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Someone messing with your car

This is a discussion on Someone messing with your car within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by GWRedDragon I doubt that. I really can't imagine anyone here enjoying killing someone. OK.... It depends a lot on state law. Some ...

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Thread: Someone messing with your car

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    Quote Originally Posted by GWRedDragon View Post
    I doubt that. I really can't imagine anyone here enjoying killing someone.

    It depends a lot on state law. Some states like New Mexico, allow the use of deadly force in defense of your property. Since that's where I live, I'd shoot the SOB.
    I call the cops, report it, then I walk up and give the BG 2 choices:

    You can get on the ground and assume the position and wait to be arrested by the police.
    or you can be carried away by the coroner.......

    Any questions you may have will be answered immediately by the kind folks at Springfield Armory.

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    It's easy to talk big online. That doesn't necessarily translate to real life action.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GWRedDragon View Post
    It's easy to talk big online. That doesn't necessarily translate to real life action.
    I agree completely. However, if the prevailing online view is that since actions such as killing others are not illegal then it might sway a reader's opinions. Let's face it. Most here applauded Horn and the fact he was not prosecuted.

    Words have consequences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SelfDefense View Post
    I find it disturbing that many have no issues with killing another human even if the law allows it. And it seems some would relish the opportunity.
    This is a defensive carry forum. If most of the people here had issues with killing another person, they would not have armed themselves, and we would be at or something like that.

    No the site isn't but the original post wasn't would you go and hunt them down after they left the scene, it was if you come up on someone in the act.

    Oh, and I don't recall anyone saying the first thing they would do was just blast the guy to kingdom come right off the bat. Maybe I missed that post.

    As far as Joe Horn goes, well yea there are probably folks that were cheering for him and the fact that he wasn't prosecuted. He wasn't breaking the law, the folks that got shot were. Apparently even the cop that was watching the event take place didn't feel too strongly that he had broken the law. Although Horn's deal has been talked about enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GWRedDragon View Post
    Yes, but it was their choice to take the risk (in a state where lethal force in defense of property is legal).

    I have little respect for the lives of thieves and bullies. They make their own bed.

    What I do have respect for is the law; here it says defense of property cannot be with deadly force, so I will obey the law.
    Sums it up very well.

    An ounce of lead is worth 200lbs of cop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac View Post
    You would consider pulling a gun and threatening or choosing to kill someone over your car?

    You need to reevaluate your priorities.

    I see too many people who love things and use people.

    We were put on this Earth to love people and use things.

    You may not feel "love" towards someone trashing your "dream" car, but considering killing them shows a weak moral compass.
    IMO we all have ares thats why I love america! I may have a weak moral compass, but the person trashing my car has an even weaker one! I dont consider someone who murders, rapes, and steels "human" yes they are human but there acting like an animal. IMO ........
    "The Beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it." -Thomas Jefferson

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    Maybe when you call 911 you mention that you are CHL and they have 3 minute to get there before you take matters in you own hands. they might actually respond fast enough to catch the perp. I will not draw unless I or my family are being threatened then we will have to see how the BG reacts.

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    had an acquaintance who had the stealing the radio from the dash situation happen to him, He had just come off a 12 hour shift as a Paramedic, goes to the parking garage to get in his car and lo and behold some low life is stealing his stereo...

    all my buddy did was attempt to forcefully close the door (broke both of the low life's legs, IIRC) he then called for a gurney and security

    all good, hospital is a CPZ and so was the parking grage

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    This situation

    Ive had to think about this exact situation recently. I collect funeral cars and I have a bunch of them. I bought for myself this past November the next car on my list I wanted, a pre 1987 Suburban hearse. I found one and had to pay top dollar for it, fly me and a friend to Chicago (From Dallas) to get it and drive it home. I spent thousands getting it and getting it home.

    Fast forward a couple of months. I put a trailer hitch on it on a Wednesday to haul my kilt trailer to an event and sell kilts all weekend. The weekend was great! Sunday I go outside to get my hearse and trailer and its gone. Gone Gone Gone! All my tools, GPS, Trailer, hearse, gone!

    Long story short, there was video footage from the hotel that the City of Dallas apparently doesnt intend to use to prosecute (Dont get me started on that) but the footage shows that the two guys drove up and spent 4 minutes stealing my truck. The left a little over 20 minutes before I got there. Most of the other vendors tore down half an hour early, I decided to wait it out till 5, its only fair to all vendors that we keep the appearance of being open for last minute shoppers. That decision to not tear down early kept me out of the situation of confronting those guys. I was carrying a 9 mm on me at the time as well.

    After it was over I was furious! I DID get my truck back, MUCH worse for wear, motor partially torn out, scratches and dent, broken column, knife cuts to the seats, hole punched in the gas tank, many, MANY parts just gone! I had already paid the very top of the range these things sell for and now I was spending almost that amount over again. My tools (Tons of them), trailer (I had JUST built it, LOTS of stainless steel in it), GPS, etc...are all still gone and Ill probably never get them back. Im self employed and I essentially spent ALL my profit for the "kilt season", which is a big part of my income for 4 months out of the year, to fix all the damage done during the theft. That was my first event of the year. I tallied my hours it took to but things right again and in addition to cash every spare moment for weeks went to putting the truck back. This was all time I could have spent playing with my son. Weeks of spending time with him gone, out the window. Life, I was robbed of part of my LIFE! Time I will never, ever get back.

    But as furious as I was over the whole situation I still would have just called the cops (It took them 3 hours and ten minutes to respond, that you DPD) and given descriptions and stayed on the line. Truthfully, I prolly could have shot them without any hassle, both where previously convicted car theives, this was dusk, this was south Dallas and I was "working" and heading out to my car alone. But it just wouldnt have been something I could have done, despite the fact that I probably would have been ok to do have done so. When I first started thinking about my CHL I had to ask myself, as we all do, could I take someone life if I HAD to. Yes I could...if I HAD to. But not just because part of me would want to.

    My other mistake...I didnt have adequate coverage. My agent had lied to me about what coverage I could get and refused to write me a full coverage policy, Turns out they COULD but it took more paperwork. But here again, it would cost more to prosecute then it would be worth.

    The moral of the story.... insurance, get it and stay covered. For classics you can even find show car insurance.

    Do these guys deserve to die? Well, I cant answer that. I CAN say Id spit in the faces of their grieving families if they did. Good reiddance to bad garbage. But even as much as that car means to me, I couldnt shoot anyone for it.


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    Call the cops now and be a good witness.

    When he gets out of jail on his 4th degree felony charge THEN you beat him with a Louisville Slugger.
    "Words can be as lethal as bullets; Choose them carefully, Aim them well & Use them sparingly."

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    Insurance yes, but I've always liked the addage someone told me years ago. I put my life at the hazard by driving my vehicle every if someone tampers with it, they ultimately put my life at risk and thus accept the consequences of me attempting to prevent such tampering to protect my own life.

    Came from a guy that shot a kid in the butt with rock salt to stop him messing with his truck (stealing gas). Courts couldn't find a way to beat him when he presented that as his only defense. Completely dumbfounded the judge and got the personal injury suit and criminal charges dropped as a result. Might not work everywhere, but almost 20 years ago he got lucky presenting it this way.

    I'm sure if he had used the phrase: by any means necessary that he would have been convicted and lost the personal injury suit.

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