How would you cope with an attack by a naked woman?

How would you cope with an attack by a naked woman?

This is a discussion on How would you cope with an attack by a naked woman? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm not joking, here's an actual news story from September 30, 2009. It's a pretty bizarre story, I don't have any first-hand knowledge about this, ...

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Thread: How would you cope with an attack by a naked woman?

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    How would you cope with an attack by a naked woman?

    I'm not joking, here's an actual news story from September 30, 2009. It's a pretty bizarre story, I don't have any first-hand knowledge about this, only this article, but I can say it happened in a seemingly good part of town, the area is like a boulevard, with a bike path on one side and subdivisions on the other. It's a little desolate, but well-lighted, and traffic moves through quickly on this new parkway. Actually my wife and I ride our bikes there pretty often. I'm always armed, the people who use the bike paths seem just fine, BUT help is quite a few minutes away.

    I'm not posting this here as "news", but using the story as a scenario. Read on, I embedded my questions within the story itself:

    Bossier City couple recalls naked woman's savage attack
    "If you don't think this can happen to you, you're wrong"

    Eleece Moll still is nursing the wounds from where the petite woman clawed at her eyes and savagely bit her right arm three weeks ago.

    At least now the 53-year-old can close her eyes without constantly seeing the naked stranger's legs and buttocks snaking through the open sunroof.

    But the physical education teacher's sense of security remains shaken. "It's the kind of experience where ... I don't know if I'll ever feel safe again," Moll said, adding that she intends to buy a gun.

    "I'm just a regular person coming home on a Tuesday night ... in a good part of town. If you don't think this can happen to you, you're wrong."

    What brought her to this point began with a drive down Arthur Ray Teague Parkway in Bossier City, the weather pleasant enough to insist that the windows and sunroof on the Saturn Aurora be opened to welcome in the night air.

    It was just before midnight Sept. 8. Moll and her husband, Cloyd Moll, had been in the car about six hours returning from a business trip to Austin, Texas.

    And home was but moments away when they spied a naked woman, waving her arms above her head, in the middle of the parkway at Walker Road.

    The Molls, thinking the woman could have been a crime victim in need of help, screeched to a halt.

    The woman yelled that she was going to "die fighting tonight," her declaration augmented by an expletive.

    Moll said her husband tried to swerve around the naked figure but the woman jumped into the car's path. He tried again.

    That's when the woman leaped onto the hood of their car.

    "At that point, I knew we were under attack," Cloyd Moll said. The 56-year-old threw the car in reverse for about 20 yards in hopes of throwing off the woman.

    But she had a death grip on the hood — in the crevice where it meets the windshield. And when Cloyd Moll stopped the car, the woman "climbed up (the hood) like a cat" and through the sunroof feet first.

    As the woman lowered her 5-foot, 4-inch, 120-pound frame inside the car and into a straddling position on Eleece Moll's lap, she kicked Cloyd Moll's face, sending his glasses flying out the open window.

    "The very first time she reached for my face, her fingernail penetrated my eye," Eleece Moll said. "I knew from that point I had to keep my eyes closed."

    Meanwhile, Cloyd Moll blindly felt around for his cell phone. No cars had passed and it didn't seem help could be summoned any other way, the Molls said.

    Eleece Moll, still restrained by her seat belt and with her eyes closed for protections, was at a disadvantage. All the while, her attacker was cursing and saying she was going to fight until she died.

    "She bit me for a full 15 seconds before she let go," Eleece Moll said, then imitated the growling noise the stranger made while sinking her teeth into Eleece Moll's right forearm, leaving two large bite wounds — one the size of a half dollar, the other a quarter.

    Cloyd Moll said he finally located his cell phone, rolled out the driver's side door and franticly called 911.

    His wife somehow remained calm and relatively still (to prevent her flesh from ripping). "God was with me, I felt like," Eleece Moll said, adding that there was no other reason for her "incredible peace."

    After Cloyd Moll hung up with dispatchers, who asked what he said felt like a million questions, he ran to his wife's aid.

    Okay I'm pausing the story here for a minute to ask what would you do now if you were?
    1. The guy (Cloyd), and being unarmed?
    2. The guy (Cloyd), and being armed?
    3. The lady (Eleece), and being unarmed?
    4. The lady (Eleece), and being armed?

    He opened the door and tried to pull the woman off but her mouth still was clamped onto his wife's arm.

    "She lost interest in Eleece because she wouldn't fight her, so then she came after me," Cloyd Moll said.

    "So I took her to the back of the car and slammed her up against the back of the car, hoping to break her back." The impact put a small dent in the car, but "she got right back up and slugged the tar out of me."

    Still without glasses and basically blind, Cloyd Moll said he punched the woman. She staggered back a few steps.

    But the only thing that prevented a retaliatory attack, he said, was the sound of Bossier City police cars screaming down the parkway.

    The woman ran up a nearby levee and into woods, according to a Bossier City police report.

    Officers saw the woman fall as they were chasing her. She was lying unresponsive on the ground when they caught up with her, the report states.

    Eleece Moll assessed her wounds while waiting for her attacker to be caught and for police to contact her. "I finally pulled the mirror down and could not believe what I saw. There was no white in my eyes because they were bleeding from the inside."

    Her eyelids were scratched and bruises were beginning to take shape on her bloodied face, Eleece Moll said. But more than her appearance, she was concerned about the possibility of catching an infectious disease.

    Kenneshea Brenay Allums, 21, of the 200 block of Lorex Street in Minden, was arrested at 11:40 p.m. Sept. 8 on one count of aggravated second-degree battery and was taken to LSU Hospital in Shreveport, according to the report and jail booking records.

    Allums' Dodge Stratus was found at the scene, along with a pile of clothing, according to the report. The Molls said they saw officers collect the clothing.

    Allums, a Centenary College psychology major according to the college's online records of students applying for graduation in spring 2010, told police she'd smoked marijuana, according to Mark Natale, a Bossier City spokesman.

    Police listed possible drug use in the report in reference to Allums. (no doubt)

    She was booked into Bossier City Jail at 5:15 p.m. Sept. 9 then transferred to Bossier Maximum Security Facility about 10:30 p.m. She was released from the prison less than an hour after leaving Bossier City Jail, according to booking records.

    Her bond was set at a $10,000, a predetermined amount based on the charge, when she was booked into the Bossier City Jail. Upon Allums' arrival at Bossier Maximum Security Facility, Bossier District Judge Bruce Bolin, of Minden, called to order that she be released on her own recognizance, according to a jailer at the prison and Erin Habich, a Bossier sheriff's office spokeswoman. (Of course this part of the story has lot's of folks in an uproar.........)

    "I don't know of any reason, can't think of any reason," Natale said when asked why Allums was released on her own recognizance, meaning on her word, as opposed to a bond. "That's not something the Police Department had anything to do with."

    Bolin, in a statement released through his administrative assistant, said "if a person is not a flight risk and has some health or illness issues, the court can release someone on their own recognizance."

    The judge did not release any further information nor return any further phone calls. It is unclear what health or illness issues to which Bolin was referring. Allums was released from LSU Hospital less than 24 hours prior to his order.

    A call to Allums' home in Minden was answered by a woman who would not give her name but identified herself as Allums' mother. The woman said her daughter was not receiving any type of drug or medical treatment.

    Upon learning Allums had been released without bond, Eleece Moll said she felt the woman had "gotten off scot-free."

    Moll, a Centenary College alumna, said she went to her alma mater Tuesday afternoon to visit with Dennis Taylor, interim dean of student affairs, who was unaware of Allums' arrest.

    Eleece Moll also went through an eight-hour ordeal at two hospitals before finally learning she does not have HIV or hepatitis C as a result of the attack.

    She still had a black eye and a bandaged arm when she returned to work at Shreve Island Elementary School in Shreveport six days after the assault. By then, the whites of her eyes were no longer blood red.

    And Eleece Moll said free counseling through the Caddo School Board has helped her regain some feeling of security in her home.

    When she goes to bed at night, as suggested by her counselor, she says aloud, "Nobody's here. You're safe." And when a nightmare startles her awake, she says, "It's not real. You're safe."
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    A psychology major?

    More proof, anytime, anywhere, without an appointment.
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    I'm sorry. I'm having a hard time taking this seriously.
    I mean, I know it is serious, but...

    All I can picture is...
    A naked woman, down through the sunroof, straddling Mrs. Moll...

    A Psych major (may be the only part of this story that makes sense)...

    Truth is stranger than fiction.
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    This was a post hypnotic suggestion embedded by her phyc prof!!! That is why she was released so quickly. She was being watched and monitored!!!! Yea, they do that!!!!!!

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    Naked attackers in public are not rational, so I would look for nonviolent ways to protect the family in this circumstance.

    We have pepper spray in the door pocket of the car. My POA for unarmed people approaching the car is pepper spray if escape is precluded.

    I would have sprayed her while she was on the hood. If I missed, I would have sprayed her nether parts and face as she was putting her feet through the moon roof. If that failed, I would have gotten the wife out and sprayed her again if we couldn't escape and she attacked outside of the car.

    The reality is you probably could break her leg or twist her knee into compliance had it come through the moon roof. I have had broken fib-tib and radius-ulna in sports and I don't think the force was excessive, just the mechanical advantage that was available in a vulnerable position.

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    How would you cope with an attack by a naked woman?
    If the threat to life or limb were justified, I'd hope I would defend against it as vigorously as with any similar threat. The expense of someone's bath soap and luxuriance of her "curls" wouldn't hardly reduce the threat, so it shouldn't alter the response, in a deadly situation.

    A 13yr old attacker ... an attacker wearing green ... an attacker who simply chose to not bring a firearm or knife, but who is putting up an incredibly deadly attack none the less ... someone 8" taller and 100 lbs larger/stronger than I ... someone with long hair and luxuriant "curls" ... I'd be committing the sin of disregarding the gift of life, if I were to alter my response and throw away my life simply because one of the characteristics of the deadly attacker at my throat makes some go weak in the knees. Pass.

    Reality is, someone lacking in obvious strength, skill, man-made lethal weapons or some other visible advantage against me is going to have it easier, in a sense. I'm going to have to work harder to ensure that such an attacker is seen as the bad guy. That applies to a 13yr old kid, in which the morning news headlines are simply going to read "13yr old child gunned down by madman" unless it's clear that the 13yr old was the criminal. Same with someone lacking clothing, or someone with longer hair and a more-appealing cologne, or someone unarmed, or whatever.
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    If it were Selma Hayek I would unfortunately have to submit to her attack. To heck with the consequences.

    Honestly, in this situation, with the size and weight of the attacker and lack of weapons I would find it hard to use lethal force to remove her from the car and wait for the LEO's to arrive.

    It sounds like this gal either had some serious mental issues or was hopped up on something. I must have missed the news the day this occured.
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    I would be grabbing a hand full of hair and bouncing her around like a ping pong ball.

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    Now a bald naked chick thats too funny

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    No gun would have been used but i think i would have beat her down out of the car..o yea OFF MY WIFE FIRST, then called the LEOs. Husband is a donkey.
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    Pop two Viagra and hope for the four hour warning.

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    Should we say the attacker was "armed to the teeth"?
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    How would you cope with an attack by a naked woman?
    She'd get a beating for sure.
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    I'd handle it the same way I do every time I get accosted by a naked gal... Just wait until she stops moving around and delicately slip a twenty into her garter and she will peacefully leave and go about her business elsewhere.

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    I think that I would try to fight and subdue a naked woman before I presented my firearm. I honestly don't think that I would consider shooting an unarmed woman in the same circumstances. If it were a naked man attacking me or mine, then I wouldn't think twice about dropping him in his tracks if I needed to.

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