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Attacked With Blow Gun Darts - What Do U Do?

This is a discussion on Attacked With Blow Gun Darts - What Do U Do? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I understand the concerns about the chemical risks involved, but the time required to reload and reacquire a target is relatively high. If they are ...

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Thread: Attacked With Blow Gun Darts - What Do U Do?

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    I understand the concerns about the chemical risks involved, but the time required to reload and reacquire a target is relatively high. If they are in contact distance,take the blow gun from them and let them pray they took the front sight off (any hunters out there?). If long distance, retreat, call police. If somewhere between 20 yards and contact, put my hands on my forehead, let my forarms protect my face and throat, charge the guy, then let him pray he took the front sight off.

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    I wonder how long it would take for the person to stop shooting at you after you drew your weapon. Shooting back may not be necessary?
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    Life, limb or eyesight.
    If you could see someone shooting darts at you I would return fire.

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    Ok, in this situation, realistically, you get hit with a dart by some punk whos run off already and is no longer a threat.

    That said, I think it would be just cause for defense. Its my sincere hope that I don't sound crass but a woman has a right to protect herself against rape, to keep her body from being violated. Seems that using a sharp object to make a hole that didnt exist in the first place in someones skin with a dart would be more in that category. Rape in and of itself isnt fatal (Generally, diseases and such aside of course) but I CERTAINLY think it justifies deadly force. This dart thing is a deliberate and malicious attack on the well being of someones body.

    Like I said, in the situation, not much you can do a bout it after the fact but it certainly seems like you should be able to defend yourself after being attacked.


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    Blow dart in the chest doesn't have to hit the heart to be lethal. The lungs expand right up against the ribcage and if a dart goes between the intercostal space between the ribs, you can certainly get a "pneumothorax." (Collapsed lung) A traumatic pneumothorax is always considered a life threatening injury.

    Of course there are also other lethal wounds which could be made by a dart. Especially with some of those broad heads. In the neck; the carotid artery, internal & external jugular veins are all vulnerable. Shot in the upper chest around the collar bone area, again you have the lung as well as subclavian vein and the subclavian artery are also very vulnerable.

    All of the blood vessels I have mentioned are major vessels which can cause death in a matter of a couple minutes (depending on how severely they are damaged) and some of them are difficult to control and stop the bleeding. None of them are areas you can use a tourniquet on to stop the bleeding.

    Obviously, shot in the eye causing loss of vision is considered a "grave or crippling" injury.

    I think it can be safe to say that a blow gun can be realistically and legally considered a deadly weapon.

    Now, anyone taking any of Ayoob's classes knows about unscrupulous prosecutors who try to say shooting someone with a knife who was 10 or 20 feet away was a heinous and depraved crime of cold blooded murder and do prosecute people for that. And we all know that is pure bunk!

    So one can only assume that an unscrupulous prosecutor will try and say the blow gun was just as innocuous a weapon as some guy who only had a "pocket knife" and try and say you were unwarranted in shooting.

    You'll have to attack that accusation the same way you would for shooting a knife wielding attacker.

    Now there are those who may say, the range on a blow gun is such that you can avoid it by getting further out of the way... Really?

    Exactly what is the range of a blow gun? Do you know? Is that range set in stone? Can you assure me that at XX feet, a blow gun can no longer maim or blind someone?

    As far as I'm concerned, a blow gun used in an assault is a deadly weapon and warrants a lethal force response.

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    i would take it as a death threat and respond accordingly.the darts could be tipped w/shell fish toxin or anything.whoever it is they are a good shot to hit people riding bikes which they seem not to like.someone knows who this is, they probably practice shooting w/blowgun a lot. they need to get after this guy before someone is killed.
    heres another story on it and a pic. of the dart.
    More Blow Dart Attacks Reported in Delaware | NBC Philadelphia

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    Quote Originally Posted by David in FL View Post
    Obviously circumstance specific, but given the extreme limitation of in effective range of a blowgun, I'd likely simply move outside of effective range and dial 911.
    I have to ask, do YOU know the effective range of a blowgun?

    I've seen film of natives knocking monkeys out of trees at a pretty good distance. And while I realize that those darts were chemically "tipped", they still had to have the accuracy, range AND penetration to be effective.

    I don't think you ever want to underestimate any weapon!

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    I Know! Just be really quick and blow into the other end of the blow gun so that the attacker chokes on his own dart - just like they do in the cartoons...

    What? You mean it doesn't work like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rstickle View Post

    I have to ask, do YOU know the effective range of a blowgun?

    Used to play with them as a it 50 feet or so, maybe a little more. Dangerous, even deadly weapon? Of course, but not one in which my first and immediate thought is going to be to return fire. I wouldn't shoot someone "threatening" me with a knife from 50 feet either, even though it's obviously a deadly weapon as well.

    .....and again, each situation would obviously have to be evaluated individually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David in FL View Post
    Obviously circumstance specific, but given the extreme limitation of in effective range of a blowgun, I'd likely simply move outside of effective range and dial 911.

    Just because you can respond with deadly force, doesn't necessarily mean that you should.
    That depends, do you know his range?
    Can you move outside the range before he reloads to put the second dart into your neck?
    Will retreating force you into a corner where you cannot escape should he close on you?

    Are there other innnocent people in his range that are still in danger?

    I think every situation needs to be evauluated on it's own merit.

    Since Michigan does not have a "duty to retreat" clause I have to say the fact that he bought a dart gun to a gun fight might not have been all that smart!

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    I could not shoot....would be on the ground laughing.......
    ((Place funny, whitty comment here))

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    I'd return fire with my wrist rocket.
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    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    I take "Return Fire" for 1000, Alex!
    "Without fear there can be no Courage!"

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    Laugh all you want. I've owned good blowguns and can tell you right now two inches of flesh ain't squat compared to what they will do. And for those discussing the "loss of an eye". The eye is the quickest route to the brain and has only soft tissue for the dart to penetrate. Chances are the "two inch" penetration was because it was a dart with a two inch shaft and the seal at the rear stopped it. Exactly the same physics apply to the blowgun that apply to the handgun. This guy was probably using one of the el cheapo toys with super light short darts. Get onto the internet and check out some of the "magnum" models and I'll guarantee you'll rethink the hilarity of facing one.

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    Exclamation My 2 cents...

    An attack on my person is an attack on my life...even a punch, placed properly can kill

    You physically attack me, you get shot until the threat ceases...period
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