happened in Venezuela

happened in Venezuela

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Thread: happened in Venezuela

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    Lightbulb happened in Venezuela

    Saw this over on the 1911 and thought it made a good topic.... What he did, should have done....

    This event happened several weeks ago, but I only got a first-hand account today, so that's why I've waited until now to post this. It'll sound like something out of the movies or that some Rambolista made up, but it's the truth.

    Local friend of mine owns a 9k acre farm and 10k acre ranch in Venezuela. Friend lives in a fenced compound with armed security guards, due to the activities of some of the locals regarding kidnappings, etc.

    Early one morning, friend awoke to the sound of a commotion outside. Bad guys, one armed adult, with four armed teens, had invaded his compound. Friend's security chief made the mistake of stepping out, unarmed, to "check it out." Guy was immediately shot and killed by one of the perps. Friend walked out, armed with a G17 and one extra mag.

    So, here's the scene: Friend sees the armed adult holding a .357 mag revolver to friend's secretary's head, threatening to kill her. They were about 70 yds out. The four teens had run and hidden when the first gunfire broke out. The perp shouted at friend that he was going to kill the secretary if friend didn't put down his pistol. Friend replied that the perp wouldn't have to kill her, as friend would kill her himself, while killing the perp.

    The perp kept moving forward with the secretary, shouting threats the entire way. Friend's plan (many here would say flawed plan) was to wait until the perp was about 35 yds away, then attempt a head shot. Friend was determined not to be either killed or captured! However, when the perp was within about 50 yds., he shot friend with the revolver, critically wounding friend. Bullet entered friend's side, missed vital organs, nerves, and arteries, passing just above friend's testicles and lodging in friend's left thigh.

    Friend's now down. At this point, the four hidees come out, thinking that friend's dead. Friend, however, was waiting for the perps to close the distance. When the perps were 30-35 yds away, friend opened fire with the G17, killing one of the youths, at which point, in the confusion, the secretary gets away, unharmed. Friend also thinks that he wounded one of the other three youths, who've by now run again, seeking cover.

    Friend somehow made it to a large tractor, cranked it, and headed for the double-gates of his compound, trying to get away to get medical help and help from a nearby law-enforcement patrol station. A short distance outside friend's compound is a metal fabrication shop, the owner being a friend of my friend. Last thing friend remembers was pulling the tractor into his friend's business.

    When I hear all the arguments about how "six rounds are enough, blah, blah, blah," I'll always think of friend and his G17 with 35 rounds at his disposal. The perps fired 74 rounds; don't know how many friend fired, but he survived, so, I guess he fired enough.

    Oh, one-more-thing, as friend was driving the tractor in the escape, the perps fired on him with shotguns loaded with buckshot, from about 70-80 yds' distance, striking him in the back and head. Buckshot penetrated about 1", missing his spine with two pellets, one on each side, by about 1". Something to be said for luck, as well as mindset, huh?

    Friend's been back home, down heah on Tobaccy Road for a two-three weeks now, recovering. Says he's going back to Venezuela when he's feeling better.
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    You got to be ready there.

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    I have friends in Panama and it is pretty wild-west down there too. In Panama you can carry any type of weapon you like. He rolls with a sawed off shotgun in the car, a Springfield XDM on his hip and a G26 on his ankle. South of the border is a sketchy place.

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    First off, "Friend" is alive. That is job #1.

    Second, it sounds as if "Friend" was in a rifle fight with a handgun and was not fully prepared for what happened. Why are the employees "stepping out and checking things out" without the aide of a partner, rifle and such?

    We can MMQ this one all day long, but in the end it comes down to "Friend" being alive. As far as the hostage situation and a head shot, that's movie talk and not reality. Yes, there are Master level shooters that could make that shot at 50 Yards with a handgun, but it's not worth the risk IMO. Rifle shot in a hostage situation at that distance? Maybe.

    I considered moving down there myself and buying a ranch, but decided against it. "Friend" needs better equipment and tactics. Tactics first, but the equipment is a very close second in this case. I know a lady that held off approximately 35 illegals with a rifle. The 12 y/o Granddaughter was loading the other one for her. Yes, this was in the United States and no, it didn't happen in the 1800's, but rather, after the year 2000.

    It's coming boys and girls. We will have the same thing happen here that is happening in South America and Mexico. I just hope the politicians haven't taken all our guns and ammo away by then.

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    That's why I keep a handgun on me pretty much 24/7,A 12 gauge loaded by my bed ,and an AR15 w/30 round mag in the closet
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    Quote Originally Posted by BikerRN View Post
    Second, it sounds as if "Friend" was in a rifle fight with a handgun

    Your friend needs a hunting rifle with a scope. Preferably one in .223 with a 30rd clip.

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    That is a large compound to control with a small group armed with pistols.

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    crazy story. unfortunately this isn't an uncommon thing in south america. I don't think I'll ever go anywhere outside this country except western europe and maybe the norse countries. Everywhere else presents an extreme danger to americans and generally is a 3rd world **** hole.

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    Chavezlandia is indeed a dangerous place. If it's not criminals kidnapping people, it's the Government, usually the same thing.
    I wouldn't live there without an Army (well equipped).
    Glad that your friend is ok.

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    Amazing! And not all that uncommon in that type of place.

    He was definately NOT prepared but then again...neither were the bad guys.

    Remember that when outruning a bear you either have to be faster than the bear or faster than the other people running from the bear!

    I know that I can't outrun a bear so tactics are going to come into play here. Seeing as I don't know how well prepared the bad guy(s) will be, I choose to be as prepared as possible.
    Pray for our nations leaders!

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    I would have rather had a rifle, that's for sure. 50 yards isn't near as difficult a shot with a rifle as it is a pistol. Plus, I wouldn't feel comfortable taking a head shot with a pistol at 35 yards at all.
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    I don't know if I would draw the same conlusion that the writer did: make sure you have lots of ammo. This was rural Venezuela, and I would certainly have more ammo as well as a scoped Bushmaster and an AK-47 at the ready to complement my pistols.

    It's all about appropriate and sensible risk mitigation. Your threat levels are different in that environment than say downtown Royal Oak, MI, where a sensible person could conclude a pocketful of spare mags overkill (no pun intended).

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