one handed reload

one handed reload

This is a discussion on one handed reload within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just wondering who here actually practices one handed reloads? I do, but it is with a Airsoft pistol since I'm 1 yr short of owning ...

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Thread: one handed reload

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    Lightbulb one handed reload

    Just wondering who here actually practices one handed reloads? I do, but it is with a Airsoft pistol since I'm 1 yr short of owning any pistols. How much harder is it to reload with a revo than a pistol? I know it is hard but to what degree?
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    Never tried reloading with a revo 1 handed. With an auto it isn't all that hard.
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    One handed with revo sux

    Even with speed loader it is amazing how I take for granted the normal use of two hands! The only way I found with revo was - after dumping empties, stuff gun with open cyl into pants/belt and cyl outermost - dump speedloader contents, retrieve gun and close.

    Never practiced that to perfection at all - but certainly a one handed with a semi is generally more manageable but still requires some practice with the platform of choice.
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    I pratice it with my various Sigs...loaded and unloaded. I have a graded exercise coming up in Sept. and the one handed reload is part of it.

    The scenario assumes that you have taken a hit to your strong arm and it is damaged to the point of being useless.

    While assuming a kneeling postition, you transition to the weak hand. You dump the mag and place the pistol behind your knee in the crook of your leg.You take a loaded mag from your mag pouch and insert into the gun. If you shot to slide lock, you simply depress the slide lever and let the gun chamber the bullet. You then grab the gun from behind your leg and begin firing.

    One its practiced a few times, its actually pretty quick. Its pretty awkward at first and it takes getting used to, be with a bit of practice it becomes easy.

    If you are doing a tactical reload and still have one in the chamber, its a simple matter to dump the mag and replace it with a fully loaded one. If you shot the gun empty and for some reason it didnt lock open on the empty mag, its going ot be a bit more difficult as you are going to have to chamber a bullet.

    Placing the gun behind the knee, you drop the empty mag and insert a full one. You remove the gun from behind the knee and rack the slide on the heel of your boot by using the back sight to catch the heel. If your strong hand is your right hand, you'll place the gun behind your LEFT knee. This makes it easier for the left hand to grab and rack the gun. If you place it behind the knee opposite your good hand(in this case the left), you'll have a hard time staying balanced because you'll cross yourself up trying to draw and rack. Naturally, this is reversed if your strong hand is the left hand to begin with.

    Its actually harder to explain than it is to do. I would reccomend trying it with an unloaded gun and getting it right before I tried it with one in the chamber.

    Something to think about...
    It must be practiced until it becomes second nature. If you actually had to do it for keeps and you're hurt,bleeding and scared,you probably fumble it up. That aint the time to try to remember how to do it, because you probably wont be able to. Gun fights are usally deteremined in seconds and you'll have too much racing through your mind to remember how to do it.

    Havent tried it with a revolver. I dont expect I'll ever use one for self defense as the semi's are better tools for the job.

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    We did it twice a year on re-quals,, P95 is right wheelies are no fun but very doable, semi's way better,

    Now that I'm retired I practice maybe 2 times a month one handed or wounded Officer drills

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