20 feet in front of the house ( because unfortunately it was uninhabited and I didn't have much of an option) and watched with my hand on the grip of my gun as they slowly drove by and finally left. Needless to say, I high tailed it back home as quick as I could get the dog to walk and have since timed our walks more reasonably. And I learned letting your guard down at all, regardless of your perceptions of the surroundings, is a terrible idea.

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    Yes. It was 1989 and I was camping with some friends near my home. The 7 of us were in 3 individual camps as a Living History reenactment of life during the Fur Trade Era.
    We had been asked by the folks who put on the county fair if we'd do a show and tell of sorts for the fair goers. Up to this point it had been alot of fun for me.

    These 3 young guys had been visiting with me. Initially they were curious and inquisitive and full of questions. The folks I was there with were all inside their lodges and out of sight.

    Call it a gut feeling but I was beginning to feel a lil bit like Custer. Their questions had dropped off and I felt like they were sizing me up. So I reached behind the closed door flap of my tent and retrieved my 73cal short rifle and leaned it up against the flap within arms reach. The leader of the 3 was sitting the closest to me. At that point he went eyeball to eyeball with me and asked me if it was loaded. I stared right back at him and said "foul up and find out." About 30 seconds later he and his crew got up and left.

    They were 4 or 5 hundred yards away when I lost sight of them. Never saw them again. Now I make sure to always have my pistols with me when I go camping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ron8903 View Post
    25+ years LEO, hundreds of times.
    Thank God I never had to pull the trigger.
    Oh yeah.....I remember when I entered into law enforcement it was a really BAD night if I had to draw my sidearm just a couple of times. Toward the end of my career it was quit common to draw my sidearm 5 to 8 times a night or more. Our general standard was when the threat that caused us to draw the weapon ceased we had to de-escalate our force (called our Continum of Force Policy which has multiple levels). Sometimes this would involve something like the suspect dropping their weapon or submitting to arrest. If working in pairs one would cover the suspect while the other officer cuffed them.
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    Thankfully,other than a bulldog,never pulled mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcabin View Post
    Aplenty of time for the entire parking lot to clear out, there was nobody left but another chef who was a key holder. The bad part about my restaurant, is its just a few miles away from a bad part of town. I was walking outside and there was a car parked about 20 feet away from mine, in an otherwise empty parking lot. I scoped it out and it didn't look right, but I was leaving so whatever. I kept walking and 5 guys got out of the car, all minorities, and started walking swiftly at me saying nothing. At this point I pulled back my shirt over my holster and placed a firm grip on my firearm. They saw this and turned around...
    Conversely, Wife, kids and I were in a restaurant parking lot in Tacoma WA one evening a few weeks ago, when a 20 something black male approached us and asked if we could give his car a jump as the battery had dies. He stayed ~15 feet away and never made any aggressive movements. I looked over to where he pointed and there was a car with it''s hood up and two black females, (20 something and 50 something) standing by the car. We drove over and gave them a jump and they thanked us several times. . . Of course I did have a pistol in my front pocket just in case. .

    It doesn't take 5 guys to ask for help. . Those guys in your parking lot were looking for something other than assistance with their auto.

    To answer the OPs question.

    Twice. Both times the multiple thugs ran away as fast as they could.

    Given all the answers here, it certainly lends credence to the concept that just counting defensive shooting is not an accurate method of measuring the value of handguns in preventing crime. I'm quite willing to bet that nationally there are tens of thousands of "defense with a firearm" every month, where no shots are fired, and no police report is ever filed.
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    Once, in my living room.

    Another time, a driver tried to cut me off, but my outstanding defensive driving skills prevented his merging. He was piss and drove around onto the shoulder, looked at me angrily and showed me his gun. I told my daughter immediately to call 911 and he saw me draw. He took off speeding, so I followed him. My daughter was on the phone with 911. He eventually was roadblocked and caught, arrested, and daughter and I filed a report. He was charged with "assault with a deadly weapon."

    My daughter still gets upset about that.
    A CCW is like a parachute; if you need one, and don't have one, you'll probably never need one again.

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    Yes, I have...

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    One thing to take from these stories that the kind folks took the risk to share is that one rarely has to fast draw. It's mostly a matter of having your firearm with you. Thanks to all who posted.

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