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The day after you beat him up?

This is a discussion on The day after you beat him up? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by bigiceman ... I wear a distinctive outfit almost all the time... ...or maybe we ought to pass on that. Good advice for ...

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Thread: The day after you beat him up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigiceman View Post
    ... I wear a distinctive outfit almost all the time...
    ...or maybe we ought to pass on that.

    Good advice for most: my problem is that I'm bearded, 420#, and carrying a stick... heck, I've been trying to change that outfit for years.

    And, no, you won't get pics from me, so you're safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    She really did a job on this guy and made him stay on the ground while the Police were coming. He did.

    She thanked me when she got home for teaching her the things I did. I was thankful too, that she used them.

    Don't let them .... win.... by being in fear. Do what you are going to do, go where you are going to go, and just be prepared and alert..... not paranoid.
    Good job dad. Isn't it nice to know that they listen to us at least some of the time even though they know everything already?

    Hope the jailer announces to his fellow inmates a lil girl whooped his butt and put him in jail. Maybe they will make him wear a dress and he/she will learn what it feels like to be preyed upon
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    I have had situations where I've run into people that I've had to forcibly eject from my work, and even some people who I've had to get pretty physical with. None of them have bothered me one bit. Some have even apologized for their bad behavior. In a case like this, I wouldn't change my routine but I'd definitely be more aware in that place. More than likely the guy won't remember you.

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    Depends. I work at an inner city high school. If I get jumped in the parking lot, I make certain the perp is extremely injured when he goes down. The school district probably assigns me to a regional office until the school police complete their investigation. If I'm offered a chance to go back there, I take it. The kids all love me and those who don't will have heard about the incident and still be reluctant to take me on, so I can remain an effective teacher.
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    Living in a small town, "avoid the area" would mean moving while we still owe six figures on the house. Higher SA, friends who know who to look for, (and to alert the PD if they see him) and a willingness to do what it takes to survive are all that should be needed.

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