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Defensive situations associated with 2012.

This is a discussion on Defensive situations associated with 2012. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by JohnHenry Just in case, I've ordered my engraved tinfoil hats in the large assortment, so my friends are covered too. :) Where ...

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Thread: Defensive situations associated with 2012.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnHenry View Post
    Just in case, I've ordered my engraved tinfoil hats in the large assortment, so my friends are covered too. :)
    Where did you order them from I can't seem to find a good tinfoil hat and it seems I might need one.
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    This is the first I've heard of something drastic happening in 2012. Maybe I need to get out more.
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    Look at the bottom of their web site and you will see SONY pictures. Its a gimmick to promote a movie....I got snagged by it to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reborn View Post
    Look at the bottom of their web site and you will see SONY pictures. Its a gimmick to promote a movie....I got snagged by it to.
    I said that it was promoting the movie 2012, and I don't really buy into the world is ending thing, I just wanted to know what you guys would have to say, and as I expected there are strong feeling as this is the second time the world is supposed to end in MY life time and im only 22(the first of course was Y2k). Just thought it would be something to think about, but on the other hand I do think the movie is going to be something I will see, I saw a preview for it and it looks like it would be pretty good.
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    I'm of the opinion that there isn't anything that would occur in 2012 that hasn't already occurred. Thus, if you're preparing for what's likely or moderately possible, you're doing just fine. And, if that's any indication, that won't be nearly enough. No different than at any other time.

    Unless, that is, you have built a bunker, have it stocked for a year, can withdraw from all elements of society that are a grave threat, etc.

    Me: I've got a bit of food and water, clothing and arms. Let 'em come. I'm not running anywhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Urk 22 View Post
    I was watching something on the discovery channel and I saw a commercial for The institute for human continuity. Their website is The IHC: The Institute for Human Continuity Basically they are having a lottery that is supposed to pick and choose who will be saved in 2012 if indeed the disasters that are predicted occur. I think they are trying to promote the movie entitled 2012, but it is still something to think about. If something does happen in 2012, are you guys prepared to have to live without all the common luxuries we have become accustomed to? Obviously if something happened it would create a scenario in which you would probably have to protect yourself from looters and just general lawlessness. Basically I thought this website was interesting and I wanted to see what kind of conversation it would create with respect to a defensive scenario. I look forward to your thoughts on this topic.
    The thing is that the Mayan calendar does not say the world ends, they it indicates most probably is a change in climate or a shift.

    The Earth starts the first big moves of precession, where the tilt changes. The Maya were able to track this, and they claimed that the "world ended" 4 times already in the past. But by "ending" what it meant to them was not what it means to us.

    The "end" to them meant that they had to relocate more or less. Their world was very small compared to ours. And any climate shift would have been too much for them to overcome with their technology.

    To our world, this shift in precession is probably what is most responsible for "global warming" as we know it. And yeah maybe there will be a slow shift in our climate once the precession is over which I think is 2023. It takes many years for the Earth to "move".

    But I think we will all be fine. This slight climate change is not enough to ruin our world, we are too far technically advanced. Any climate change meant disaster to people who relied on the weather for food and heat. We are far beyond that scope now.

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    We should always be prepared for disasters. Every second of every day can bring something unexpected.
    I think that those who live by simple means on a daily basis are those will best cope with society losing its luxuries, local or global.

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    I think whenever a natural disaster strikes, the mob mentality sets in and the BGs assemble in crowds to start looting and pillaging neighborhoods. Aftermaths of hurricanes and tornadoes are examples of human behavior. I think if we have to survive those conditions, we need either a small boat and /or an off road vehicle. Not to mention we should be HEAVILY armed.

    I pray it never comes to that, but its better to be prepared.

    The Howard Hanson dam may break and flood Kent, Tukwila and Renton in WA. I can't imagine what the BGs here will do to the local malls and businesses once people start evacuating.
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    While I'm not a believer in the whole 2012 thing.. I do believe that something could happen in this country if not the world.. I may be too late for allot of countrys, but we should all ready be prepared for disaster in case it happened.. All it would take it to shut down the internet, and most businesses would either have to find out how to re-run there business or fold,. The banks would no longer work, people would be shopping with lead for money,.. It wouldn't take long for people to go crazy (if that it the right term).. When people that are of "power" have bunkers made and well stocked, you have to know the possibility of something is real.. I have read that the owner of Walmart has a fully stocked bunker in the area of his corporation.. I've been told there is many more out there..

    So with that being said, I feel we no-body should stock up on anything,. Specially Ammo...

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    The only thing I look forward to happening in 2012 is booting the Dems out of office.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J Bowen View Post
    end of the world or end of technology
    some believe the planets aligning in 2012 will
    cause a global epidemic. The Mayan calender ends
    in 2012 some believe it is because after that there is
    no earth.
    The Mayans were experts on keeping time and
    the predictions of astrological occurences too
    I personally don't think about it, too many more important things that I can do something about to worry over.

    As to the Mayan calendar thing. They weren't smart enough to figure out their own downfall, what makes people think they were able to foresee the end of the world?

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    Quote Originally Posted by texxas guy View Post
    The only thing I look forward to happening in 2012 is booting the Dems out of office.

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    Attaboy fatcat. Any representation of the Mayan calendar is shown as a group of interlocking circles. The important thing to remember about the circle is that it has no beginning or end. 2012 is just the end/beginning of another Mayan cycle. Nearly as I can tell we put the end of the world scenario spin on it to sell air time. And most of the channels of that genre are obsessed with the world ending by comet/mongo volcano/global warming/ice age/ad nauseum. Did I mention chicken/bird/swine infuenza? Don't forget race wars, invasion by aliens, zombies, and lust good old lack of resources. Heck I'm surprised we're still here having this conversation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by varob View Post

    Except we elect a new president.

    Pray, pray, pray!

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    Stephen Colbert's DNA is being preserved on the International Space Station... in a few hundred years when we crawl out of the rubble, we'll be able to clone a population of Colberts...
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