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This is a discussion on Carjacking Defense Options within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When the guy started walking around one side of my car, one stopped in front of my car ( and pulled a weapon) , and ...

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Thread: Carjacking Defense Options

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    When the guy started walking around one side of my car, one stopped in front of my car ( and pulled a weapon) , and another started walking to the other side of the car.....

    I used the accelerator pedal...... flat to the floor.

    A woman in her 70's has a similar thing happen. All 3 had guns pulled, and she was stopped at a stop light. She floored it , running over the guy in front of the car and killing him. It was ruled self defense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Give him the car (turn off the engine), as he's getting in and focusing on the key...ventilate him!


    You might also just drive off if you can

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miggy View Post
    The idea is not to play under the BG rules but your own which means cheat to win. If you act like your average sheep and the BG lets you move to a better position (leaving the car) for you to engage, all the better. If you go rambo and try to draw while still strapped to the seat, you will lose. Self defense has one rule: Stay Alive at the end of the situation. To achieve this last point, you may have to use the firearm (worse case scenario) or not (You lose your vehicle) but remaining alive is so much more important.

    IIRC, the GG saw it coming, used the door to knock the BG off balance, got out while drawing his pistol and proceeded to score multiple hits in the BG's vitals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PNUT View Post

    You might also just drive off if you can
    Yup, and make sure you get a good clean hit while doing so- Splat!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roland of Gilead View Post
    Another interesting consideration if you're forced to fire through the windshield . . .

    The Box O' Truth - The Buick O' Truth #1 - Windshields Inside/Out - Page 1
    Thanks... Very interesting

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    Great information on shooting thru the windshield! Here is another choice for carry while in the car. I know that in some states the hand gun must be concealed at all times, as it is here in TX. A little sheep skin over the outside of the hoster should work to cover what it really is.
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    Y'all be safe now, ya hear!

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    The TV show Best Defense on the outdoor channel recently covered this topic. If you can, take a look at what they came up with. I found it very interesting

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