Discovered a new use for my hat ...

Discovered a new use for my hat ...

This is a discussion on Discovered a new use for my hat ... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Lately I have had a few experiences where I am beginning to think I must have "mess with me" tattooed on my forehead, or a ...

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Thread: Discovered a new use for my hat ...

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    Discovered a new use for my hat ...

    Lately I have had a few experiences where I am beginning to think I must have "mess with me" tattooed on my forehead, or a sign on my pickup that says same. Nothing serious in these instances, but just enough to make me go from condition "yellow" to "orange."

    The most recent was this morning. I'm driving my Toyota Tacoma pickup in town, by myself, running a few errands, speed limit 30 mph, 4-lane road. I stop at the light and wait for it to turn green. Just before it turns green, a late 90's Ford pickup with two (black) male passengers in their early twenties approaches from my right, stops, and then makes a right turn into the righthand lane just as the light turns green. I'm in the lefthand lane, proceed through the intersection, and slowly accelerate to the speed limit. The other truck is moving at a speed just under the posted speed limit, which allows my vehicle to slowly and unintentionally pull alongside. As I caught up with the other truck, I'm thinking to myself that an old pickup is an unusual choice of vehicles for these two young fellows. Apparently it was owned by one of them --- windows were rolled down and a tricked-out stereo system was booming. But, hey ... it's a free country. Each to his own.

    As I pull alongside and slowly start to pass, the other truck speeds up to maintain speed with me. The driver of the truck starts to gun his engine, causing it to quickly lunge forward and then drop back, lunge forward and drop back, repeatedly. I maintain speed and never look over. This goes on for 15-20 secs. Realizing he wasn't getting my attention, the driver of the truck starts to weave back-and-forth beside me but staying within his lane, all the while gunning his engine as before. I still maintain speed and ignore them.

    Apparently frustrated by my lack of response, both driver and passenger start yelling something (unintelligible) out the window at me. I continued to maintain speed and never looked over at them. HOWEVER, I did reach down to retrieve my ball cap on the passenger seat beside me that says on the front, in big gold lettering, "NRA - Life Member" --- and, without looking over, held up the hat so my friends next door could get a good look at it.

    Apparently they could read. Not only that, they apparently clearly understood what "NRA" stands for. They gunned the engine of their truck one last time and quickly sped off ahead of me, not to be seen again

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    Either that or they thought you were some kind of Federal Officer
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    I'm sure the 'nice boys' thought NRA meant "Narcotics Response Agent"...

    Nice response on your part...
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    Too Funny. A couple of punks.

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    Soon, there will be calls in the Kansas media for making "brandishing headgear" illegal.
    If the public are bound to yield obedience to laws to which they cannot give their approbation, they are slaves to those who make such laws and enforce them.--Samuel Adams as Candidus, Boston Gazette 20 Jan. 1772

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    LOL funny, had to smile at that one.
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    Good thinking. I think that is called brandishing a hat or something like that.

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    Well done!!

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    Well played, sir!

    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." -- Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)

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    I don't care who you; that's funny right thar

    Gee I wonder why I never have any problems when driving my truck, even in the "bad" sections of "The Loo" (St. Louis)

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    I like that! Here in NY it will be a matter of time before the state bans NRA hats for fear of offending the general public! In simple terms our politicians are A-holes!

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    lol might of thought you were a redneck hick like me lol
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    I hope you kept one hand on your firearm as well. There have been a lot of car jackings lately, some of them haven't ended well. Of course with what I drive, no one pulls that stunt with me. It happens when I am with friends in their cars. I have to be careful then, because I can't carry at clubs on a Saturday night.
    Vince K
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfshead View Post
    I have to be careful then, because I can't carry at clubs on a Saturday night.
    I hope you are careful even (especially?) when you are carrying.

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