Switch to a comfort gun?

Switch to a comfort gun?

This is a discussion on Switch to a comfort gun? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; We all talk about whether we carry at home or not. Assuming you do carry at home. How many of us switch to a "comfort" ...

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Thread: Switch to a comfort gun?

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    Switch to a comfort gun?

    We all talk about whether we carry at home or not. Assuming you do carry at home. How many of us switch to a "comfort" gun. Me, for one, came home this evening and mounted my X200 Surefire to my Glock 23 for HD purposes and left it on the nightstand. I have my P228 in the drawer. I put on comfy lounge pants, a t-shirt, and dropped my S&W M&P 340 in to the pocket with my Desantis Nemesis...for comfort. There is a speed strip in the opposite pocket as I type this. I think it is more than enough to fight to my G23 and keep cover until I charge the 12 ga or AR.
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    When I get home I switch to my M1 Carbine and keep that close at hand. I am really in a isolated area and have always felt better with a rifle or shotgun. If I go walking the property..I just sling the carbine and take off. Loaded with Corbon DPX with Barnes Copper Hollow Points. Inside its just a reach away.
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    If Im awake I carry the same, Sig P220.....or P226....
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    I find a full size 1911 comforting, but I also find M240s and M2s in rapid fire comforting.

    If I am going to switch to a pair of pajama pants or something that won't support the weight, then there is a good HD long gun within reach.
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    Glock-36 outside and inside (sitting right next to my computer as I type).
    At times I may have the Glock-36 on the table next to me and my KelTed P-3AT tucked in my back.
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    Taurus PT145 in a High Noon Pocket Grabber.
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    My EDC is my NTC and my BSC as well. My EDC G23 IS my "comfort gun". I'm not comfortable without it. I'm not fighting my way to anything other than one more day on this earth when someone wishes me bad things.

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    When I need a "comfort gun" it's because someone made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

    This doesn't happen too often for me, but when it does I reach for the .357 Magnum Revolver or two. At home I generally just carry what I've had on all day. I will however open the safe and take out a few longarms that I keep for defensive usage, to supplement the handguns.

    It's not logical that I favor the .357 magnum. I don't put my faith in any one caliber to perform a "One Shot Stop". However there is something comforting about the bark and bite of the old 125 Grain load that enables you to light a cigar 12' from the end of the barrel.


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    It's not logical that I favor the .357 magnum. I don't put my faith in any one caliber to perform a "One Shot Stop". However there is something comforting about the bark and bite of the old 125 Grain load that enables you to light a cigar 12' from the end of the barrel.

    I can relate. Old squad room joke sort of.

    With a 2 1/2 inch model 19/66, if you fire it in a room at a perp you will: Hit him, burn him or blind him. The fire ball is incredible

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    Whenever I'm awake & dressed I carry my G26. When I first enter my apartment I unlock my Mossberg 500 so it's available in a SD situation. Once in a while something unexpected does get my attention. For home defense my Mossberg 500 is my "comfort gun" if you want to call as such.

    Yesterday someone was knocking on my apartment door at around 12:30AM while I was online. This person then moved onto other apartment doors in the area. At that hour of the day I don't answer my apartment door unless I verify it's a LEO. At that hour of the day it's never safe to open a door.
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    My "comfort" gun is the one strapped on me at the time. I am comfortable with any of my weapons...or I would not keep them.

    That being said, when not with the family or with a client I carry my Kahr P45 due to its very light weight, small size and slender and smooth frame...just more "comfortable". If I knew I was gonna need a gun I would choose ALL of 'em at once.
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    No switchy switchy for me. Have my primary and my B.U.G. at all times.

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    I don't have a comfort firearm. I have a sidearm that never enters the safe. Its the one tool I chose above all others to help protect me and those around me. I do not take off and put on comfort arms or legs... I respect my sidearm and treat it as if it was an extension of my hand. torso to arm, arm to hand, hand to sidearm. I do have different holsters depending on my attire.
    There is something about firing 4,200 thirty millimeter rounds/min that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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    Isn't the mantra "It is not supposed to be comfortable, it is supposed to be comforting"?

    Being one who has lived paycheck to paycheck for a very long time, I consider long and hard what I spend my extra money on. Very few redundancies in my life.

    If it is good enough for me to carry 12 hours at work, then it can certainly go the other 5 hours I am awake and at home.

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    Kel-Tec .380 24/7 :)

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