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an old hand to hand instructor taught me a thumb or finger in the eye ends most conflict it it dosnt end there crul said finger and out comes the eye this works i know this for a fact if he was after wife and i could get out of the truck i would asume his back is to me then he would be in a whole world of hurt but i dont think i would use my weapon tactical training imo includes dirty fighting one trick i learned is to load your hand makes for a more solid precitage of kos now a roll of dimes is heavy n illeagl so try a bick lighter i dont smoke but i carry one at all times stong side front pocket the load dosnt have to be heavy just has to fill the hand making less give at impact
Your old hand to hand instructor had good advice. Don't forget teeth are an option too, but if you do use them...make sure both sets meet in the middle! In all seriousness though, you can insult or threaten me and I may well swallow my pride and walk or if necessary RUN away (which in this case would be pedal to metal), but should you attack a loved one and you have just limited yourself to my ONLY two training options: Incapacitate or Terminate. There is no middle ground.