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Direction of fire?

This is a discussion on Direction of fire? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This is no solition, but a few things Iv'e learned, If It is a sub sonic round, You will probably hear only the sound of ...

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Thread: Direction of fire?

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    This is no solition, but a few things Iv'e learned, If It is a sub sonic round, You will probably hear only the sound of the muzle blast. If It is super sonic in your direction you will hear the supersonic crack from the direction in which it passed you and if from proximately 100 yards or further away you will hear the muzle blast later and in the form of a much duller sound.

    The trick is to realize that the super sonic crack is from the direction that the bullet pased (right or left of you) and not the direction from which it originated. If a supersonic bullet is fired from less than a hundred yards at you ,you will hear every thing at once.

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    If you're hearing the shots and not experiencing the projectiles they're not aimed at you, at that moment.

    Move; like driving a car, you'll have to accept the fact that an accident is going to find you sooner or later if you stay and nothing else chances.

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    We carry,, we stay aware, we talk tactics, we train, we practice and we pray we see no loss of life, anyone's (but least of all ours make no mistake about it)

    And yes I have been able to find tenants for 20+ years. I guess we all can become decensitized to our surroundings. The devel you know...

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