HDW location??

HDW location??

This is a discussion on HDW location?? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Where do you keep your HDW when you retire for the evening? Nightstand, under the bed, etc? I've read that the top of the nightstand ...

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Thread: HDW location??

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    HDW location??

    Where do you keep your HDW when you retire for the evening? Nightstand, under the bed, etc? I've read that the top of the nightstand might make it too easy for the BG to get if he was able to sneak in. Looking for ideas; what suggestions do you have?

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    Holster attached to the bed post, near the floor. BG may get it, but I can to it real quick.
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    On nightstand. Red LED alarm clock, Surefire, and G-19 w/ night sights. House is pretty dark and 2-100# Black Security Guards in room. If either growls, I'll probably hear them. Most nights I'll sleep through thunderstorm, or like the "jake brakes" on the highway, I'll hear, never crack an eye, and go back to sleep. Not likely anyone could make entry quietly enough to make the bedroom uninjured. Commotion outside will get the 870HD from the closet.
    No kids in the house.

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    Cell phone, tactical flashlight and glasses on night stand. XD 40sc with extra mag on dresser one step from the bed. Shoes, pants with iwb holster, and sweatshirt next to the dresser. Loaded AR and 870 in closet (taken out of safe before bed and put back in first thing in the morning - 4 kids (ages 5, 7, 13, and 15). Yellow lab in the living room.

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    I have my 12 gauge under the bed. It is always in the same location, and I can grab it easily w/out having to get out of bed.
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    Mine is always at arms reach, in a holster, next to my cell phone. Another gun in holster in night stand drawer.
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    EDC Kahr PM9 napping on nightstand w/flashlight and cell phone, Ruger P89DC in drawer. Everything in the house is +1...no kids.

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    In a holster mounted to the bed frame out of sight. LED flashlight and cell phone on dresser. Yappy pomeranian in living room.
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    Top of dresser in quick access lock box. Kids...
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    My bedroom is set up 90 deg to the door and I keep the handgun and flashlight on the nightstand lower shelf hidden behind the a table cloth draped over the nightstand. The nightstand is on the side of the bed away from the door so I can roll out of bed using it as cover while I access my weapon.

    As soon as I get my shotgun I will be placing it on that side of the bed.
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    Normally in the nightstand beside my bed. I have one kid in the house and that is it. I dont sleep very heavy and can hear about everything all night.
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    On the nightstand on my side of the bed. Tritium night sights glow all night like green spider eyes. Large dog with great ears and good lungs. Hall [only approach] to bedroom is backlit by the bathroom light. No children.

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    Nightstand contains a Glock 19 with night sights and a tactical light attached to the accessory rail. I keep our bedroom door shut and the door knob locked so someone would have to make noise coming into the master bedroom. I also have a small dog that sleeps in our room on a pet bed so her barking would alert me as well.
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    We have a 2.5yr old that sleeps with us alot so night stand is never an option. At night both my wife and I's guns are in the walk in closet(2ft from the bed) hidden roughly 6ft off the ground and we never have a round chambered. My son knows daddy's guns go boom but doesn't understand the concept entirely. I rarely get a good nights sleep because my 2 dachshunds bark at every little noise. No one could crack a door/window without me knowing about it and being able to retrieve both guns. Shoot we had 3 deer about 30ft from our window snort wheezing at each ther and the dogs would not stop yelping until I let them outside to chase the deer off. :)

    I have had to retrieve my weapon once because I left the garage door open one night. Wind kept blowing a hanging bike into the side of the garage. Dogs went ballistic and it took me about 6 seconds to grab my gun and start sweeping the house.

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    Any unfamiliar sound has me up on red alert, in the unlikely event the BG makes it past the three 120 +lb dogs. Handguns, flashlights and spare mags on both nightstands, knives stashed in the bed. Shotty within reach, long guns in the closet. Spare pistols stashed throughout the house.

    Most likely event is we'll be alerted long before they get close to the house
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