Yesterday my Laptop was Stolen. Today I met with the thief.

Yesterday my Laptop was Stolen. Today I met with the thief.

This is a discussion on Yesterday my Laptop was Stolen. Today I met with the thief. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I know I'm gonna get a lot of negative feedback, but I really wanted my laptop back.... Monday morning as I was leaving for work ...

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Thread: Yesterday my Laptop was Stolen. Today I met with the thief.

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    Yesterday my Laptop was Stolen. Today I met with the thief.

    I know I'm gonna get a lot of negative feedback, but I really wanted my laptop back....

    Monday morning as I was leaving for work I noticed the smell of spoiled raw chicken that my girlfriend had put into the garbage last-night. So I took the bag out of the trash and went outside to throw it in the dumpster (Apartment Complex).

    As I was walking by my car the bag began to tear. I had my briefcase with my laptop in it on my shoulder. I set it on the trunk of my car as I wrestled with the garbage bag. I finally got to the dumpster and threw in the garbage bag. I turned around to go back to my car. When I got to my car the Briefcase was gone.

    I was super bummed and kept kicking myself all day. The computer had important work stuff and I had all my internet site passwords saved. So I spent the rest of the day changing passwords and trying to remember all my work files.

    I filed a police report but they basically told me nothing would come of it.


    Today at 3:00 p.m. while I was at work I received a Blocked Call on my cell phone. I answered it. The person told me that they had found my laptop and that they found my cell number in it. I was very happy and asked him where he was so that I could recover it. He then told me that he didn't have the laptop, his buddy had it. I asked him how I could get in contact with his buddy. He told me that he would have him call me in a little bit.

    In about 10 minutes, I got another blocked phone call from a different person. When I answered, the guy told me that he had someone that wanted to buy my laptop for $350, and what was I going to offer in exchange for my laptop. I told him that I really needed the computer back and I would give him $400.

    He told me to meet him in front of his apartment complex at 6:30 p.m.

    I called the Police Department. They told me that they wouldn't do anything at that moment and to call them back right before the meet, and they would send over a patrol car to go with me to apartment.

    Then I went down to the police station to try and talk to someone to go with me in plain clothes, because I figured if the guys saw a Police Car they would bail on the meeting. The visit to the Police Station turned out to be a waste of time.

    I figured that the way the meeting would work would be I go to the meet and he asks to see the money before letting me see the computer. I didn't have $400 cash laying around so I took 50 one dollar bills and rolled them up just like drug money and put a $20 on the outside.

    I planned on flashing the money if necessary and getting them to show me the computer.

    I took a Kimber Pepperblaster and Stun Gun hidden IWB, just in case. A handgun would never have flown in court because I intentionally put myself in danger.

    6:30 rolled around and I got a call asking where I was. I told them that I would be there in a few minutes. I called the police and asked them to meet me there, they told me that it was going to be awhile.

    I drove up to the apartment complex and parked. I sat in my car until I saw a guy come out of one of the hallways. He was carrying my briefcase in his hand, and he was alone. I walked over to him and asked to inspect the computer for damage. I checked to make sure that it worked and then I put it back into its case. I slung the shoulder strap across my body.
    I then said, "You know what you're doing is blackmail"
    He says, "I'm not blackmailing I'm just tryin to get me a lil finders fee."
    I said, "Well there's and Cop sitting around the corner, and If you don't wanna go down for theft and blackmail you'd better turn around and walk inside.

    I began to walk backwards. He grabbed the strap and said, "Come on man gimme somthin, I could've just sold it, I didn't have to give you the chance to buy it back. I said "Let go of me" in a calm stern voice, as I continued to walk backwards pulling him with me into the parking lot. I placed my hand on the stun gun. I was just about to use it when he let go of me. I walked back to my car keeping my SA on High. I called the police back and told them I had recovered my laptop, and to meet me at my apartment.

    I got back to my apartment and the Police arrived 10 minutes later. I told them that he had put his hands on me and filed a report just incase the guy seeks retribution. The police told me that even if they had been there they could not have arrested the guy for anything. They said that they would step up patrols in my neighborhood (Probably a lie).

    I work with that PD a lot and they are pretty worthless. I'm the Loss Prevention Manager at a local store and they very rarely arrest our thieves, even for felonies and fights. The bad guys know the system and milk it well.

    I know it was kinda dumb of me to go alone, but I got my laptop back. Just saved 1000 bucks.
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    Glad you got it back. You're lucky all is OK. They know where you live and work, so be at Orange.
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    Well, IDK.

    Your life can't be worth the laptop. Plus they may come back to damage your car. Maybe break into yout apt. All your call.

    The police did not do much, and that is sad to hear. A good detective should have considered this a lead. Who knows what other stolen property migh have been recovered if they caught that guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock View Post
    Glad you got it back. You're lucky all is OK. They know where you live and work, so be at Orange.
    I know that's the only thing that worries me. I was thinking about getting a camera system for front/backdoor and parking lot. Now I'm definitely doing it. I spoke with our Complex's Security too. I asked them to beef up patrols around my townhouse. The complex behind me hired Off Duty Police for security and they always sit right behind my house.
    Exodus 22:2 "If a thief is caught breaking in and is struck so that he dies, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed"

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    Sounds like Michigan LEO's
    We cant get them to do anything here either. Iam glad you got your laptop back & that everything went well
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    Glad you got the laptop back and no one was hurt. Don't think I would have been as gutsy. Sorry your local PD wasn't more helpful.
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    Cool you got your laptop back. The cops were worthless - the guy committed assault and should have been arrested for that, extortion, and possession. Maybe a letter to the newspaper, AG and Chief of Police is in order.

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    My life experiences would not allow me to go unarmed. I never go anywhere looking for trouble, but if trouble comes looking for me, I'm ready.
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    Gutsy move. I'm glad you got your laptop back. I hope LE steps up patrols in your neighborhood for awhile.
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    Well, I say what you're thinking. No laptop is worth your life.

    It could have easily broken very wrong. Rather than pulling on your laptop strap, he could have shot you dead. People have been killed for a great deal less.

    Understand your desire to get your property back, but you need to do a little reflection on your actions. Good PD or bad PD, it doesn't change the facts.

    Glad your safe.

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    They know you by sight. They know where you live. They know you're willing to let someone who's even likely to be a criminal get right up close and personal with you. And, they know you got the better of them.

    Caution is due.

    Some questions to ask yourself might start with this one: had you been found beaten to within an inch of your life, your money and laptop stolen, would it have been worth it?
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    I would have pepper sprayed him just for fun.
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    I would prepare a letter and contact the local news station. You tried to play by the rules and as with many cases the cops couldn’t have cared less. Who knows, maybe if you had filed a police report of stolen property, they may have been more responsive.
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    What a mess all this is. I can't say that that your actions were prudent.

    The LEO's should have taken you seriously too. I would not give up on getting a theft charge against the BG. Make some noise with the LEO's and media.

    Insurance takes the bite out of having things lost, damaged, or stolen. Consider it.

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