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Thread: Question scenario...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Wolf View Post
    Ok Show me where in the Original post he said anything about being in OHIO....
    Read his profile on the left side of his post, under his username.

    It says: "Location: Marion, Ohio."

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    How can you not see what I am saying.....I don't care where he is a scenario that could play out anywhere in the us....But I guess I just say this.....READ YOUR STATE LAWS....
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    Every states ccw laws are going to differ on the restaurant question. For example, in my State, violating a posted business is not a crime. If you are discovered to be carrying in a posted business they can ask you to leave. If you fail to leave and the police are called, it is merely a fine for the first offense.

    Now of course other States do make it a crime so you have to be aware of your particular State's regulations regarding such posted businesses.

    However, bottom line is you have the right to use lethal force to defend yourself from what you perceive to be a lethal attack.

    After that is said and done, you are going to want to speak to your attorney. It is best to let your attorney handle those issues.

    At least in my State, if it does become an issue post shooting event in the parking lot, the consequences should be no more than a fine for the violation. It should have no impact on the shooting event in and of itself.


    Always get a hold of your attorney after any shooting incident!!!
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