Concealed Carry in NPS land

Concealed Carry in NPS land

This is a discussion on Concealed Carry in NPS land within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was very happy to hear that President Bush lifted ban on carrying in national parks. I understand that it is still good to go ...

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Thread: Concealed Carry in NPS land

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    Concealed Carry in NPS land

    I was very happy to hear that President Bush lifted ban on carrying in national parks. I understand that it is still good to go for the time being but is being reviewed by B.O. and could be overturned. I seriously hope it isn't.
    I had an incident occur last summer that basically ruined a weekend camping with my kids (four teenagers) as well as my three of my daughters boyfriends. This particular park is a really popular camping spot and you have to reserve your camping spot sometimes months in advance. Well, anyway, we arrived and set up our tents (and yes, the boyfriends had to have their own tents) and made a really nice campsite. Everything was great the first day and we were having a great time. That night we were sitting around our campfire, playing guitars, singing, just having a great time when another group of campers showed up about 10 o'clock at night. At first we weren't too worried about them, just that they were extremely loud and obnoxious, particularly in their language i.e.: F this and F that all night long. The next morning two of them got into a fist fight and the whole group of them were yelling and screaming and carrying on for about an hour. We just tried to ingnore them and go about our business. That evening we were again sitting around our campfire and talking, laughing, having a good time when we began to notice that there conversation started to be about us. They were deliberately making rude comments about my daughters and saying them to each other just loud enough so we could hear them. Of course, now I had another problem, four teenage boys, my son and the three boyfriends who wanted to go over to their campsite and open up a can of whoopass on them. It was quite a task trying to convince them that that was a bad idea. There were about 8 of them, four men who looked like they could have been late twenties, early thirties and probably not a good match for four kids. The last thing I needed was getting a bunch of teenage kids who think they are tougher than they really are hurt or killed. I finally convinced the boys to go to the ranger station and report them. About an hour later the park ranger showed up to go and have a talk with them. Fortunately, he had the sense not to come into our camp identifying us as the ones who complained about them. Anyway, after the ranger left, we could hear them talking again just loud enough so that we could hear them. Making comments like, "Man, what a bunch of *******" and "Someone's gonna get their ass kicked" and on and on. Again, we tried to ignore them and everyone went to bed way earlier than we would have. The next morning we got up early and left. Needless to say, I didn't get a lot of sleep that night. I found myself a nice heavy stick about the size of a bat and kept it next to me until morning. After that event, I made the decision that I was never going camping again without my gun, legal or not, especially if my family was with me.
    Anybody out there ever run into a situation like that when camping and does anybody know anything new about lifting the ban on concealed carry in the NPS.

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    Incident that happend to me this past weekend. Not camping, but invovled NPS land. Discussion of camping there at the end.
    President is upholding the legislation change for now...
    But not for lack of pushing from the anti's.
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    One nice thing about being in a big national park, you can almost always find a big ol stick if you dont have your gun, I would have prob left as well, but who knows.
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    My G/F + 3 dogs and I frequent a national forest close to Indy. We both have always carried and probably will always carry legal or not after a previous experience at this park where an unknown man (hiker) with a bug mask over a somewhat disfigured face emerged from a trail entrance when we were entering with our leashed dogs who were in no way acting threatening or even paying him much attention. He was carrying a large walking stick and we didn't even notice the knife blade/spear tip on the end of it until he struck one of our two Rotts between the shoulder blades with it. The dog yelped, I immediately pulled him close and before I knew it, I had pulled my G29 and had it at low ready as I assessed the situation. He turned his back and started walking normally towards the parking lot as if nothing happened. I stood there asking myself if this had really just happened especially since my girlfriend checked the dog and found no wound whatsoever. So I then re-holstered my weapon and being the curious person I am yelled to him "what the **** was the point of that?" He glanced over at me when he was entering his white conversion van but never spoke a word. VERY CREEPY! We bravely continued on our hike after he left, but were on high alert due to what had just happened. We stopped by the Ranger station/Camp Office but it was Sunday and they were closed. This was about two years ago and we have been back many times since, but have fortunately never seen him again.

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    wow that was very hard to read...

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