My excitement for the evening

My excitement for the evening

This is a discussion on My excitement for the evening within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well here I am going to an inlaws house to eat steak and drink whiskey. As such I am not carrying. I stop by the ...

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Thread: My excitement for the evening

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    My excitement for the evening

    Well here I am going to an inlaws house to eat steak and drink whiskey. As such I am not carrying. I stop by the quick stop in my town of about 5k people. There is a truck with its radio extremely loud and disturbing the peace parked in front. A man who is pumping gas and that I happen to know asks the punk to turn down his radio as he is on the phone. The punk begrudingly does so but walks into the store like he is a bad [Edited]. I walk in right behind him and get my coke and I am behind him in line. Punk says to the cashier, "That guy out side asked me to turn down my radio, can you believe that?" (I think to my self yes you dumba$$) Then he says, "I'll bet he wouldn't have asked if he knew about the .40 under my shirt." (By the way this punk is like 30 something and I am only 26) The cashier and a juvenille laughed about the comment in agreement. At this point I go from 0 to pissed off in 3 seconds. I almost blurt out "Some would construe that as a threat" or "Do you have a permit for that .40?" but I am not carrying and I don't feel like seeing that .40 so I bite my tongue and remain the "grey man" until this fool leaves the store. As soon as the door closes I say to the cashier, "That was one stupid [Edited] to threaten someone like that." The cashier looks at me like an idiot and says nothing. Meanwhile this punk pulls around to the stop sign right by the place and stops for a good 15 seconds blaring his radio trying to piss of the guy on his cell phone (He is oblivious). This gives me a chance to get behind him and get his tag #. I call local PD and tell what happened and give a description of the truck and tag #. Frankly I am not expecting much from my Johnny one bullet police force but I wish that I had said nothing to this airhead cashier.

    I suppose I should carry always even in a town I am comfortable in and expect no trouble. Should I have just went on without a word and not called the law or what? My freakish concern is that if this bozo is caught that he will piece it together who called him in and as we were in my wife's car, my family could be in danger. I have never thought of the reprocussions of doing the right thing before.

    Some constructive criticism please.
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    I doubt he would have had the presence of mind to take note of what car you were in. I would say you're fine

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    Who knows how far the Cops might go on this. They may log it in the system. When the Cops pulls Him over some day and They look up the tags on His car. They may see the comments He made and be more aware. Maybe You will end up saving someones live and never know it. I think You done the right thing.

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    Keeping your cool is the best bet, even or more so when you are armed. It's too easy to go from 0 to 100 with an idiot. Doubt the police will do anything though as you were just overhearing someones conversation and nothing really happened outside. JMHO
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    You did the right thing.
    I would just change your pattern and avoid that place for a few weeks.
    get a lockable case for in the car and always carry.
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    Might generate a report, and that would be public record. I had to do that once. A friend was in a situation and I came to his protection. This put me in the middle of it, and once I realised my report had my address and was public record, I've always been different about confrontation.

    Unrelated, sort of (your age reminded me of it). I don't want to give the details, but it involved teens (say 14 to 15 years old) egging my house, and me at 25 having to make a choice if I was going to get into a brawl with 3 - 5 mix of teen girls and boys. What am I going to do? Bash in the heads of as many as I could (I did not think the report would look good if I broke the nose of a 15 year old girl). I took a chance and told them the police were on their way. I let loose my grip on the one I had (but made it look like I made a mistake). As they ran, I yelled, I don't even want to wite it down, it was a bluff and crazy. In my defense, it was the first time as a husband I reacted to my wife being understandably startled. I tore out of my house, without a good plan. It was stupid, but a good lesson that has served me well.

    Since then, I have forced a life changing mellow. When I'm in a situation where I can walk away, I no longer ask how bad can this get (because it triggers a cornered feeling and an over reaction, because I fear the unknown escalation). This can in and of itself cause escalation. Now I check that fear, and ask what good can come from this.
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    Sounds like that kids gonna be front page news,one day he's gonna make a comment like that to the wrong guy and get shot
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    By 40, he probably meant ounces...LOL

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    I think you did the right thing. Odds are, the type of person he sounds like and the way he acted...he probably doesn't have a carry permit. I doubt you or family are in danger, he's too ignorant.
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    You did the right thing. Stay out of it until you are forced to get into it.

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    You did good. You were a perfect witness and since it is not really your job to educate knuckleheads (and you were out gunned so to speak) there is no need to discuss anything with the moron with the radio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by farmerbyron View Post
    My freakish concern is that if this bozo is caught that he will piece it together who called him in and as we were in my wife's car, my family could be in danger. I have never thought of the reprocussions of doing the right thing before.
    Maintaining "cover." This is a hallmark example of how laying low and staying out of it allows you maneuvering room for doing the right thing.

    IMO, it's not the fact that doing the right thing is putting your family at risk. Instead, it was the combined statement about the radio, following the guy in, going in unarmed, and then speaking your piece after having heard his threatening remarks. All of that is what put you at risk of being "made" as the person who called it in.

    All in all, with such low-grade situations, it's generally worth sidestepping them altogether. I'm all for asking politely for folks to be considerate, when it's clear a simple change could improve things for everyone. But I'm all for staying low and out of it, when it's clear that the other party is willing to escalate things or is of the psycho mindset to believe that your death would be a reasonable response to what you'd done or said. Beyond the initial statement re consideration, you might find it better to avoid it all in the first place, since it really doesn't matter enough to get attacked.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thanis View Post
    Since then, I have forced a life changing mellow. When I'm in a situation where I can walk away, I no longer ask how bad can this get ...
    Yup. That's what I'm sayin'.
    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
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    I probably would have done the same thing. I agree with the writer who stated that this guy probably did not have a permit. Those with carry permits do not advertise.
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    I agree that you did the right thing. However, IMHO if you have the permit, you carry everywhere and nobody needs to know, unless you pull it in SD.
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    I was recently in a position to overhear a drug deal being planned over a cellular phone. I just hung back, noted the people involved (whom I knew), and went to place a report with the pertinent details I heard at the local cop shop. Yeah, my name is on the report, but if they were ignorant enough to plan a meth deal (I'm pretty sure it was meth unless the street value of blow and horse has more than halved since I heard it last a few years back) in front of gawd and everyone at a bar close after-crowd, then the chances of them figuring out who helped a known violent felon get tossed back in the clink for a parole violation is pretty slim.

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