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What would you in this carjacking scenario

This is a discussion on What would you in this carjacking scenario within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Not saying I am perfect but I consider myself to always be very aware of where I am relative to anyone or anything else whether ...

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Thread: What would you in this carjacking scenario

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    Not saying I am perfect but I consider myself to always be very aware of where I am relative to anyone or anything else whether I am driving, walking or just out in a park or the beach. If I stop and I am in my car, I am looking around and just being aware of my surroundings and other cars; I usually leave a little room in front of me so that I can scoot it necessary. I do the same thing when I park, when I am going into my garage etc etc. It is not necessary to be paranoid but simple common sense and awareness are important and necessary. I would bet that a considerable number of car jackings happen because of inattention by the driver.

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    I haven't read this entire thread, so please forgive me if I repeat what someone else has already said.

    The trunk? No way in Hades! If you're in the trunk, that's about the height of helplessness unless it happens to be one of the newer cars that has a safety escape latch. The perps don't want you identifying them, right? So what's to stop them from driving to some remote area of a lake and dumping the car in there with you and your fiancee in the trunk to drown? And that's not to even mention the sheer terror you would feel on the way.

    My vote is to duck down and floor it.
    "I practice the ancient art of Klik Pao."


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    Pedal to the metal and duck

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    You know if there is a rifle in your trunk then maybe getting in and shooting through the back seat would be a good idea. Might ruin the seats but hey it would be a surprise for the BG.


    On a more serious note..... I've a heavy foot and the gas pedal shall be slammed to the floor...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Machina View Post
    This is based off a car jacking that happened a few years ago in this area.

    A young couple was in the car near a park at night, driving through. At a stoplight, they are told by two people at gunpoint to get out of the car. When they exit the car, they are then told to get into the trunk.

    What would you do? In this case they decided to run, and the boyfriend was shot in the back while they ran. Died on scene and his girlfriend lived if I remember correctly.

    For the sake some thoroughness, lets say two BG from the passenger side, one pulls a gun and tells you and your significant other to get out.

    Personally, I would either get out of my car and let them take it or pop the clutch and run in the car.

    My jeep is mostly windows though (wrangler) so i don't know how that would go.

    Getting out and then being at gunpoint I honestly don't know what I would do, especially if they told me to get into the trunk.

    The key to success in this situation is situational awareness - don't be caught unawares and never be caught unarmed.

    A couple of other random thoughts: 1) it doesn't look good for the home team if your told to get in the trunk and the carjacking is at gun point (particularly if you've seen the perp and could ID him later, 2) getting locked in most vehicles is not the end of your options - most have an interior emergency release.

    Anyway that's my $.02.

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    its not a good situation anyway you look at it. Id say comply with BG as much as possible to wait for a window of opportunity, if asked to get in the trunk Id personally try to wrestle with the bg maybe overpower his arm, until i was able to hopefully get my hand on my gun, wouldnt get in a trunk without a fight

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    If you're in your car and the BG isn't, rule#1 is hit the gas (forward or back) if you can flee. Use your car as both cover and an offensive weapon. If they block you in, ram their vehicle. Nothing good can come from them getting you out of your car.
    Know Guns, Know Safety, Know Peace.
    No Guns, No Safety, No Peace.

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    A really mean person that carries would climb into the trunk and start shooting at them through the seats once they sat down. Once the doors close but before they start the car, just start blazing away.

    Obviously not realistic, but it would be kind of cool to see in a movie once...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.stuart View Post
    I would floor it and take my chances. The only way my wife and I allow ourselves to be taken somewhere is if we are dead. We are not going with our hearts still beating.
    This is exactly what I would do, and my wife is with me on this. Best answer!
    #1....even if I'm the driver and I'm shot, from the side angle of someone holding a gun at me through the vehicle window, and barring a head shot, likely won't see an immediate mortal wound since it's only my profile. I should be able to drive a safe distance away and get some help one way or another. #2.........even though this seems to happen a lot.........you should never create more than one crime scene for investigators. It may not always be the case, but remaining in the vehicle would be the best chance for survival plain and simple.

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