Incident from the early 60s

Incident from the early 60s

This is a discussion on Incident from the early 60s within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Back then in Virginia, at least in the smaller cities, it wasn't all that unusual for 17 or 18 year olds to buy a box ...

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Thread: Incident from the early 60s

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    Incident from the early 60s

    Back then in Virginia, at least in the smaller cities, it wasn't all that unusual for 17 or 18 year olds to buy a box or two of .22 long rifle ammo and go shooting somewhere out in the country. Such places were easilt reachable in a half hour or less on bicycles. Were such things illegal? I really don't know, but the local LEOs didn't seem to care one way or the other. Anyhow, one day as we (myself and two others) were loading up our bikes for a trip to an old gravel pit located just outside town to "eliminate with extreme prejudice" any evil tin cans we could find, with our trusty .22s or shotguns, a car sped up and stopped beside us. The passenger door opened and a guy started to exit. He looked at the 16 gauge double barrel I was just about to slide into the homemade scabbard I had affixed to my bike. Then he shouted they are real guns, jumped back into the car and they sped away. Was this a defensive situation? I don't know for sure, but none of our rifles(which were already slung over our backs with loose slings) were loaded anyhow. We never carried any loaded guns on our ride to our shooting area. I suppose we could have used them as clubs, but the occupants of the car were all older and bigger than us, and there were 4 of them in the vehicle.

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    I remember back when I was a teenager it wasn't a big thing to see kids walking around with bb guns and real guns to go shooting,and the strange thing is nobody ever stopped us or called the cops on us
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    My brother and I and some other kids in the neighborhood were all over the place with our BB guns, never a worry.

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    Thats the way it was when I was growing up. Even at about 12 years of age I could go into a hardware store and buy my Remington .22 lr. We kids did go all over on foot or on bike and sure enough, my Uncle had a gravel pit where we would shoot at anything and everything inanimate; including Berz-0-matic cylinders. They never did catch fire or explode to our disappointment.

    We went for long walks in a fairly deep woods--probably at least 9 sq miles. Somehow we always found our way out, though I think G-d helped a couple of times. One time we emerged two miles from our property through a neighbors field, 3 of us carrying rifles. We started walking down the one lane dirt road and the guy who owned the place came by in his pick up to offer a ride--he didn't know us and I guess that was his way of checking us out. He clearly was not frightened of us at all.

    Nowadays in the same place, the State Police would probably be summoned if a kid walked down the road with a shotgun. Of course nowadays, the dang kids there stole the copper plumbing from my place--and something like that was unheard of back then, 55 years ago, when I was 11.

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    Not the same as a BB or .22 LR, but I've noticed kids don't have cap guns any more. When I was younger, I had a cash of cap guns, as did others. For cowboy, I had a lever action rifle and a roll cap revolver (and naturally a cow boy hat). For army, I had a toy M16 and a strip cap walter ppk (and cammo). All my friends had a toy machine gun or one of those militarty bolt action like rifle toys.

    You just don't see a group of 6 children running around with toy assault rifles and garbed in paramilitary uniforms anymore.

    To OP, yes, sounds like it was a SD situation.
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    I grew up in the hills of Middle Tennessee, it was not unusual for a student to carry his shotgun or 22 rifle to school to go hunting after school. We would just give the weapon to the principal and he would put it behind his desk until time for us to get on the bus to go home or to the hunting area. We would have been put in prison this day and time.

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    Heres one for ya about how times have changed...

    I went through high school in Illinois.
    We used to bring our shotguns to school with us so that we could hunt.
    Quail, pheasant, ducks, squirrels, rabbits, geese.

    We would leave them in the back window of the truck and lock the doors.

    One of my buds stuck his Remington 870 in the mud unknowingly and popped off a round at a rabbit, banana peeling his 30 "barrel.

    The next day at vocational machine shop class I asked the instructor if I could bring the gun to school and cut the barrel off. He said, sure, just make sure that the gun was unloaded and I had no ammo with me when I brought it in.

    I went to school that day and when time came for machine shop class, I walked over to the his truck, got the shotgun and carried it into shop class, keeping the barrel up at all times.

    We put the barrel in the power hacksaw and in less than a minute cut it off. Then to the lathe to crown it, and then to the mill to drill a hole for the bead sight. In those days there were no adjustable chokes, so we just cut the barrel on the next straight rib, it came out to around 20 inches. It looked great and became my friends best rabbit killing machine.

    In Illinois, the liberal bastion of anti gunners and mobsters that rule.

    No gun owner ID, no restrictions of any kind and it was not unusual to see kids around a farm town called Pekin, Ill. walking around from one place to another with a shotgun or a .22.

    Our high-school sports teams were called the Pekin Chinks because supposedly Pekin was on the geographical opposite of Peking China and the old days saw many Chinese workers working on the railroad there when it came through.

    All of this of course, was before the weenification of America took place and you could tell a man from a woman without having to argue about it with your friends.
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    Well, I went to High School in Texas, A Burb of Houston, Bellaire High. There were students that had their rifles in their trucks on the gun rack in the student parking lot.

    Also, I went to Eastern Michigan University from 1976-1981. There were guys walking around campus carrying their shot guns during hunting season, they didn't even get a second look from anyone
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    I was thinking back this week to the summer when I stayed up to watch the lunar landing. I was 14 and having the best summer ever.

    I worked construction with a friend of the family who was a Master Carpenter. I became an expert in demolition.

    Every Friday afternoon, the moment we got home from work, we would load up and head to their place on the St. John's River. I had my own boat with 71/2 hp Johnson outboard. I would get up in the morning, make a lunch, and head out with my .22. I would shoot and plink and explore and play Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Never saw anyone else. Never got into trouble. Only ran out of gas once.

    This was long before responsibilities and headaches of being grown-up. I'd love to go back to those days.
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    Having a gun in the car or a knife in your pocked was not a problem back in the 50's and 60's....but you better have had a belt, your shirt (with a collar) tucked in...
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    This is all proof that the state run media has done it's job in scaring America and demonizing firearms.

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    Back in the early 1970s in Northern CA, I attended a parochial college prep high school. Run by Catholic priests. When in the 11th grade, I somehow managed to start a faculty-moderated gun club. We had over 20 members, went trap shooting and spent many hours on the range with our pistols and rifles. How I got approval from the VP (who had a real hardnosed reputation), I don't know. But we never had a disciplinary or safety issue in the time that club was active. I'm guessing that it's history now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jg45 View Post
    This is all proof that the state run media has done it's job in scaring America and demonizing firearms.
    It's more than that. Gangs are roaming the streets unchecked. God forbid the cops crack some heads. Parents sue the school for disciplining their kids, and "pushing the envelope" is considered desirable. Morals are gone, and money is all anyone cares about.
    In my school, if kids got into serious trouble, they just vanished. We knew it could happen to us. I miss those days, people went on vacation and didn't lock their doors. Drugs were not a problem yet, and no one heard of AIDS, barely sex.
    Let's bring those days back.

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    I grew up in Virginia in the late 50s and early 60s and can never remember being asked for ID when buying 30-30, 22, or shot gun ammo . Those were in the good old days. Wish we could go back to that sort of attitude. We also could take the first day of hunting season off from school. There was always a shot gun or a rifle of some sort either in the back window of the truck or behind the seat.

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    Back in the late 60's early 70's could walk down the road shotgun over shoulder, law road by waved,Never no problems, As stated before they would have half the force on ya. AHHH THE GOOD OLD DAYS.
    A Native Floridian = RARE


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