.380 as a BUG for a .45

.380 as a BUG for a .45

This is a discussion on .380 as a BUG for a .45 within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok I just read a thread where the scenario is do you grab your .380 thats in your pocket or do you go for the ...

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Thread: .380 as a BUG for a .45

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    .380 as a BUG for a .45

    Ok I just read a thread where the scenario is do you grab your .380 thats in your pocket or do you go for the .45 on your back. Obviously go for whats quicker. But people are saying use the .380 till it runs out of ammo then go for the .45 to finish up. But my question is: Why even have a BUG if its not going to get the job done the first time (and therefore relying on another gun)? Wouldn't it just be smarter to carry a gun that gets the job done the first time? I think its a waste of time and resources to have a BUG that requires a bigger gun to back it up. I know its all about where and how you shoot (thats why we target practice), but IMHO I think you shouldn't have a smaller gun that relies on a bigger gun to get the job done. Just wantin some input. Don't rip me a new one lol! Because I was actually thinking about getting a BUG till I read that, then I really thought about it after I read the thread and came up with this conclusion. I'm new with pistols and carrying so my observation is probably juvenile. But any input would be appreciated and plus I think this is a good conversation piece.

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    I have a .380 BUG, and sometimes carry it as a back up. Most of the time I use it for deep concealment when I can't carry my regular gear due to dress
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    I have the P-3AT and only carry it when the Glock-36 does not fit the 'dress code'...I have only carried a BUG on a couple of ocassions in many years.
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    Lets look at it from another perspective.

    Cops don't use their backup guns first, they use what they have on their hip. Granted, if they even suspect that they'll need their gun, they'll probably already have drawn them out of the holster and held at the ready position.

    The "backup" gun is usually used as a last resort, not the first one. There could be several reasons for using the backup, you may have dropped your primary, you may have shot it dry, you may be in a fight for your life trying to keep the bad-guy from getting it,your primary may be jammed or damaged from a shot, there can be many reasons.In most cases, if you have to resort to the backup gun you are in a world of hurt and something has gone horribly wrong.

    The backup gun is usually a smaller caliber, a smaller gun with less efficient sights,may have less capacity, may be harder to shoot more accurately because it has a harder,longer trigger pull,it may lack a safety, the reasons for not using it first can be many and varied.

    I think a backup is a good thing to carry. In some situations, it may be quicker to deploy than a reload,if you are practiced at it.

    I carry a .45 G21 on duty and my backup is a Kel Tec PF9. While I can depend on both to do what must be done, I'll choose the 13 shot .45 over an eight shot 9mm every time.

    To me, it makes no sense to use a smaller caliber that hold less than the primary gun. In a fight, you want every advantage you can get.
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    YMMV, but to me a BUG is just that; a gun that is there to back up the primary gun if it malfunctions or runs out of ammo. In civilian life, I don't really see much of a need for a BUG. Your chances of needing it are less than getting struck by lightning or hitting the lottery.

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    My thought on this is about what Hotguns posted. The only time I see a backup gun being used first would be if you carried in your pants pocket or coat pocket now that it is winter and you already had a grip on the gun. Then it would be faster than going for your main gun. I have a J frame 38 and a Keltec 32 mostly carry the 38. Giving me 5 to 8 rounds before I would need to go to my XD9. But I would rather have 19 rounds in my hand at the very start of the fight than less than 10. Since BG's are running in groups these days.

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    I carry my Colt 380 crossdraw as bug when driving. If I was seated I would go to it first. Things happen quick.
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    I don't typically carry a BUG except when I travel (large capacity in the truck smaller in my pocket). No fumbling or transferring from pocket to car, etc. I choose to carry nothing less than 9mm or 38spcl. Not knocking other rounds, just my comfort level for SD caliber. Always have readily accessible a weapon that you have confidence in. In the rare instances I carry a BUG, it is a weapon that I would confidently carry as a primary. JMO.
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    i carry one on duty. it is for when things go bad and the primary gun is out of action. that is why it is called a back up gun.
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    I switched to a XD-9 compact for my bug, with the extended mags, higher cap nice n small....
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    Not being LEO my back up is a lock blade folder, and I carry a KT P3AT as my main firearm.

    For me it is pure defense not law enforcement, therefore I carry light and practice as much as possible.
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