Rate the safety of your neighborhood

Rate the safety of your neighborhood

This is a discussion on Rate the safety of your neighborhood within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Way back when I was a kid, neighborhoods were pretty darned safe. Sadly, not so much today, and reading some of the threads here it ...

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Thread: Rate the safety of your neighborhood

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    Rate the safety of your neighborhood

    Way back when I was a kid, neighborhoods were pretty darned safe. Sadly, not so much today, and reading some of the threads here it seems that some of you might live in/near pretty risky areas. With the random mix of DC members here I'm sure our risks range from high to low regarding exposing ourselves to BG's.

    Out of curiosity and interest I'd like for you to read the scenario below and tell us about your neighborhood risk. BTW you are not really rating your neighborhood, but rating the risk at night.

    Here's the scenario:
    Let's say you're male, you are going to walk your dog alone within the vicinity of your residence (around the block or whatever). Your dog is not a big or intimidating breed. You will be walking for about an hour at 10 pm on a Saturday night.

    RATING- Rate your area with a letter grade regarding you having an encounter with a BG. Rate an A+ if you think you could do the walk and never see or encounter anyone risky. Rate an F- if you're pretty sure you would be threatened or preyed upon. Of course use B,C, or D's if your area doesn't quite fit a A or F rating.

    BG-Tell us what would be the type of BG that you'd have in mind as you'd likely encounter. IOW who would you be looking out for? For instance would this be BG's who are cruising around, BG's hanging out on the corner, BG's near a bar, BG's trying to sell you drugs. Are they likely gang types? etc etc.

    For me the rating:
    I'd have to consider my risk very low and give it at least an A, of course it's not without absolute risk, but I live in a very rural area it's unlikely I'd even see anyone at all.

    For me the BG:
    There is a seldom used highway nearby and some characters could happen to be driving by and yell something stupid if they even saw me, but that'd be about it. It is possible that I could come across some meth-heads prowling around looking for something to steal around here.
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    I live on the fringe of a reasonably well-to-do area of town. And yet, it's within 0.5mi of the light-rail transit, and 1.5mi of the highway out of town. Beyond that, there are numerous ways out of the neighborhoods, here ... so, plenty of escape routes.

    I feel reasonably secure, when in my own neighborhood and immediately surrounding areas, nice as it is. However, only a fool would doubt there are zero BG's in the area. Within 3mi of my home, there are dozens of neighborhoods on the lower-quarter of the market (value, looks, tenants).

    As for BG's ... Being close to light-rail and the highway, it's a good spot for a robbery or other attack. Within 0.5mi of the light-rail, there are 1000 homes in the upper-third of the market in this enclave, but there are also more in the lower-third. BG's are drawn to such opportunities. Several muggings have occurred within a couple/three stops of the light-rail from my home.


    Neighborhood -- B+

    BG -- Folks hanging around or driving by looking for a mark, though it's a lesser-used road on the fringe of the nicer area. So, low likelihood. Greater risk comes from the darkness on my side streets. Strong risk comes from folks transiting the light-rail who then go cruising within 1mi of it. Low to moderate risk comes from home invasion, after having seen me out at that hour, but it's somewhat lowered because of the fact I'm in a gated area with fairly aware neighbors.
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    i actually work week nights but i can loosely do it for the weekend nights if i went for walks around my neighborhood

    rating i'd have to go with a c+ or a B- just because of some riff raff that live around the corner. The fact that the "older" part of my neighborhood (maybe about a mile roadwise)isn't so safe from what i've heard from friends that lived there so theoretically they could walk/drive from there. I wish i had a dog though :)

    BG: i'd see mid teens through mid 20s depending on which part of the streets i'm on or which direction i walked. i doubt i would be confronted if it is it would be from some retard teen with a bunch of his friends just trying to show off. again doubt anything violent would come from it but you never know.

    worse problems we have are speeders and vandals. this is as far as i know i really slack of SA @ night seeing as how i work nights. dad's home @ night and i'm home during the day so someone is almost always home. we did have some shots fired a while ago right in front of my friend's house which is about a 30 second walk from mine. he called the cops they showed up the next day and didn't really do much. later he said he found 9mm casings. The older part from what a few friends have told me they used to hear gun fire probably once a week if not more.

    on the plus side though i believe we have 3 armed homes as far as i know and i recently took my neighbor to the range so w/in next few months that'll make 4 of us just on my street that i know of. i told my next door neighbor i'd take him out to the range since he said he used to hunt as a kid and still has a couple long guns. he's also looking into getting a ruger lcp. don't remember if my other next door neighbor has anything i think he might have a shotgun so thats a possible 5 of us. for the most part i feel pretty safe but then again my time outside at night is limited so my perspective could be skewed

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    I'd give it an A. I've been in this house for four years, and run or walk the neighborhood three nights a week. I've never had an encounter of any sorts. I might have an encounter with some kindergartners try to shake me down for ice cream money in the summer, but thats about it. (my kid is often the gang leader)

    If I did happen to come across a real BG, its somebody from the outside looking to burgle or something like that... then I'd be happy to run into them.
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    Mine is an A+. My neighborhood consists of horses,cows and every manner of wild creature. I havent actually seen a bear yet, but a few were captured and relocate a couple of miles away.

    I nearly got run over by a deer once, it was busting through the woods and didnt see me until 1 second before the collision. He locked it up and stood looking at me and for 4-5 seconds we were making eyeball contact at arms length. It suprised us both. It was a 6 point buck. He finally did one of those flying leapjump 180 degree turns in the air that only a deer can do and ran off the other way.

    The most danger I have is stepping on a copperhead. I shot a 34 inch long one at the end of my carport. Thats a big copperhead.
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    Well I am in the process of moving so I will talk about Norway, as I lived there many years before.

    Norway, has a very low crime rate so I would give it a rating of A.

    The only BG's I can think of encountering are some of the criminal gangs who come over from the eastern European countries. Most of the crime is stealing things left outside. I have never really heard of a person being robbed. In fact I only remember one true bank robbery there and it was a gang of 5 who had come over from Poland. The Norwegian Swat arrived with full auto weapons and took care of it in a hurry.

    In Oslo, the captial I would never walk around at night. About a year ago they had a refugee who was fed up with his situation... go bezerk with a knife in the downtown walking street. He injured several people before they police arrived.

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    I'd give mine an "A" to "A+". Remote, a few summer cabins around, very few neighbors. In the summer, maybe an "A-" only because the population increases.

    An encounter would be kids cruising for fun or trouble, a Tweeker, or a Mountain Lion. I'd probably never even see the Mountain Lion.
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    A+ for me. Farm country. Four houses on my dead end county road, all good neighbors with large acreage. No other houses visible from me. I am right in the middle of my place, woods on a couple sides and a ravine on another.
    No BGs.

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    I'd have give my neighborhood a B on security. The developer has installed cameras at the entrance. I know their not monitered and am not sure if they are recording. But it is nice to know they are there. The neighborhood is only about 25% built out. There are two houses within 300 yards of ours and one of them is empty. During the day there are a lot of construction workers around. I'm sure most of them are decent people, but I also know there is a lot of theft on construction sites in general in my part of the country. When I do walk the dog after dark I don't really worry about BGs. I am much more concerned about coyotes. On any given night I can step outside and hear at least half dozen howling and barking. My dog is no match for a coyote. Other than that, I don't worry much about walking around at night.

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    I live in what would probably be considered a middle class neighborhood. I would probably give it a A+/A rating. As to the type of BG's I would encounter, it would be the random drive by type.

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    This is an interesting question, and I recently learned that perception is not reality in this regard. I would have told you a year ago that I was in a low crime area, but two things changed that perception:

    1). Listening to a police scanner much more in the past year has taught me how much crime happens around me that I otherwise would not know about and that does not get reported.

    2). I looked at Lakewood, Colorado (CO 80226) Detailed Profile - relocation, real estate, travel, jobs, hospitals, schools, crime, move, moving, houses news, sex offenders and found that my zip code outpaces national average crime rates every year since 1999.

    I now realize that I live in an above-average Crime area, despite my "feelings" and "perception"... It's just reality.

    City officials are good at hushing up crimes and not publicizing certain crimes in order to promote an image of safety -- and just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there.

    I would be interested in those who have already answered and given high ratings to their area, whether or not city-data indicates that they live in a crime area that's below average or not. You might be surprised.
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    I'd say B+ to A- since it's a great neighborhood, but there is a receiving dock directly across the street for a Sam's Club that is constantly busy with trucks coming and going. I see the drivers walking around smoking or doing who knows what from time to time. Honestly, I'd probably have a bigger problem with Coyotes, Bear or Mountain Lions that have roamed down and in this direction. Either way, I'm armed anyways.

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    Up until three years ago, I would say a C. Now since the sub-prime debacle, I would give it a D. I live on the fringe of Detroit. I'm 1/4 mile in from the Detroit border and Livonia. Since they opened up a new Walmart in the Wonderland mall, we have seen an uptick in all types of crime. It seems carjackings are the crime dejur.

    Home invasions are now gang initiations and most of the people on my block have now realized they need to carry in their homes. Are we a ghetto? Far from it, however we do have people on my area with that mentality.

    I have started back up the neighborhood watch program we had years ago. Since then, my block has become alot quieter.

    The police have thanked us as well. It makes their job easier with a good witness and accurate details.

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    A+ here: very rural, with only a couple of places in the 2-acre range - most in our valley more like 10 or 20. The worst bad guy I've ever seen around here has been a loose dog.

    Of course, we did have a cop-killer run through the valley (we think) some months ago, on his way towards stealing another car and leaving the state. And 15 miles away a fellow shot up the neighbor's house and torched it, prompting another manhunt. I can't say I'm too worried, though: it sure beats the outskirts of LA where I used to live.
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    I give mine a B. I live in a very nice neighborhood, but there have been some break-ins in the past and reports of gang members in a high school 2 miles away. I've also seen some suspicious cats in the area at one time or another. I feel safe walking out and about, but always practicing SA and armed.
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