The Whites Of Their EYES

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Thread: The Whites Of Their EYES

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    Question The Whites Of Their EYES

    OK Members

    Let's talk about very important EYE CONTACT....Yes Or No?

    You are out are (of course) armed & hopefully dangerous if you practice hard and often.

    Potential BGs ~ Possible BGs ~ Bad Guy Wannabes ~ Persons Unknown ~ Whomever (take yer pick) are walking toward you...AKA in your direction.
    They are NOT necessarily coming at you or coming FOR you...but, you just happen walking North & they are walking South & you will intersect.

    Do you make eye intentional hard eye contact?

    Do you subtly avert your gaze?

    Do you intentionally & obviously look in another direction?

    Do you wear sunglasses so nobody can tell where you're looking?

    I already am more than able to offer up a correct answer on I'll abstain.

    What do YOU do????

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    I'll make casual eye contact to make them know I am aware of their presence. If they continue to advance and I feel them a threat, then the eye contact will become less casual as I attempt to exit the area.
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    Yup, I make eye contact. I do wear sunglasses as needed.

    Better to be aware. Averting your eyes seems kinda like burrying your head in the sand in hopes the problem will go away.
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    If it's sunny out, I usually have my shades on. I've noticed people are less inclined to be social with me when they can't see my eyes. They just give me a quick glance and walk on.

    If I feel like the intersecting is going to be too close, I try to reroute myself to give more distance. Usually if the other person's smart, they give strangers a wide berth out of courtesy anyway.

    If the person is perceived as being a threat, I will give eye contact. That's hard to see with my shades on, but I've been told I have a mean scowl.
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    Look 'em in the eye to let them know they have been seen and I am aware of their presence. Generally a quick glance, but it is usually enough.
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    I generally wear sunglasses, but only because the sun bothers my eyes. I will make it obvious that I have seen him/her/it/them/her (did I use that one twice?) and am aware they are there; usually by nodding my head. It's their move from there.
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    Look them straight in the eye's and give them a big smile.
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    I work in the city a lot so this happens quite often. I look at them straight in the eyes and say hello or how are you doin? I keep walking paying close attention to my surroundings and always have a "what if" plan rolling in my mind. Let them know you are there and are not a meek timid creature. By just looking them in the eyes and saying hello it throws them. It's like when you are around a loose dog or a wild animal. They can smell fear. Don't put off the fear odor.
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    Look them straight in the eye.....looking down, averting your eyes etc just screams

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    I will look someone in the eye. Usually have shades on in sunny weather, but I can still give em the "1,000 yrd stare".
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    Yes - a direct look in the eye - an announcement I have seen them and am aware.

    It may be real brief and not enough to cause any discomfort or suggest any aggression - just that, and a nod with maybe (on a good day) a semblance of smile.

    The aversion of eye contact from a third party puts me on guard - why are they avoiding eye contact? Something to hide?
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    I look the potential BG square in the eye withought any expresion and politly ask "if I can help them?"

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    Here's the secret to getting the real crazy eyes....

    Don't stare at them in the eyes......That doesn't always have the desired effect.....

    Stare them straight between the eyes. It looks like you're cutting right through them. Have someone do it to you and vice versa. It's freaky. short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    I look in the eyes, you can tell alot. Then I'll dismiss them with a look, let them know "I noticed you and don't consider you a threat". They'll wonder why I don't consider them a threat and reconsider any adverse actions on their part.
    Growing up in a rough section of Philly, I've always done this, long before CCW.

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    I make casual eye contact. After the eye contact then I watch their hands. Chances are If something were to go south I would see it Start with their hands. After they pass I may casually glance over my shoulder to see where the person has gone.

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