Your Defensive Plans?

Your Defensive Plans?

This is a discussion on Your Defensive Plans? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm just wondering what your defensive plans are in case of a home invasion while you and your family are home. The only reason that ...

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Thread: Your Defensive Plans?

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    Exclamation Your Defensive Plans?

    I'm just wondering what your defensive plans are in case of a home invasion while you and your family are home. The only reason that my family would not get out of the house would be that weare on the second floor with no quick exit. My strategy is to get all of family into a locked room at the end of the second floor. I woud be in the middle of the hallway in a kneeling position with my 20 guage Remington 870 loaded with #8 shot (that's all I have, any advice for good buckshot?) and a Ruger MkII .22 with 10 rounds and also a fast open CRKT M16 knife as backup, Marine Corps unarmed combat training as a LAST RESORT. If the perp(s) got past myself (how?) he would run ito my father with my M1 Carbine with a 30 rounder full of .30 Carbine soft points, and as a backup to that my sister with 14 rounds of .22 HP's. My mother would be on the phone with 911giving the situation report. Sorry for being so lon winded , feel free to be longer than mine in your response.
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    Plans are good if implementable.

    Our house is a problem because very open plan - very few internal doors. I encourage my wife to keep her piece available, and now my step daughter has her own, same for her too.

    If I am in the house then piece is on me - if in office not so easy - it is a ways off from house. In office is extra shottie. If security cameras catch early signs I would from office be en route to house to enter at rear.

    One other spare revo house gun in a bedroom.

    So - no really strategic safe room - if anything goes down it is as found and played by circumstance. No hard and fast plan as a singularity.
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    Sounds good. Any plan is better than no plan, Maybe have your father out with you. The more eyes scanning the better. 00 or #4 buck is what I'd use. #4 would give you more pellets.

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    first of all, the bad guys would have to get thru two German Short Hair Pointers and one German Shepard, which my dogs would be barking like crazy and probably taclke them to the ground and bite, if they kill my dogs :(:(, all that noise would be time enough to get into the basement where the gun safe is, load up, hide behind the stairs, and wait to see if they go down the stairs, if they do, their vision is blocked from the side where the stairs end on the bottom and i would be able to get a nice shot from there, unless he points the gun underneath and fires,

    and the only other hiding place i could think of to get a good shot first would be to hide in the garage which is close to the basement and hide behind some boxes or the v-8 engine block hanging, and hopefully wait it out or find a peak hole to shot from if he enters into the garage! This is a scary thing to think about, i think about it from tiem to time, but my dogs would make a damn hard challenge to get up to the house!

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    Barricade in room. defend at all costs. My safe & door doubles as decent hard cover too. Also the safe gives me access to multiple long arms as well as handguns. Property is replacable, my kids are not.
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    Depends on the exact direction and time of threat, but here goes:


    Dogs start raising cain. Dumpster dog bites ankle of BG. GSD wants to play ball with BG. Doberman wants to eat BG.

    BG breaks free from dogs, runs down hall towards safe room (MBR) where Mrs. RnG and I retreated during dog attacks (if time).

    Meets 12 GA Persuader, six rounds of 3" 00 Buck. Back up, 17 rounds from Glock 17 (GD JHP's), 17 more in second mag. Mrs. RnG has 10 rounds of GD JHP's, phone (land line and cell).

    If no retreat possible - Glock 17 on right hip, second mag on left. Phones.


    (MBR door locked) Dog alarms go off, Persuader on target, phone lines burning. Door kicked open, unload!
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    Well I would hopefully be able to lock me and family in the master bedroom. If they want to come on in I guess they will have to "say hello to my 'lil friend". (or two or three!)

    I would probably use the 870 with buckshot and transition to the G21 if needed. Wife would take cover with son with a Smith revolver and telephone.

    I just aquired a norinco MAK-90. This is my SHTF rifle. I have plenty of 30 round mags. I have toyed with the idea of keeping one or two fully loaded for this type of scenario because home invasions are becoming quite frequent in Georgia with all of the influx of gang members and meth heads.

    What do you guys think about the AK idea? Overkill???
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    Second Floor & only one way out.
    Just an addition that in case of fire all who live on 2nd & 3rd floors with only one exit should buy a high quality "roll out" window ladder.

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    I agree with Rocky 100%, wife and kids in our safe room. Wife with Ruger p89 with 15 rounds....hey she loves the gun.
    property is replaceable, kids aren't. if BG come into the safe room after warning, they will meet me with 870 12 gauge with extended mag holding .00 buck. and I have two .45's, in the safe room, which is the master suite. I keep a land line and a cell up there, wife is in control of that. OH I also have a 65lbs boxer, who doesn't like people messing with family.
    One thing is for sure, they would have to kill me to get to my kids and my wife. and she can shoot too.

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    If I'm upstairs, they have to funnel up the stairway to get me. I'm armed all the time unless I'm in the shower 9and even then I've got arms nearby), so they'll have a tough time making their way up if I'm not out of ammo. If all else fails, I have a stout, flanged battle mace.

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    I Love that Battle mace!!

    I bet it will even scramble eggs too! I Love my omlets. LOL...

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    Plan B

    I have a "best-case scenario" where I have plenty of warning from the dogs barking, am able to barricade in the MBR, use a piece of furniture as cover, have a phone available, and shoot anything that comes through the door with my S&W, plenty of hollowpoints, and a Remington .243 deer rifle as a last-ditch firearm.

    But I've also worked out plans for every room in the house, and every area (detached garage, basement laundry area, outbuildings, back lot, etc.). What is the nearest cover? Is there an exit strategy? Is there anything else available I can use for defense?

    That's why I carry around the house, every day, all day, inside & out. It gives me the flexibility to react to any situation. I don't want to get locked in on one plan, one safe zone, and then not know what to do if I can't get to it.

    I don't have other family members to worry about -- but that also means I don't have anyone backing me up.

    The dogs usually alert me to anyone, but occasionally they don't. Then once they start, the resulting din prevents me from hearing exactly where the threat is coming from - especially if it were coming from multiple directions, and at night where I would not be aided visually.

    I'd suggest to the original poster that he think about situations in which his original plan didn't come together too well. Mom's downstairs doing laundry; Sis has got the headphones on & the music cranked up and can't hear a thing going on; Dad's sacked out on the couch with a bad case of the flu. Now what? Everybody's sound asleep in their respective bedrooms and you suddenly wake up and the BG is in the hallway. Now what? Mom & Dad aren't home. You walk out from taking a shower and there's 2 BGs in the living room with your sister. Now what? You're all in the kitchen eating dinner and 3 or 4 BG's bust through the door before you can even react. Now what?

    Just something to keep your mind working on

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