Car doors locked?

Car doors locked?

This is a discussion on Car doors locked? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Being fairly new to the forum, I hope I'm not repeating a question. After reading the thread on the Knoxville horrific crime I was just ...

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Thread: Car doors locked?

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    Car doors locked?

    Being fairly new to the forum, I hope I'm not repeating a question. After reading the thread on the Knoxville horrific crime I was just wondering how many people always lock their vehicle doors when driving? Not to say that the TN crime could have been prevented by locked vehicle doors. I've always been very AR about locking my doors even before I carried-just figured if they can't get the door open, I can get away. Most of my friends don't lock their doors at all and often leave purses out on the seat!!

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    Most new cars have automatic door least GM cars do. My doors lock as soon as my car is put in gear. Even so, I always lock my doors as I'm closing the door when getting in, if not before.
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    i all ways have locked my door. i have a viper sercuity system now so if any one ever got into my truck i would leave the car running and take my keys with me so then when they went to take off the truck would cut off.
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    I also keep my doors locked. Someone is going to have to demand I exit my vehicle, rather than just rip me out. In which case, I will demand they see a doctor about the holes in their chest, and payment for the hole in my door or window.

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    My Dodge Intrepid doors lock automatically when your speedometer hits 10 mph. However, at night and in a large parking lot, I have been known to lock them as soon as I shut the door. I should do that all the time, but with the automatic door locks, I've kind of gotten lazy about that.

    On my Toyota 4Runner, the doors lock as soon as the gear shift is taken out of PARK. Likewise, they also unlock as soon as you put the gear shift selector into PARK. Again, I've been known to lock them as soon as I close the door, but usually I let the automatic lock feature handle it. I do kind of wish that it wouldn't "unlock" the doors automatically when putting it into PARK on the Toyota, but that's the design, so you live with it.
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    I always lock the doors as soon as I am in the car.
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    Cocked and Locked...

    Truck doors locked as it gives a split second advantage when or if a carjacker might approach.

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    All of my vehicles lock as soon as the engine is started due to the after-market alarms in them. I was carjacked once as I got in the car and was not able to start the car quick enough. (Before I had my CCP) I try to leave them locked as much as possible.
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    My truck is set up to lock the doors as soon as they're all closed...
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    I always lock the doors of my truck. If I can do what I need to do just by opening my door, which is most of the time, then that is the only door I unlock, instead of unlocking the whole truck to get in and out. It's too easy then for someone to slide in the passenger seat with a weapon. It annoys most of my passengers, who are eager to just fling the door open, but it's my truck, my rules.

    Everyone laughed at me for it, but we had a carjacking about two blocks from my house last year, so to me it proves the very minor inconvienience is worth it.
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    My vehicle doors lock automatically after going over a certain speed.

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    Yup, others think I'm nuts or something but EVERY time I get in my truck I hit the door locks. My wife's car locks the doors too but not until she's moving so I have her trained to lock 'em too.
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    I think you can set up some cars to lock and unlock to your specifications. It is buried in the owners manual someplace. Our car locks as soon as the software allows and stays locked the longest allowed.

    The pickup, however, has a battle switch. Have to lock the doors with a button. Not much security there. I am pretty sure the kids these days would still try to jump the battle switch, having never seen one.

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    My Chrysler 300 automatically locks when beginning to move, but I hit the button as soon as I enter...I scan the area prior to getting in, and after I get inside.
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    Driving a Jeep with a soft top and half doors I seldom lock the doors. With that said, I do when in what I thaink are situations that might demand extra security or passing through an area I feel un secure in during my travels.

    In my wifes car the doors lock automatically, a good feature I have grown to endure. Along with locking the doors always leave yourself an "Out" in traffic just in case. Getting away from a situation is much better than defending yourself in one.
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