Prowler or worse..last nights event

Prowler or worse..last nights event

This is a discussion on Prowler or worse..last nights event within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well it happened last night. myself, wife, 3 yr old son, and a wifes friend were sitting around watching tv around 10pm in our family ...

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Thread: Prowler or worse..last nights event

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    Prowler or worse..last nights event

    Well it happened last night.
    myself, wife, 3 yr old son, and a wifes friend were sitting around watching tv around 10pm in our family room. we heard a noise coming from the kitchen, the dog was with us also but golden retrievers, at least ours, isnt much of a watch dog. we all glanced into the kitchen which provided us with a skewed view to the back door and the handle was slowly turning! expecting no one i went from condition low yellow (i'm in my own house relaxing and its late so i'm not really in true condition yellow) reached for the 1911 i ALWAYS carry (when possible) and made a bee line for that door. as i got closer i saw a youthful white male face peering in to the left at our counters. i was approaching from the right. upon entering the kitchen our eyes met and het was off like a flash off the porch and into the adjacent cornfield. gun was concelaed behing my right leg while, safety still active, i opened the back door and out onto the porch as he was just entering the cornfield about 50' or so ahead of me. i've never been too fast a runner (40 now) but did think about chasing him. i was more glad he was gone than anything! i investigated the sides of the house, reentered the house, and told wife to call the police.
    she knew to mention i was armed but would disarm upon there arrival. we turned on every light in the place and they sat in an inner room until LE arrived. about 4 -5 minutes or so. seemd a LOT longer i tell ya.
    i stayed "on guard" in the darkened foyer watching out the front door which also provides a view of the rear door but expected nothing more since i scared him/them away.
    i saw no other people but (1) 20ish white male. i didnt want to chase after him and leave 3 people alone in the house.
    upon LE arriving, 3 units, one stayed and we talked and he wrote some stuff down and the other 2 left almost immediately to cruise the area looking for him or his vehicle.
    we live in a rural area but hard to tell where he came from. local or drove in sooo....
    they didnt locate him but i could prolly ID him if i saw him again.

    scary to me to see that door handle jiggling slowly. fortunately i am very vigilante with keeping unused doors locked. not sure what he was looking for...trouble no matter how ya slice it.
    my wife now understands why i carry 16/7. she was not keen on it at all but said little about it. her friend is a sheeple and i imagine she was internally confused when i RAPIDLY drew the gun in the house but she too sat and saw that door knob moving.
    am looking into get our alarm system activated with the phone co. now. wife said nothing about "we're moving" but didnt say anything like "i'm glad you had yer gun" either. (glad about the first, didnt expect the second)

    i'll play this over and over in my head, sure i coulda gone out the garage door and surprised him but it just as easily coulda been a friend dropping over late.
    security was high but will be higher from now on.

    on a side note: i think our sheeple girlfriend (22 yrs old) woke up 10 years last night.

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    Intresting. you can train the dog to be more aware of the your home turf. I taught my dog to back when someone is on the front or back poch, as well as any noises around the house. She is a Goldern retriever too. Dogs have better hearing and make excellent early warning systems.
    Glad you are all ok. I live in a fairly secure area, but still use my locks, ect to be safe. Do you and your family have a plan , if someone is trying to get in? Might be worth talking/planning w/ your wife.

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    Glad it turned out OK. Since my wife and I started CC, we've become much more diligent about dead bolts ALWAYS being thrown. It's gotten to the point that if a door is not locked while we're both in, some gentle ribbing takes place after the house is secured. It's just becoming second nature.
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    Glad everything turned out OK. It's too bad you didn't get to "talk" to this guy, and see what he thought he wanted.

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    Glad everyone's safe.

    Don't know about your dog, but my little ankle-biters are good alarms. They couldn't do much about an intruder, but they'd sure let me know!

    From your lack of mention, I assume that the LEO's acted in a professional manner in response to your being armed?
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    Hey strange, I was driving my GFs car last night to get it repaired and I was followed back to her home by a white Caddy.
    Something must be in the air

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    The responding LEO's were very respectful of my carry/posession.
    They asked if i was armed i told them "i was but when i saw you pull in i put it away". and that was the last mention of it actually. kinda "hoped" he'd have asked to see it. but alas not.

    I too woulda liked to "talk" with him. but again not to be.

    interesting situation with the caddy, dpesec.

    there is a new "no-kill" shelter that is around the corner and have tossed around the idea of a second dog...and i second the ankle biters are great alarms.
    and discussion of a "plan" is gonna hafta happen for possible future reference. as in where are lines of attack, defense, and fire.
    things i have in my head but would not discuss because i didnt think she'd wanna hear...she will now.

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    Phew - that was a tense spell for you. Does sound like it resoloved the best way all round - useful too if you could ID the guy again.

    We had a repeat home invasion round here very recently - albeit peaceful but aimed at an elderly lady. Nothing taken as it happens.

    Just shows once more - expect the unexpected!

    Are we coming up to full moon again!
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    Reading your mind

    Thumbs up thoughts

    Just some things I thought of.

    I would like to stress the point about the dogs. I am surprised that your golden didnt bark? I have not been that 'lucky' to have a dog that wont bark. Mine go bezerk at every little sound they hear! Ankle bitters are okay, but I truly believe the dogs presence as well as it's bark is what matters. If you go to someone's house and you hear a deep bark, then see a monster dog in the window-you automatically get uptight. A mini bark and a mini dog? Nah-you just brush him off. Everyone (stranger) who comes to our house is always hesitant about coming in. The fuel oil guy, the propane delivery guy, UPS, etc. When they knock, they stick the bill or package on the porch and make haste. The guys who delivered my daughter's new bed didnt even want to come in! LOL! The big one (rott/boxer mix) is a gentle giant, but I can't imagine the suffereing she could cause if you attempted to gain unwanted entry or injury. She is 120 pounds.

    2nd thought-you ran outside without making sure there wasnt more then 1? He could have had friends waiting at the side of the door to shoot/harm you when you exited, and thus have access to your house, wife, and children. I am not sure it is wise to go outside after a perp. Let a dog loose? Sure. You can always say the dog escaped before you could lock down if the cops ask. And, the if the dog catches the perp, the cops wont have to look far. Just follow the screams or the blood trail.

    Better to lock down, stay armed, make sure outside lights (motion lights) are on, and call the 5.0. Dont engage unless you have to, ie. the perp enters your domain.
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    Glad you and your family/friend are OK. My $.02 worth, don't follow them, stay inside and let the police handle that part. Second, my gun would not have been "gun was concelaed behind my right leg", it would have been pointing at his beady little head. (It's my house, you don't want a gun pointed at you then don't try entering it uninvited.) That guy was looking for a quick snatch and run item like money/purse, portable TV, or microwave off of the kitchen counter I'd guess, but you don't want to count on that. As another poster said there may be others out there.

    Last, I have a great Chocolate Lab that is my early warning system. You don't need a killer dog that will eat the neighbors kids. She's big enough to sound really mean to anyone that comes close to our house. No one is going to check any further once they hear her. She's a great pheasant dog too.

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    Very good decision on NOT following the cretin into the corn field, and on not trying to out-flank him. Either would have left the other people in the house defenceless.

    Good on 'ya!

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    Glad things turned out ok ... Also good you didnt run afterhim leaveing the others unprotected

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    Sounds like you did the right thing all around. I agree with the others about following the perp - while you are in the house and he is outside, you have the defensive advantage. But once you go outside, that all changes. He knows where you are, but you don't know where he is. Don't know about you, but I'm too old to be point man in a corn field. Let the chopper with the big light do that.

    My wife thinks I'm a bit paranoid when I carry at home, but your experience shows that it is indeed prudent, no matter where you live. Glad to hear everbody came out OK. Maybe the perp ran into a skunk in the field!

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    Agree with all of the above. Also, it must give you a certain air of validation as to WHY you always carry. Glad all are OK. Glad you thought ahead.

    Good job amigo.
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    Glad everything was OK; About a year ago wife and I were in bed and "something" hit the sliding glass door at the rear of the house. I was not happy with how long it took to get my Glock 20 out of the night stand, so I made a rig that holds it just below the top of the mattress, my hand doesn’t even have to come out from under the covers. I also keep "something" close at hand at all times now too, we live at the far corner of the county and a fast resopnce by the sheriffs department is 30 min.

    I have always “joked” about getting a pair of male rotties, want to name one Death and the other Destruction, Death will be trained to go for the throat in the attack, Destruction will strike somewhat lower, defend what you value the most.

    We had to have the wife's little poodle put down last year, she now says we WILL be getting a replacement this summer, she wants a lap dog of some sort, but I will train it to be an alarm dog at least.

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