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Question For The Pastors

This is a discussion on Question For The Pastors within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by jdsumner "No, Bro. More of YOUR humanity was realized. What you felt was the dying of humanity in those who would force ...

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Thread: Question For The Pastors

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdsumner View Post
    "No, Bro.
    More of YOUR humanity was realized.
    What you felt was the dying of humanity in those who would force an otherwise peaceful person (you) to consider taking the life of another."-dan

    Went back over my post. I DID reword it as BikerRN referenced. Sorry, Biker, shoulda worded the response as an opinion.


    My apologies for being so curt.
    I hold no grudges, and would like to extend the olive branch to you.

    While I am capable of various things, having the ability, does not mean I have the desire, will or fortitude to do so. A classic example would be that all men have a sexual organ. Therefore all men, while capable of commiting rape, some do not have the desire, will or fortitude to do so.

    It is hard to hear what someone is saying, as visual cues are important when communicating. That is something that is not granted in this medium. Therefore we all come to these "conversations" with our expiriences of the past to help interpret the words of the present.

    Take care and stay safe,

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    No apologies needed on your part Bike.
    But humbly accepted, nonetheless.
    In all my future replies to all on this forum, I will work to make my opinions very obviously opinions, and WILL NOT put words in another's mouth.
    The written word is a very faulty tool for communicating intent.

    Thanks again,


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    Welcome to the forum CherokeeSlim!
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    Hm, Bear in mind, that not all who are clergy are Christian. I am not, I am, however, an ordained priest of my faith. While I am aware that my path teaches violence is acceptable only in cases of self defense or defense of others, and thus is not against the teachings of Wicca but instead restricted only in the circumstances under which it's allowed, Most Wiccans are left leaning liberal democrats and would villify me to an extent far greater than most Christian clergy would have to worry about. I'm an exception to that btw, I'm a moderate republican, very unusual for this path. I will, however, protect myself, and my brothers and sisters of the path. There's a point at which you have to stand your ground, and do what's right regardless of what others may think or say of you. I made that choice, this is a part of who I am, I know myself and choose to be true to myself, to the teachings of my path and to those I serve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcabin View Post
    I'm catholic and haven't seen or heard of any priests in my 24 years carrying guns. However, alot of other denominations, the pastors/reverends seem to be pretty open about carrying a gun for self defense.
    Father John Corapi keeps a .45 close at hand, he mentioned it one time in his radio program. Years ago when I was a boy, there was a Jesuit Priest that carried a .45. Fortunately for us Catholics, the Church does not have a problem with legitimate self-defence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcabin View Post
    I'm catholic and haven't seen or heard of any priests in my 24 years carrying guns. However, alot of other denominations, the pastors/reverends seem to be pretty open about carrying a gun for self defense.
    I know a Catholic priest who has been both a military chaplian and also a diocesan (i.e. "regular") priest. He said he knows of several parish priests who CCW.

    Mas Ayoob mentioned once that he had given secret training to various high profile religious leaders including a Catholic bishop and some rabbis.
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    just had this conversation w/ my Pastor today..his take was,he would give up his life for the sake of Christ....however,he would /will protect himself and his family against bad guys....he also knows I carry(even at church)and is not only fine w/ it,he encourages it...he is also in the process of getting his permit.we have a pretty big named guy coming soon to do a weekend at our church and we are getting a security team together....should be interesting..I'll reoprt back on how it goes.
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    I am not a Pastor (I am an Elder in my Church), and I am also not a Lutheran, but the end of the Lutheran Hour comes on my radio when it goes off on Sunday mornings. I'm often amazed at how the Q&A at the end aligns with topics that my wife and I had been discussing or praying about.

    I had just received my CC Permit but had not yet bought my pistol. I had been struggling with the though of taking another life, even in defense of my own or others. My wife and I had been discussing "What was right" and I had prayed about it when my alarm went off that Sunday and the following played. I took comfort that the Holy Spirit was answering my question and so now I carry.
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    A pistol packing Preacher taught my CC class and he said he had no problem using his pistol to defend his life. He open carried a Sig 239.

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