Grandma and a glock

Grandma and a glock

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Thread: Grandma and a glock

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    Grandma and a glock

    Check out this video... Grandma and a glock


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    Bad trigger discipline; happy they didn't crucify her.
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    I guess flashing a gun is ok there
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    So both groups talked to the cops...what happened?

    It doesn't say...

    Grandma needs some training, she needs to develop some muscle memory, she needs to learn about the law.
    The young driver needs to get his butt kicked...he'll pull those road stunts with the wrong people some day.
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    i dont guess those young folks will mess with any grandmas again but i agree im suprised that she didnt get in trouble.
    "When you have to shoot, Shoot! Don't talk."

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    Well....hmmmm....illegal act? Maybe, but I figure grandma....55+ years old? I figure any senior citizen has already put up with enough crap in this world at that age. No more playing games, and both you and I know we've run across jerks just like this in our daily travels on the road and elsewhere. I say grandma's lucky in a way, but overall, a job well done!

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    Wonder if she didn't get into trouble because they LEO decided the car the kids were using was a deadly weapon and that since they wouldn't let them pull over and that they continued to intimidate. I would like to see the whole story about that. Don't think that would fly here in NC, however, if that was happening to me with my grandkids in the car I would certainly be afraid for my life and theirs since I would be afraid of the next move they made with the car. Also the ability of me to drive safely.

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    Grandma was a bit over the top. I have to admit that the Glock may have been in my hand out of view until the other driver pulled away
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    Too bad they didn't report on what, if anything happened with Granny.
    “Monsters are real and so are ghosts. They live inside of us, and sometimes they win.”
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    Okay, learning time. I know she shouldn't have flashed the gun. But what, realistically, could she and hubby have done? Doesn't look like they could have gotten away. Just kept driving, not reacting, until they got to a police station? What if there's no police station or fire station around? What if it's just you and them? Wait until they try to ram your car with theirs, and THEN draw? (and shoot?)
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    Good for Granny !
    I despise bullies.

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