40-50 Kalamazoo teens beat cyclist unconscious

40-50 Kalamazoo teens beat cyclist unconscious

This is a discussion on 40-50 Kalamazoo teens beat cyclist unconscious within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 40-50 Kalamazoo teens beat cyclist unconscious | lansingstatejournal.com | Lansing State Journal KALAMAZOO - Kalamazoo police say about 40 to 50 young males attacked a ...

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Thread: 40-50 Kalamazoo teens beat cyclist unconscious

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    40-50 Kalamazoo teens beat cyclist unconscious

    40-50 Kalamazoo teens beat cyclist unconscious | lansingstatejournal.com | Lansing State Journal

    KALAMAZOO - Kalamazoo police say about 40 to 50 young males attacked a 50-year-old man riding a bicycle and beat him unconscious.

    Police say the attack happened about 6:45 p.m. Tuesday. Witnesses say the attackers appeared to be teenagers.

    The witnesses tell investigators some of the group knocked the man off his bike and began beating him. Police say he was hit in the head with a bottle and then kicked and punched as he lay in the street.

    His bike was stolen but later recovered.

    Police said Tuesday night they didn't yet have any suspects. They said the victim remained unconscious at Bronson Hospital.

    What would you do if you saw this happening?

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    40-50 on 1 to me they are all fair game the whole goal is to protect yourself and innocent third parties so do what you gotta do
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    Tough call. If I decided to act (ie, open fire) first, I would hope I was carrying extra mags. I would get in a position of relative safety, and then attempt to take out the apparent leaders of the pack (i.e., the ones actually attacking the man). My guess is that a lot of them would run, but I think you'd have to be prepared for the possibility of return fire. Ultimately, you'd probably have to run/drive away to safety. But, I think at least taking out the violent attackers would stop most of them from continuing the attack.

    Not sure if I'd make the 911 call before or after...before would be better if you had time, but not if the victim was going to possibly die while you're on the phone.

    Then again, who knows what I'd really do? That's a lot of thugs, some who probably have a handgun as well. And, you'd have to worry about not hitting the wrong thugs (that is, little 13 yr old Billy who was too scared to walk away, but wasn't doing the attacking, and he has to be home in time for dinner or he'll get grounded).

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    It's a brave, new world out there. This sort of appalling bestiality isn't going to be so unique, anymore, if current trends are any indication.

    Go armed. Always.
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    As soon as a couple of them got dropped the rest would scatter like the cockroaches they are
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    Even with those odds, you can pretty well bet that if a shot was fired, they would scatter. If they did come for you, after you shot the first one or two, and the others kept coming well, hope you don't run out of bullets before they run out of brass.

    Doubt it would play out that way though. Scattering cockroaches is probably a more likely scenario.
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    Wow...I was in kzoo today. I wonder what part of town that was....any more info?
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    40-50??!!! What the heck?
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    40-50! I wouldn't even pull my weapon unless I just happen to be carrying a semi-auto rifle with drum mag! Here in MI the CCW law doesn't state what or how many guns you can carry.
    I would ride that bike so fast the tires would burn off. Another question why did he stop riding to begin with?!

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    I'd assume they ambushed him. That's an insane number of people going after 1 man. I'm not even going to attempt to guess how I would respond.

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    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    It was by Westnedge and Frank st... downtown..

    I live near there and have seen that guy before.... he is mentally challenged and rides his bike everywhere, he goes from his brothers house to his moms house pretty regularly in the summer, doesnt bother anyone.........

    This area is getting worse, when the weather gets better its going to be all out chaos. The younger kids are now teenagers and when they group up its bad news.
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    Animals need to be shot...these were pack animals....not teens. Stories like this make me sick
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    I would think that a mob would be scatter after hearing some loud bangs and seeing a few of their buddies go down right in front of them. Still, I think I'll go ahead and add the second backup magazine to my everyday carry.

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    Even with my current carry load, I wouldn't have enough to ammo to shoot them all if they all decided to stick around. Hopefully they would scatter like everyone else is saying if it got down to that.

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    ...start killing.

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