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This is a discussion on Simple Shoot - No Shoot Test Online within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by retsupt99 Maybe I shot too many civilians, the cops just showed up at my house... As intrusive as they are getting on ...

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Thread: Simple Shoot - No Shoot test Online

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Maybe I shot too many civilians, the cops just showed up at my house...
    As intrusive as they are getting on the internet, that almost isn't funny.
    But if you are authorized to carry a weapon, and you walk outside without it, just take a deep breath, and say this to yourself...
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    Your Score: 620
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:656.32ms
    Black Unarmed:840.68ms
    White Armed:694.08ms
    White Unarmed:751.08ms

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    a few were KIA:

    Game Over
    Your Score: 575
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:639.64ms
    Black Unarmed:701.76ms
    White Armed:655.72ms
    White Unarmed:711.8ms
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    Game Over
    Your Score: 675
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:602.96ms
    Black Unarmed:718.04ms
    White Armed:594.04ms
    White Unarmed:697.88ms

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    North Carolina

    2nd try

    Game Over
    Your Score: 750
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:714.08ms
    Black Unarmed:762.88ms
    White Armed:698.28ms
    White Unarmed:742.68ms

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    Mar 2009
    first try
    Game Over
    Your Score: 600
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:595.24ms
    Black Unarmed:666.12ms
    White Armed:613.64ms
    White Unarmed:653ms
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    Game Over
    Your Score: 625
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:623.4ms
    Black Unarmed:715.16ms
    White Armed:620.04ms
    White Unarmed:699.2ms

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    mixed up the keys on the 1st guy, only mistake. Seems to take a lot longer to decide not to shoot a no shoot than to shoot a shoot.

    Say that 5 times fast....

    Game Over
    Your Score: 700
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:566.68ms
    Black Unarmed:707.44ms
    White Armed:585.16ms
    White Unarmed:678.76m

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    Mar 2009
    Game Over
    Your Score: 580
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:603ms
    Black Unarmed:667.04ms
    White Armed:659.6ms
    White Unarmed:668ms

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    Your Score: 630
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:595.08ms
    Black Unarmed:652.28ms
    White Armed:628.36ms
    White Unarmed:605.64ms

    First two were wrong keys, but:
    Interestingly, that doesn't appear to make a difference in the results (besides the "score," which I don't think means much).

    I don't see much use for this game other than trying to "prove" racist trends or something, like others have suggested. ?_?

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    I agree... what on earth does race have to do with any of it? I was focused on their hands, not the faces or skin colors.

    Game Over
    Your Score: 525
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:582.4ms
    Black Unarmed:686.48ms
    White Armed:603.52ms
    White Unarmed:632.04ms

    Maybe it's just that I'm kinda new to this, but it was difficult in a few of them to see exactly what was in their hands. Did it seem like some of the pictures, the guys were holding beer cans or cell phones, but they were partly hidden by their hands, and it looked like it could have been a gun? Or vice versa? (I got shot twice and shot some good guys by accident.)

    Probably best that I'm not carrying just yet, huh?

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    I did a 725, but I was pretty slow.

    It was hard not to be absolute heck on those doggoned cell phones.
    "...bad decisions that turn out well often make heroes."

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    This is an interesting test -- not realistic, as others have pointed out, but it does get to how quickly your brain can differentiate between an actual weapon and some other object in the hand. I think "shoot" vs. "holster" should be "draw" vs. "posture" or something like that. As some of the armed subjects are non-threatening, immediately shooting isn't always warranted.

    I'm not posting my results, especially as they could be used by an attorney in an attempt to show racial bias in a defensive shooting down the road. My armed reation times were in the 550s, which seems to be on the fast end of the spectrum. My unarmed reactions are slower, partially because of my brain having to signal my non-dominant hand (almost always slower).

    I have to wonder what is happending to the data. You can be sure that it is being collected somewhere . . . will it turn up somewhere in an anti-gun publication trying to show potential of racial bias in the pro-gun crowd? Certainly not scientific, but I fully expect that the data is being collected each time somebody takes the test.

    Besides race, I think there are three other interesting factors in this game. First, the fact that none of the subjects are women. Second is the fact that apparently every subject is right handed (I didn't notice any lefties with weapons, did you?). Third are the different locations they superimpose the subjects on -- how are reaction times affected by the perceived location of the incident (I expect this data is being collected as well).

    Interesting. Thanks for the link.


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    Ok, I tried to break it....

    They seem to parse white and black people differently... This is what happens if you hold the SHOOT button:
    Game Over
    Your Score: -500
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:18.4ms
    Black Unarmed:18.12ms
    White Armed:24.28ms
    White Unarmed:22.96ms

    For some reason, the software takes longer for it to determine if you shot or didnt shoot a white guy?

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    It won't load properly,it keeps stopping at 105. Anyone else have this problem ?

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