Last nights situation

Last nights situation

This is a discussion on Last nights situation within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK, I have been home from work about an hour, and the dogs are acting like somethings up outside. I figure they are expecting my ...

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Thread: Last nights situation

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    Last nights situation

    OK, I have been home from work about an hour, and the dogs are acting like somethings up outside. I figure they are expecting my daughter home from work, but I know she had to make a few stops on her way home. Its 4:30 PM so still plenty light out. Someone knocks at the door. Both dogs go nuts. We have a black lab and a terrier mix. The lab minds pretty good but the terrier runs away if he gets out. No one in my family usually comes in the front door. We have a keyless entry on the garage door and everyone comes in that way.
    I go to the door, open the inside door, the outside screen is still locked. There is a gentleman there in a suit and tie. No car in the driveway, or visible on the road.
    He says something but I can't hear it over the dogs so I send the lab to the basement and try to quiet the little one. I open the screen door an inch and ask him to repeat again.
    He ask to use our bathroom. I think "NO WAY" so I tell him that the dogs are out of control and would will not let him in. After he leaves I look out a different window and see that there is a TV news truck parked on the road in front of neighbors house. I then realize that the guy at the door might be one of the junior reporters that does live location news for the station.
    The truck stays there for 2 hours and sure enough ust after 6 0clock news starts the guy and his camera man get out and start filming a live story. We watch it on the news. It seems there was am attempted child abduction on our corner this past week! Guy in a van stops as kids are wating for school bus. Offers them a football or something. This guy has tried this 4 or 5 times in the past month, starting 60 miles away, once or twice in different counties, then moving north to next county, having worked his way up to us!
    He hasn't succeeded and the police have at least 5 or six different reports on him, always a white minivan.

    We do some checking and find out the occurance on our street was last week, and I start thinking, geesh I think I rememeber a white van parked across the street where the people on the corner have a fruit stand in the fall. I remember thinking that guy isnt going to have much produce to chose from this time of year.

    This is way to close, from my door to the corner where the kids wait for bus is 40 yards, to where the van was parked, maybe 60 yards!

    I don't know if I should call the police about seeing the van there or not. I THINK I remember, and I THINK I know what type it was. I can't say for sure what day its was though.

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    That is too close to home! I'd call, even if you don't have ALL the info, perhaps what you have will be usefull. What can it hurt to call?
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    Call them. Leave it to them to determine whether the information you have is worthwhile or not.

    Scary my friend. Very scary. Best of luck!

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    Exactly call them give em what you have. it may be enough with something someone else reported?

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    Nobody has all the info, but you have a big piece of the puzzle.


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    Ditto to all above.

    Your little peice of info could be the piece they are looking for. Or it's nothing, I'd risk it and call if I thought I saw something.
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    Call, by all means. Many years ago the wife and I were camping in a primitive NF campground where a murder took place just a couple sites from us. (almost enough to make me want to carry). The murders were not discovered until several days later as the BGs had taken the victims from the site. The wife and I remembered the campsite as shown on TV so I called the number given to call. I was put through to an investigator with whom I spoke for quite a while. I don't know if I gave any good information or not but they did catch the BGs. Yes, call.

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    I'd call. Sometimes the most seemingly insignificant details can contribute greatly to an investigation. Plus, you'll feel better in doing so.
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    I would call and tell them what you have. It might be
    important to them.

    On another note..I would have never let the guy in to
    use my restroom either. Suit or not.

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    Simply put..... some times it is the little pieces that compile up to allow them to put the puzzle together. Every piece of info counts at times.

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    A guy saying he wants to use the bathroom sounds like a bad line for a home invasion. I wouldn't have let him in either unless I clearly recognized him from t.v., and then he'd better have a real good explanation why he was in my neighborhood without a ride. I'm assuming they had the news truck set up and didn't want to drive down to the local gas station to use the facilities.

    If the guy had been trying to get inside your house by force, did you give him an opportunity when you opened the screen door "an inch"? Were you prepared if he yanked the door open and then he and a couple buddies previously hidden forced their way into your house? Were you prepared if he stuck a pistol in your face through that inch gap, or even from the other side of the screen door?

    When you sent your big dog to the basement, could he/she have returned and helped you if you were attacked?

    Your awareness was higher initially because no one normally uses that door, but were you prepared for trouble? Since you were almost face to face with this stranger, were you prepared for a gun fight?

    I'm not trying to be critical, but I think you increased your vulnerability by opening the screen door. Did he look so trusting that you fully believed he was no threat? I suppose that's possible.

    Okay, I'll say it before anyone else does: "I'm paranoid." But the situation you describe is how some home invasions start.

    Glad it turned out to be no threat. I guess this strikes a nerve with me because I often hear of home invasions starting the same way--a knock on the door by a stranger, someone opening the door to speak to them, and then the violence happens quick.

    A few years back I handled a similar situation much worse than you did. I actually went outside to talk to some stranger. I'm pretty sure now he was casing my house. It was late at night, and this guy knocks and said he is asking people if they want to donate money to help people from the inner city buy houses. I stepped outside, closed the door behind me, and then went off on a rant about how it wasn't until I was 35 that I was able to buy a house, blah blah blah, and that I felt people should work for what they want rather than ask others. Anyway, I think he just chose not to roll me. That was long before I carried, so if he was armed, it could have been bad for me.

    You handled your situation better than I handled mine, but I still think you were vulnerable had he been a BG.

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    It's obvious to me the perp needs to get himself a puppy or a Nintendo DS. Kids just not that excited about a ball anymore. Did I just say that out loud?
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    When in doubt, provide whatever information you have to the police. You don't have the other pieces of the puzzle, so are not in a position to know how useful or useless your information might be.
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