Situation at school..

Situation at school..

This is a discussion on Situation at school.. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had an incident, that although was not bad, pissed me off. For two, the guy in the following story just pissed me off ...

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Thread: Situation at school..

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    Situation at school..

    I had an incident, that although was not bad, pissed me off. For two, the guy in the following story just pissed me off for what he did, and two, the thought of not being allowed to protect myself in this situation (had it been worse) also pissed me off.

    I am currently back in school, and of course you are not allowed to carry on college campuses. I always have some pepper spray and a knife with me at all times at school, and even when I have the Glock. So the other day I pull into the parking lot in the front by the Thomas and Mack Center (Vegas people will know the lot) and park my car. No sooner as I turn my car off and reach over to the passenger seat to grab my bag, some guy starts banging on my drivers side window, nearly scareing the crap out of me. I mean he didn't knock, he banged with his hand. So I turn and look and see this 30-something yr old black guy there, and the first words out of mouth was me yelling "get away from car". He sits there at first, then I say again, "get back". So he finally walks away very quickly. I grab my spray and open the door and get out of the car with the apray in my hand saying something like, "sneak up on me"..or something like that. As I am walking away from my car, he turns around and comes back to me again, I opened the safety on my spray, and tell him to stop. He says, "I'm sorry man, I just ran out of gas and need some money". I said, "I don't have any money, and you don't sneak up on someone and bang on their window to try and get some either..your lucky I don't beat you." Again he says sorry and walks away fast again, back toward the end of the parking lot.

    Now nothing happened, but what if he had bad intention? What the heck am I supposed to do then? The guy was just an idiot, and if it was me trying to appraoch someone who just pulled in a parking lot (which I would never do anyway) I would wait at a distance until they got out, and then approach them. Freaking morons.

    This was at around 12 pm, and the lot is pretty busy during the day, people all around.
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    So did you report him to anyone? Just because you weren't a victim doesn't mean he didn't find one that day.
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    Maybe he really needed money for'd probably have to show him how the cover works.

    You did report it, right?
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    I don't believe you're aloud to shoot someone for being a idiot. If you are, I need alot more ammo.

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    Remember God didn't speak and command you to stay and get out of your car. A tactical drive-around-for-10-minutes-and-park-elsewhere might have been in order.
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    And the reason you got out of the car when he was still around instead of driving away and reporting it is?

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    I don't believe you're aloud to shoot someone for being a idiot. If you are, I need alot more ammo.

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    The "I need gas money" scam is rampant even in the rich neighborhoods here. You'll find well dressed people come towards you and ask for money. Some of the better equipped Russian gangs have RFID credit card scanners that can take your number by being close to you. Those are the scary ones.

    I did report a woman to the PD sometime back. Apparently they caught about 4 of them with the same M.O. in the same parking lot. All ran out of gas?

    Mugging is one thing, but stealing your card number with proximity scanners is something else. Of course I got Lifelock and I get notices everytime some loser tries to steal my ID. Happens at least twice a year.
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    Now being you're on campus, you are supposed to do nothing, call campus security, wait calmly with your fingers crossed, hopping nothing bad will happen to you. And as soon as security gets there everything will be all right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by G19inLV View Post
    ...your lucky I don't beat you."

    "You're lucky I don't beat you?" Really? Over that?

    Let's see... Three "Pissed Off's," one "Idiot" and a "Freaking Moron!"

    You have a short temper or something? I'm just sayin...

    Not everyone in this world is going to operate on the same frequency as you do.

    Sounds like a foolish thing for the guy to do no doubt, yet innocent enough, none the less.

    Maybe he caught you on a bad day... I don't know. I certainly wasn't there. It definitely sounds like he rattled you pretty good.

    However, carrying a gun and having a short fuse isn't really conducive to keeping one out of trouble. Neither is getting scared outta your pants at everyone who goes "boo."

    In my opinion... I'm just sayin...

    Your mileage may vary.

    In no way is my intention is to insult you, again, I wasn't there, however, if you are going to carry a gun, it may be in a persons best interest to be on a more even keel and not wound tighter than an 8 day clock.
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    Being startled like that will tend to bring out the worst in anyone but... I have to agree, the "You're lucky I don't beat you?" was over the top.

    Glad nothing worse happened, to either of you.
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    A. I don't have a short fuse, I am probably one of the most mellow people you will ever meet. I told the story as it happened, what I said was me riled up. Also, all I had at that point was a can of OC spray and an attitude. Had to get mean with him for what he did, being stupid and scaring someone, and also for maybe what his real intentions might have been..let him know I wasn't an easy target.

    B. I didn't say, "your lucky I don't beat you" original post was edited. I didn't know a certain letter with an - next to it was so bad. "your lucky I don't beat you" sounds more mean that what I actually said.

    C. I don't get scared easy, but when someone bangs on your car window like they're the police, it tends to make you jumpy.

    D. I was not going to do a circle around the parking lot, for one, he already started walking away, and got far enough at this point that I didn't think he was a threat to my safety, and once his 5'7" 150 lb soaking wet body saw my 6' 220 lb. frame, I think he knew didn't want any trouble from me. And for two, there were a few females walking in the area, and in case he was going to do something, I didn't want any of them to get scared or hurt. And no, I'm no knight in shining armor.

    E. I did go out of my way to try and find a campus police officer on one of the little carts they drive around on, but to know avail..and I have no idea where an office is. I would have been late to class anyway. It should be known that I have only seen a PO once on campus this year so far..

    F. My thought process here was not that I needed a firearm in THIS situation, the way it did happen, my thinking process was what if he had bad intentions. or was armed..I was helpless. It was a point made that not being allowed to carry on campus needs to change..figured you all would se that.

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    one time while I was working an unarmed security job, I was in downtown Columbus, I pulled into this pay lot that the company had spots for us reserved so we did not have to pay, was getting my parking pass when I looked over and a guy was standing at my closed window. I jumped a bit not expecting it, it took him less than a second, he wanted a couple bucks to get a bite to eat, I told him I only had a couple bucks for me to eat and he persisted he needed it worse, which he may have, but I told him to get lost, and he did, was harmless at the time.

    Moral of the story, this stuff happens alot, dont freak out so easy.
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