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Deployed the G27 in SD last week - sort of

This is a discussion on Deployed the G27 in SD last week - sort of within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I always carry my pistol in the mountains, more so for cats than people. Awesome pic. Those mountain lions can be clever sometimes. Glad you ...

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Thread: Deployed the G27 in SD last week - sort of

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    I always carry my pistol in the mountains, more so for cats than people. Awesome pic. Those mountain lions can be clever sometimes. Glad you didn't have to shoot it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinkerinWstuff View Post
    I was down in the San Juan's. Had an opportunity on a shot at a huge bull standing 42 yards from me but I'd just finished pulling up my draws from squatting in the woods. (how's that for a visual Rottkeeper??).

    My cousin and I stalked in on another bull about 40yrds away but he saw/winded us before we found him and he was outta' there.

    Lots of chances on deer. My uncle got four seperate opportunities and three different muzzleloader shots off before he was finally able to close the deal and we ended up with some meat in the freezer. We were giving him a lot of crap about being a hack.

    My tag is still valid this week but I'd have to run up somewhere in the crowded front range. And being by myself this week, I don't know how I'd get the thing out of the woods.

    Yea! I hear ya! The cold weather we just had really made me want to be out there again. I hunted up by Kremmling so my hunting grounds aren't too far away. 4 hour drive for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragin Cajun View Post
    ... I hunted up by Kremmling so my hunting grounds aren't too far away. 4 hour drive for me.
    I've got a cabin and 10 acres up on Gore Pass. Beautiful area.

    In defense of the DOW - They do get more calls from city dwellers and weekend warriors who bring these types of problems upon themselves and do not know what to do. Usually at their campsite. Although I am of the opinion that their recommendations for dealing with the predators kind of falls in line with the LE recommendations to do whatever the bad guy says and you will be fine.

    Wildlife is also adapting well to the human presence. It does not seem to phase them as much as it used to. We are now a source of food (not us, what we bring - Thank you stupid people for feeding the wildlife).

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    Her response was that I could have got out of the ground blind and should have been fine.
    I would have suggested that she come out with me tomorrow & show me how its done

    Seriously though that would have been a tense situation & i would have tried the same thing (although i think 2 warnings would have been sufficient) Heck what can i say i only carry a single stack 1911
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    anyone tried to turn an angry house cat loose? i have twice one will get cut up even with gloves on. i aint messing with the big ones

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    I'm in Colorado too, and that is one of the reasons why I carry while mountain biking. It's very rare the cats will attack, but it has happened. If they are really hungry or sick, they've been known to attack humans.

    I remember reading a story about one lady, maybe 5-10 years ago who was mountain biking on a Front Range trail and got pretty mauled up by a "kitty" like that.

    The advice at the trail heads and on the trail websites is to try to make yourself look bigger than you are with a jacket, or your bicycle. Bear spray would probably work pretty well too.

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    Sure fire way to get a cat to run.
    Kitty kitty kitty. Time for your bath.

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    Glad to hear you were able to Retreat Safely. I would think Regaurdless of the hunting Regulations You still have the right to Defend yourself from any advancing Danger. We have Similar Laws here in New York State 2 Years ago while hunting Spring Turkey my 12 year old son and, I were approached by a wild Boar that had Escaped from an Hunting Preserve He was not Backing down I Pulled my Son behind me Drew my Glock G20 and Removed the Threat Because of what happened I called The DEC Department of Conservation Officer advised me I did the right thing even though I did not have a Valid Hunting License or, Tag after he completed his Investigation Come to find out the owner let the boars go because he was closing his business and, could not get rid of animals so he just let them go free endangering all of the community He ended up getting fined and, my family and, I ended up with an good meal. Moral is DEC Officer said I had to right to defend myself and, my son by the Advancing Danger I was very PROUD of my 12 year son he held his composer and, did not show Fear he stood tall in the face of danger by the way the Boar had 5in. Tusk and wieghed 185lbs. also, the DEC ended up caputuring 3 other Boars and, Putting down 2 more. Because of the sensitve nature of this the DEC asked me not to give Location or, name of Indivivual envolved in fear of he would be harrassed by the Community Nice Huh! Nevermind what he did with Small Children and, Elderly Citizens living in this area. just worried about The Guy who Did this.........
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    Tinkerin....Can I just say I'm in CO as well......and I'd rather have that cat out there stocking me than a Texan huntin deer or elk!! LMAO!! Your less apt to be wounded by the cat! Know what I'm sayin??
    Sarcasm - Just one of the many services I provide!
    Ever wonder why massacres never happen at a gun range??
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    That's really scary! I wouldn't have fired "Warning" shots, I'd be wearing a new fur stole. And also new underwear, because I would have totally messed my pants at being hunted!
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    At least the DOW lady didn't tell you that they were extinct in your area and you saw something else, like a dog (happened to a friend of mine in the midwest).

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    good thing you had your pistol.. a bow isn't loud enough
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    In Florida they are called panthers and are protected. I have seen only one while hunting for many years.You are lucky that you can carry a sidearm while bow hunting. We cannot carry a gun in b ow season. That was a nice cat.

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    Just 2 thoughts,

    1.Was that "lady" crazy ??
    2. As to carrying sidearm during "Bow Season" Or BP/ML season = CHECK you state reg.s Many states DO NOT ALLOW.

    WA St. Just changed their laws. Here is what I know, BUT STILL CHECK FULLY

    A modern handgun may be carried for personal
    protection if that person possesses a concealed
    pistol license as defined in RCW 9.41.070.
    Modern handguns cannot be used to hunt big
    game or dispatch wounded big game during
    a big game hunting season for muzzleloading

    It is unlawful for any person to carry or
    have in his possession any firearm while in
    the field archery hunting, during an archery
    season specified for that area, except for
    modern handguns carried for personal
    protection if that person possesses a
    concealed pistol license as defined by
    RCW 9.41.070. Modern handguns cannot
    be used to hunt big game or dispatch
    wounded big game during an archery, big
    game hunting season.

    I Hunt BP/ML & I am glad to see this.

    BTW, GREAT PIX. I looked @ the the expression on the cat's face & thought ( from it's point of view = WHAT THE F&#K

    Also possibly , IMHO the one in the pic was a female & last years "cub" of the other . Or sibling.


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    Last year, on the second day of deer season, one of the guys in our party shot this cougar. He saw it up on a small hill, and made a good sneak on it, coming up to it at short distance (30 feet he says). All he saw from that close was head, ears, and eyes. Put the cross hairs just below the chin and fired. Estimated weight of the female was 80 pounds, so about the same size as the one in the OP. While in the process of gutting and skinning it, a small buck decided to walk by, and he took that as well. Needless to say, his grin could not be contained back in camp! He had the tag for the cat. We are having real problems here in OR with cats. Anyhow, I have to say, it was, well, creepy to see, and touch, that cat. Wish I had more pics, but I can tell you this...the paws were the same size as my hands! I do not have small hands either. The claws were about 1 inch long, and though not exactly sharp as razor blades, could do some serious, serious damage with one good muscular swipe. The cat was about 6-7 feet long when laid out in it's relaxed (read: dead) state. I am now MUCH more aware of things while out in the woods. I do not ever want to get into it with one of these!

    New member/first post. Hope my pic is ok. LOTS to read and learn here!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Deployed the G27 in SD last week - sort of-10-6-2008-cougar.jpg  

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