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What "cop shows" get it right?

This is a discussion on What "cop shows" get it right? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; NY27 - how ya figure? saying that the shows get it wrong isn't bashing cops. As far as the show "Cops" well.... lets just say ...

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Thread: What "cop shows" get it right?

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    NY27 - how ya figure? saying that the shows get it wrong isn't bashing cops. As far as the show "Cops" well.... lets just say the places depicted in the show do things... "differently" :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by seawolf1956 View Post
    I've seen hundreds of episodes of the TV series "Cops," and have lost count of the number of times I've seen an officer draw down on or hold a suspect at gunpoint with their finger on the trigger .Don't know if this is what they are taught at the academy or not, but it really makes me wonder.

    YouTube - Police Officer Shoots Him Self In The Leg!

    Prolly been here a hundred times but still funny. I like the the reaction when he pulls out the AR.lol

    And there is this one YouTube - Female Cop
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    I used to work in television production while I lived in Los Angeles. I can tell you that television programs are designed to generate revenue first, and push an agenda second. Accuracy isn't even on the list of priorities. In fact, Executive Producers not-so-jokingly refer to their own shows as "filler material" (something to eat up time between commercial breaks).

    For every show you see on a network, there are literally hundreds that have been completed (cast, shot, edited, formatted, delivered, and paid for) that will never see air time. The shows that do get on the air have already been measured against very thorough and expensive marketing research in order to reach the desired demographic.

    If a show "gets it right" on anything to do with the portrayal of military or law enforcement personnel/procedure, I can assure you it is purely accidental. The closest thing you'll get to any kind of truth is going to be City Confidential, Cold Case Files, or one of those shows because they are constructed on actual case details. Try to take the horrible "re-enactments" with a grain of salt.

    I used to watch Law & Order all the time (the original, not the spin-offs) because it entertained me; but I wasn't careless enough to think I was actually being informed.
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    At least there are now some cop shows that don't have the cop racking the slide when he pulls his weapon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rstickle View Post
    At least there are now some cop shows that don't have the cop racking the slide when he pulls his weapon!
    But there are several that do.
    I was watching an episode of Flashpoint a few months back and the bad guy was Ex-military or Ex-cop, I don't remember which now. He was trying to kill a serial killer that the flashpoint swat team members were supposed to be protecting/transfering.

    The bad guy is in a room getting ready to go out after the serial killer. He takes his 45, racks the slide and puts it in his pants or holster under jacket. Then a few minuted later as he approches hallway intersection to meet up with the swat team/serial killer crew he draws weapon and racks the slide a second time.

    I think to myself, isn't he going to stop and retrieve the round he just spit out on the ground?

    I guess the screen writer just loves the action and sound of the auto being racked.

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    Here's another one from CSI

    They always look at the bullet, to deformed to ID based on the grooves, yet they can tell just by looking at it that it's a 9mm, not a 38 or 357mag. The bullets are the same diameter within .001 of an inch. The weight of the 9mm can be identical to a 38 or usually within 5 grains. No way they could tell the difference just buy looking.

    My wife and I always laugh at the shows too, when they get down on their hands and knees and find that ONE hair or fiber that solves the case. With two dogs and a cat in the house we figure if they take one of those tape strips and put it on the carpet when they lift it it will look like a piece of shag carpet. Good luck finding the one hair that is different!

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    I love it when some carrying a 1911 cocks the hammer for effect, while their are DA 1911's I wonder if writers or crimnals know that?

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    I can't speak about tactics and realism but I find that NCIS is pretty observant about the 4 rules.

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    I have just started taking them for what most of them are, movies or tv drama shows.

    With that said, I am a big fan of COPS, The First 48, and The Shift, which I find to be great shows.

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    I was watching The Shield and the Bad Guys told Vic to disarm so he ejected his magazine and set it on the seat of his car, then placed his 4506 back into the holster.

    I was thinking.... There's one in the chamber idiots.

    Sure enough a bit later one of the baddies draws on Vic and Vic draws on him.

    Bad Guys laugh saying "You left your mag in the car".

    Then he laughs and says "There's one in the chamber."

    I remember feeling impressed that a TV show would get that right.

    And that i noticed.

    The 4506 does have a Mag disconnect though, but maybe Vic disabled it.
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    you should switch over to the true crime shows like i watch. cold case,forensics files etc. they are a lot better and are real.

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    Criminal Minds is pretty good w/ the gun stuff.the one caracter even carries a back up in an ancle holster and used it in an episode a few weeks ago.It isn't anti at all that I've seen...at this point I'll take not-anti....
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    All the cop shows on T.V. are ridiculous especially NCIS and CSI...I cant' stand these shows...

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    Steven Segal's new show is the most accurate and true to life "Cop" show on the tube.

    And if you believe that I got some swamp land here in Florida you might be interested in. What a sorry-a** excuse of a program. It that's realiity, that explains a lot about his bad acting.

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    I have to agree with HotGuns...a lot of the cops shows [with real cops] don't have it right, and you can get yourself killed following the way they do some things. Some books, some CDs and some los veteranos on here provide some great insights...I've seen some MV stops, some perp interviews since I "retired" that scare the hell out of me with the carelessness...the greatest danger one faces is getting careless - and that includes me!
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