major sheeple behavior

major sheeple behavior

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Thread: major sheeple behavior

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    major sheeple behavior

    I went to the bank today and afterward thought of the forum since we had a string of bank posts lately.
    I went to the bank and had to park around back because there was nowhere else to park.
    While inside i noticed that the guy in front of me was making a large withdrawal.
    I heard the teller count out 15000 to the man and thought wow thats a lot of money to have in cash on your person.
    I watched as the guy put the money in a envelope and walked out with it still in his hand .
    Thought to myself man thats just dumb. But, here is the good part as I finished my business I walked out to my car and noticed the same guy was parked beside my car. Not only did he have all that money he parked in the most remote part of the lot knowing he was gonna have a lot of cash when he came out .
    And I thought...I would have parked next to a fire hydrant before I parked out here with all that money.
    Wait this gets better or for that matter worse , He had the money laid out on the seat of his car counting it .
    And the door to his car open with his leg hanging out . I thought man this guy is trying to get mugged or worse. Makes me wounder what are folks thinking. Are they that secure with there environment? I don't care if I was steven segaul I would never flash that kinda cash. I honestly don't believe the guy even gave it a second thought.
    He looked like he was sitting at his kitchen table. Anyway just thought you all might find this interesting.
    I wonder when i see things like this that it must be nice to be that deluded into thinking nothing wrong can happen to you.
    I think i would have asked for them to put it in the envelope and hand it to me then got in my car and locked the doors.
    All the while watching for the possible B.G.
    Better yet...whats wrong with a certified check ect... but i would have driven straight home.
    Have also watched business folks walking in with their drop bags swinging it around like a flag.
    Just frustrates the heck outta me when one of these folks get robbed , beaten or killed. It's like a surprise to them.
    Then there's always the ? of wheres a cop when you need one?
    Thought this was a good neighborhood ect... never willing to realize it's a bad, bad, world out there.
    They seem never even willing to accept even the smallest responsibility for their own safety.

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    Not too smart it seems - heck $15k - well I'd not only have had that in an envelope - I'd have been hyper aware of who was in and around the bank before and after - and for sure would not have been counting it in near plain view!

    Oh well - seems some folks have a feeling of being all safe in their won lil' cocoon (imagined) - as tho nothing can happen to them. I sometimes think we should be thankful there are much easier potential victims out there than us - and enjoy the relative decrease in risk of us being targetted.
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    Yep, 15K is a lot of cash money to have on your person & not paying attention to your surroundings. The guy sure was asking for it.

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    I see people "flash" money, expensive watches, etc.. all the time totally unaware what is going one around them.

    American's (most) are in deep condition white.


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    That's what drive thru windows are for.

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    A couple of times I've had to cash large checks. Not that large but for me a lot. Now if I am not mistaken once the money is in your hands, if the bank were robbed right then, the federal insurance would not cover your loss. Anyway, I am constantly scanning the other patrons. If anyone looks even remotely suspecious I do the transaction at another time. I am of course carrying and my gun is within easy quick reach. Sometimes my wife does the transaction while I act as body guard. That way my attention is fully on my surroundings. I don't like having her around all that money though as it may put her in danger. The money goes quickly into a pocket out of sight. I park close to the entrance and lock the doors when I enter the vehicle. I am on high alert to say the least until the money is disposed of. Then I can stop sweating and calm down.

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    Two years ago, the brother of one of my wife's friends was killed for the $10000 he pulled out of the bank earlier that day. Evidently he was buying a house and wanted to use cash instead of a cashiers check. At any rate, the last I heard, the police think that either the BG, saw the transaction, and followed him home, or it was someone he knew, and bragged about the money to. At any rate, there was no sign of forced entry so they must have talked him into opening the door. He was killed by a blow from a blunt object to the back of his skull. The BG has not been caught and IMHO probably never will be.

    Keep your eyes peeled folks, and don't flash money around.

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    This reminds me of a conversation I had recently at a range. I was talking .45's with a guy who, it turns out, had retired a little while ago from one of our special forces groups. I told him of my struggle with returning to mainland culture and he talked about the struggle of becoming a civilian. I could relate since I am also a vet albeit with only 8 years service, and that was a ways back, as opposed to 20. He finally asked me "Is it me or are most Americans walking around here with blinders on. No clue of what's really happining in the world or for that matter what's happening immedietly around them? No concept of securing their own safety or their Nations? They all seem to care about nothing but their own little immediate world and petty little problems." I had to agree with him.....


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    Talk about an oblivious moron. If I was getting that much cash (can't imagine what for), I'd have insisted to have done the transaction in a back office of the bank for starters out of sight of others. It certainly would not have been put in a bank envelope. Then, yeah, head straight to the disposition site. This guy's an idiot.
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    15K and the bank didn't walk him to the car??

    Gun control is hitting what you aim at

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