Potential threat from a vehicle

Potential threat from a vehicle

This is a discussion on Potential threat from a vehicle within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey everyone. I have been browsing the forums for some time now with this being my first post. The other night I was on a ...

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Thread: Potential threat from a vehicle

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    Potential threat from a vehicle

    Hey everyone. I have been browsing the forums for some time now with this being my first post.

    The other night I was on a feeder road here in Houston stopped at a light talking on the phone. I have been stopped at this light dozens of times and know it is usually a long wait. It was around 8pm or so with a two other cars in front of me, I was in the right lane (2 lanes) with no car to my left. On the left side of the street (under the overpass) there is a decent sized African American man that appeared to be homeless with one of those squeegees that must have been stolen from a local gas station. I really wasn’t in the mood for having my windows cleaned since I have just washed my SUV the day before.

    It appeared to me that this gentleman thought I was an easy target because I was on the phone. He was definitely wrong. I had my eye on him the whole time and was confident he couldn’t see I was paying attention to his actions. About a minute or so at this light, I see the gentleman coming straight towards my car with a mission. I hung the phone up and grabbed my Surefire E2D LED out of the center console (next to the S&W 637 and Gerber Covert Folder). He gets about 5 feet from the car and I wave my hands and said “No Thanks” very assertively. He proceeds and sticks the dirty a** squeegee on my freshly cleaned windshield. He was very surprised at the blinding effects of 120 lumens. He jumped back and realized I wasn’t the sheep 99% of the population is.

    Did I overreact in this situation? How would you guys handle this different? Does anyone have a similar story to share? That squeegee could just as easily been used to break a side window and/or as an inconspicuous weapon.

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    I think you reacted fine. The flashlight trick got his attention and he backed off. Far better choice than drawing a weapon, although I'm sure that was a hard decision to make. I would most likely change my route if I had to deal with that everyday.
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    I think you did fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.stuart View Post
    I think you did fine.

    me too.
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    That was a great way to back him down, far better than pulling a weapon without a threat on your life.
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    Looks like you reacted great. Hit them with all those tactical lumens! :)

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    He probably thought you were taking his picture with a video camera so you could make a police report.
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    Did great. I'd have lit him up about the time I was convinced he was coming at my vehicle, no less than 5' away.

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    Way too keep your cool and a great tactical move!
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    Sounds like you did OK. Only thing you might do in the future is hit him with the light sooner. That and find another route if possible.

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    Nothing wrong with that IMNSHO.
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    You did a fine job. And welcome!
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    I think you did a good job with the light.
    I ticked one of those guys off once, when he came at my car. I let my car roll forward right before he could reach me, and I scared him.
    Better to have used a light.
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    Great response.

    I keep one on the console next to the emergency brake. 160 lumens really screws up someone's night vision.

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    I'll chime in with a "nice job." Calm, cool, and collected decision making. I love this forum.....constantly learning from others.
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