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Is a chair cause for lethal force?

This is a discussion on Is a chair cause for lethal force? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does a chair put me in danger of death or serious bodily injury? Probably. Would I draw and fire? No. I would run or hide. ...

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Thread: Is a chair cause for lethal force?

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    Does a chair put me in danger of death or serious bodily injury? Probably. Would I draw and fire? No. I would run or hide.

    1) We have seen that juries do not like self-defense in anything that can be described as a 'bar fight'.
    2) It would be way too easy to hit an innocent bystander in a crowded restaurant.
    3) Running away and/or cowering in a corner is a relatively good tactic to avoid this sort of thing in most cases. Put your manhood aside and deal with it.
    4) I wouldn't be in the situation in the first place, in all likelihood. Even though I don't have a family, I don't go places that aren't that 'family friendly' type atmosphere. I just don't like makes me uncomfortable to be around people who are irresponsible. I'd much rather go bowling than to a bar. Sometimes I think I should have been a child of the 50s instead of the 90s. I guess I am just a boring person
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    While waiting for an exit, someone approaches you and is about to hit you over the head with a chair. What to do?

    Much depends on the exact nature of the chair.
    Oh, why thank you sir! I was just about to get my own chair. Thanks for getting one for me.

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    If I believe that the person with the chair can and will inflict death or grave injury on me, I shoot.
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    Defend guns in bars...take it outside!
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    In some case, a chair can be used as a deadly weapon. The reason I know this is from an experience my brother went through that landed him in the hospital while he was in the USAF.

    While he was in the military my brother started taking martial arts classes. He wanted to be able to protect himself. One time he was a bar off base having a few beer with some buddies. At this point he had been taking martial arts classes for around 4 months. Long story short, in the midst of a bar fight one of the bar patrons grabbed a chair from one of the tables. The legs of this steel chair didn't have plastic inserts in the legs.

    One of the BG's grabbed this chair and shoved towards my brothers lower chest. One of the legs of the chair pierced his lower abdomen and entered my brother's stomach! He almost bled to death if the EMT's hadn't arrived so quickly. He still has a very bad scars from the surgeries (yeah, plural) that saved his life.

    So yes, a chair can be a lethal weapon. Assume that someone attacking you with a chair wants to seriously harm you. My brother Larry and I will definitely agree with you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheldon J View Post
    Yes it was part in jest but on a serious note if you cannot hit something the size of a knee at 20' aiming then you need more target practice.

    No1 fun drill is to draw and hit a tennis ball at 20' from the hip, then hit it again on the rebound, repeat until the mag is MT no aiming allowed...

    Mozambique drill is similar, while walking draw to the side from the hip N put 2 center mass at 25-30' then aim and plant one between the eyes, do this while walking at different angles to the target. If you are not able to do this 99% then you are in serious need of practice, remember stress fire is muscle memory dependent!!!

    So if you can do this a knee shot should be no problem.... Advantages, you are shooting in a downward direction, any miss will be into the floor and not a bystander. A shot to the knee will stop the most determined adversary they will stop, because they will no longer be able to stand. This is less than lethal force, and should you end up in court over it......

    If you can shoot a tennis ball from the hip at 20' coming from one of these
    while 10 people are screaming in your ear and you don't get splatter from hitting the floor injuring multiple people behind the BG then I'll agree that it's a good drill for you. But only you.

    If your target isn't clear then you don't shoot. Period. You NEVER shoot to wound. As said only shoot to stop the threat. Don't forget that lighting conditions in most bars and restaurants are less than optimal and the BG will most likely not have florescent yellow kneecaps and may even be wearing long pants.

    Now if you can shoot a tennis ball at 20' from the hip then you can really take comfort in knowing you can hit center of mass and stop the threat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ErikGr7 View Post
    Can't CCW in bars.

    Shout real fast "Can I buy U a drink?) lol if he is
    a real drunk that will stop him in his tracks

    Plan 2 - Use OC spray
    Ahh Yes!! The international peacemaker!! haha
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    Is a chair cause for lethal force?
    If the threat is lethal and legitimate, absolutely.
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