Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

This is a discussion on Situational Awareness within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So Jahwarrior's post about the Chinese Restaurant got me thinking... (Thanks for the post btw). I wasn't sure where to post this and since it's ...

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Thread: Situational Awareness

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    Situational Awareness

    So Jahwarrior's post about the Chinese Restaurant got me thinking... (Thanks for the post btw). I wasn't sure where to post this and since it's a follow up to Jah's I thought here is as good a place as any.

    I was in my store today (business owner retail/restaurant) during the time after lunch and before dinner. I had sent my staff home due to it being slow. In walks this guy and asks me can I change a $100?

    And for some reason Jah's post about situational awareness and body language came to mind. More than likely this guy just wanted to change a large bill. This probably wasn't much more than what it appeared to be on the surface. But he was kind of acting a bit strange and the situation did not feel comfortable. Needless to say it just didn't seem prudent. So I just looked him in the eye and said I did not have that kind of money on hand.

    He left without much more.

    But it got me to thinking

    1) how he could easily have a counterfeit or he wanted me to open the register to scout it out or worse.

    A few years back a few restaurants got robbed and a LEO I know said they sent people in to scout before hand. They would hand large bills to see how the staff handled them.... access safe, how much money in the register that kind of thing.

    2) As a Newbie with ccw.... it was nice feeling in the lower part of my back when I was talking to him.

    3) As an owner it always makes me concerned for the safety of my employees to think of situations that could potentially be dangerous.


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    Great post! You may have saved yourself - and your employees - a ton of grief. Make sure you repeat your story to your workers, and explain WHY you did what you did.

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    Also, make sure you can draw quickly. If he had threatened to kill you and had reached into his pocket, you would have had a very short time to react.

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    Good post, and it's a reminder for everyone that things can go wrong in an instant.
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    Yep, you never know that's why we carry and train.
    While people are saying "Peace and safety," destruction will come on them suddenly, ... and they will not escape. 1Th 5:3

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    Good points. Make sure you talk to all your workers about these things and how to handle them, i.e. saying now, saying they have to ask you, etc. My boss and I are both tactically minded and often discuss ways to handle certain situations if something were to happen in the store. Kind of fun to do.

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    So much of our own safety is dependent on not being stupid or naive. You were neither. Could it have been a legit request? Of course, but the little hairs on the back of your neck are not there to prevent you from buying a muffler.

    Many of us have learned that you can't assume that everybody is a good guy/gal. The vast majority, IMO, are. Some are not and it could kill you.

    Good job being aware.
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    I work in a rough neighborhood. All too often, I catch myself really eyeing and focusing on the tall slim built guy wearing the baggie clothes, eyepatch, and scars on his face and all but ignoring the rest of the dudes he's hanging with. SA is a total package deal and everybody should be suspect. I have no idea which one of them tried to steal the trucks from the yard and shot up the office.

    Assume they are all worthy of are better off to err on the side of caution
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