Scary stuff

Scary stuff

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Thread: Scary stuff

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    Scary stuff

    From a Personal Safety presentation by Sheriff Deputy Denise Nestor. Some excellent safety tips Deputy Nestor shared:
    1) Question – where are you more apt to be accosted? Your home! The perpetrator will feel that his crime cannot be seen or heard.
    2) Deputy Nestor first had us count off by six – then all stood except those who were #1. The point – five out of every six people will be the victim of a violent crime!

    3) If you do not have an alarm system in your home, a less expensive suggestion is the Intermatic Alarm which may be purchased from Home Depot, Lowes, etc. These are devices placed at each entry point and have an on/off capability – and, will make a screeching sound when the system is ON and the connection at a door or window is broken. The key alarm is okay as it may scare away the intruder, but your neighbors may not respond.

    4) Keep your cell phone by your bedside at night. Should you have an intruder, it will be accessible and easy to take with you as you do your best to escape the situation. Remember portable phones need electricity. If your electricity is shut off, that phone will not work. A regular land line phone next to your bed would be the better than a portable.

    5) Decide ahead of time with your family an escape route should you have an intruder. Also, have the “equipment” readily available – be it a gun or weapon of sort. Define each person’s role.

    6) Instead of mace, keep a can of Hot Shot readily available – shoots for several feet and irritates the eyes without splashing/spraying back into your own eyes.

    7) Never open the door unless you know who is on the other side. Peep holes should be at the height of the shortest adult in the household. Don’t remove the existing one, just install an additional one at the lower height.

    8) If you have a service tech come to your home, see their ID, keep your phone (cell or home) in your hand, and never turn your back to them to lead them to the area that needs service – point in the direction. Direct them to walk in front of you so you can see them. If you are getting an estimate for work outside the home, lock your front door so no one can enter if you are out back or on the side of your house. If needed, take your house key with you so you are not locked out.

    9) Do not leave your garage door opener in a car that is parked outside. The criminal will break into the car and have immediate access to your home.

    10) Joggers & walkers– leave your “route plan” with someone at home, i.e., whether you’re heading north or south, etc.

    11) When pulling up to a stop light or sign, stay a safe distance from the car in front of you. Make sure you can see the rear tires of the car in front of you – this distance will allow you room to turn your wheels sharply and escape should the people in that car have the intent of causing harm to you. Never get out of your car to assist someone if you see a possible domestic violent act – call 911, you don’t know if they have a weapon.

    12) Fight, scream, kick – put up a fight should someone try to grab you.

    13) If someone gets into your car and forces you to drive – hit a “soft target”, i.e., tree, curb, trash can ---- on their side in order to inflate the airbag.

    14) ATM – if you drive up to an ATM machine, take ten seconds to look around and assess the area. Is the person in the other actually doing a transaction – how long have they been there - , etc., etc.

    15) Parking lot – Ladies, carry your purse on your right side of your body and walk along the side where car(s) are parked so no one could take it from your shoulder in a drive by. If you are asked for your purse, throw it & run – don’t wait for further instructions!

    16) Key phrase – Gun…Run! If you see a gun, run!

    17) If you’re in a situation where the “bad guy” is telling you to tie up your friend or family member…DON’T. Don’t tie nor be tied up. Fight!

    18) Keep your cell phone & your keys separate from your purse, either in you hand/pocket or on a waist clip – that way, you will have what you need to get to safety. If they were in your purse and that is now gone, you’re truly helpless.

    19) Have a key word or phrase to be used by your family if they sense danger – i.e., as you’re walking in a parking lot, in a mall, etc. When the phrase is used, all are alerted and appropriate action is taken.

    20) If you hear a search helicopter in your neighborhood or around your house, do not go out! If you hear the helicopter, chances are there are search dogs and your scent will confuse the dogs with that of the criminals. Turn on outside lights.

    21) Before getting into your car after it’s been parked in a lot or outside your home, check for nails, glass, etc., that may have purposefully been placed behind or in front of your tires that may cause a flat tire further down the road, thus putting you in a venerable situation.

    Received this today from our homeowners assn. president. Point #2 is pretty scary!

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    I think point #1 stands out as most folks feel safe in their homes.

    100% of all home invasions happen at home!!!!

    100% of all home carry happens at home!!!!!

    Home carry is an effective way to stop home invasions!!!!!!!
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    Some good tips. I am wondering about the Hot Shot spray. Wonder if there are any tests as to actual stopping power(probably not). I wouldn't just wanna piss someone off. But I like the idea as those things have a pretty strong spray and deploying my fox spray with cone pattern inside the house might cause problems for everyone inside including me.
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    All good stuff, I especially took note of the last one (21).
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    Hey GunGeezer and y'all: Additions to the list that I am very aware of:1) if you get in your car and then notice a note placed on your rear window, do not get out to look at it--your car is now running and you are out of your car looking at the note and asking for a potential problem. The note can stay there until you get home 2) In addition to your cell phone, keep your car keys by your bed--use the car alarm if there is a problem--it makes noise and the flashing lights, even in garage, will alert LEO when they arrive 3) lock your bedroom door and put a door stopper under door by the opening edge--if a slimeball wants in, he has to defeat a lock and then push against the door stopper--it takes time and it shows the guy means business, which at least alerts you to the fact that this may not just be a snatch and grab type person 4) if you do not have other people in other parts of house (like kids) I personally feel that the "stuff" in the other rooms is just stuff and anything worth anything is insured so I do not feel like risking my life over it--I stand my ground in my locked bedroom. All bets are off if your kids or others are all over the house in other bedrooms 5) be prepared--know what you have intentions to do and train and think about it so that it is rote--you mayl be shaking and peeing in your pj's--nice to know you can still function quickly--make sure you have chosen the right weapon for you and be sure you know how to use it--practice with it frequently so you are very familiar with its recoil--remember--you may be shaking 6) have a bright and limited angle led light that you can aim at the door opening with you standing at an angle from the door opening--the slimeball will be blinded and you can be sure he is what you think he is and have a good target view that is not in his initial firing line (if he has a gun) with his first look after he opens the door 7) I'm not so sure about yelling out loud that you called LE but in my case with a shotgun---he will hear the racking of the shotgun, which may cause him some concern (and it better if he does not want a big hole where his beltbuckle is). I'm sure we can add to the list but your list was a good one and even better with, IMO, with these additions

    Hope we never have to

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    Hey y'all: Add two more things to my last post based on comments made on other posts and threads. 1) DO NOT talk in detail to any LEO after the event. You should tell them you are distraught (which you are) and need time to get yourself unwound from the terror you experienced. Too much detail and a slip of the tongue could cost you big time 2) have the name and phone number of an attorney at the ready--this should be part of your overall planning--he is the one who should be doing your talking

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    Good list thanks for posting.

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    didn't think of #21... that is the reason we all need to drive tracked vehicles.
    There is something about firing 4,200 thirty millimeter rounds/min that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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    Too bad MY home owners association didnt have this presentation... Our project manager and our laughable excuse for a "neighborhood crime watch" need to read that. Maybe then Ill stop getting dirty looks when OCing here... Funny thing is that i dont get dirty looks from ANYONE except those involved with the HOA.
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    All good advice, though #13, I would not consider a tree a soft target. I have handled a lot of auto accidents, and trees, even somewhat small ones are not forgiving.

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