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Sorry honey, I can't shoot....

This is a discussion on Sorry honey, I can't shoot.... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Granted, there are a few people that I would never want to see in a CCW class or handling a gun. We have all met ...

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Thread: Sorry honey, I can't shoot....

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    Granted, there are a few people that I would never want to see in a CCW class or handling a gun. We have all met them and you know whom I’m talking about. That someone with a zero concept of safety, or that someone with a hair-trigger temper, etc. Aside from that, everyone else is trainable.
    “Monsters are real and so are ghosts. They live inside of us, and sometimes they win.”
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    Once again Limatunes is right on the mark. During my career in the Army I had to teach rifle and pistol marksmanship to alot of young people. The easiest to teach were normally the females because they listened and didn't think they knew everything. They also hadn't formed any bad habits yet.
    Your wife wil most likely do alot better in a class taught by someone she doesn't know because they aren't going to get frustrated by her questions, they will take their time with her. They don't have any unrealistic expectations from her. Also they understand that her questions are opportunities to impart the information they want her to grasp in a sequence and pace that she will comprehend best because she is setting the pace of learning. Most women that I have trained have wanted alot of information thrown at them. They WANT to understand.
    I mean you no offence Sir, BUT, get that "little Lady" in a professionaly taught class, spend time at the range, and encourage her. That means instill her with courage, not break her down with negative comments. If you're at the range or where ever, and a negative thought comes to mind, reach for the duct tape. You have to do what's hard for us men (me included) sometimes- think before you speak.
    Lastly, I'm sitting here laughing at the thought of me telling my wife that she couldn't do something, or that I'll "let" her do something.
    Good Luck.

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    Don't they talk about different scenarios in the CCW of when you can and can't use lethal force? JMO
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    Listen to Limatunes.

    Go read her post again.

    And maybe again.

    There's a lot of wisdom there.

    (And she's obviously a kind person, gentler than I would have been. Good job, Lima!)

    Kathy Jackson
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    Don't get her a permit. She has to get it herself.

    IMO, many times the hubby needs to get out of the way.

    When my wife decides to go for her permit, I will suggest that she and a like-minded friend go learn together.
    God is love (1 John 4:8)

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    the trainer in my ccw class offered everyone the opportunity to come back and sit in the class again if they had questions that came up or wanted a refresher...he didnt dump them on the street when he was done with might be an them and ask her if she would like to repeat the class to answer questions she may have come up with since taking it...

    the thing i'm having a harder time with is you picking up jewelry and hobbling around with it in plain sight with your limited mobility...that is poor judgement in itself...

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    Gotta go with limatunes on this one. After reading my OP I think I may have been too judgemental. I will help her as much as I can and I know some really good CCW and basic pistol instructors here in SoCal (yes, they do actually let us shoot guns here, for how much longer I don't know...).

    Thanks for all the input.


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    Get her into a class...she'll like it.
    My wife was not sure about taking the class, but really appreciated the her started into SD.
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    Let a PROFESSIONAL train her. You have Relationship baggage that will get in the way. I see this all the time. I teach women who will listen to me explicitly. BUT when I give my wife the exact "Range Commands" she wants to know why am I yelling, do I have to be so blunt, yap yap yap LOL. Trust me on this one, let a Pro do it,

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    Quote Originally Posted by RebelRabbi View Post
    Let a PROFESSIONAL train her. You have Relationship baggage that will get in the way. I see this all the time. I teach women who will listen to me explicitly. BUT when I give my wife the exact "Range Commands" she wants to know why am I yelling, do I have to be so blunt, yap yap yap LOL. Trust me on this one, let a Pro do it,

    "Getting" Your Significant Other to Carry/Into Shooting...

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    Lesson #1: Never underestimate a woman.

    If she wants a permit, help her understand what she needs to know and the skills she must have. Ultimately, she must be in charge
    "a reminder that no law can replace personal responsibility" - Bill Clinton 2010.

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    There are many people who I know who I would have thought would shoot at at the time did not, that goes for pitbulls and people. You don't know for yourself until you are in the situation.

    Many people are going to have to be "cornered" before they shoot.- George

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    I gotta say, I agree with Lima on this one 110%. She definitely said it better than I could have.
    I've also gotta agree with whomever it was that was laughing at the thought of them "telling" their wife what they could/could not do or that they "let" their wife do something! My girlfriend is the same exact way! She's the type that plows her own path more often than not, but I still love her just the same.

    She expressed interest in getting a handgun a while ago. I helped her look and bought one for her that she likes. She's also recently expressed interest in getting her CWP. I think my jaw hit the ground right between my feet if I remember correctly! At that point the only thought running through my head was: "Damn, I love this woman!!!!"
    If the time comes that she wants to get her permit, I'll pay for the course and then sit back and watch. Only adding input when she asks for it, (I've learned that too. She'd be so proud of me...)! As was said before, if she learns from someone else, she might be more apt to retain it than if I sit and try to drill it into her. I could see that starting a scenario where one of us would sleep on the couch.
    That's the point where I'd put my foot down and say: "LISTEN SWEETHEART... what couch would you like me to sleep on?!"
    In a crisis you don't rise to the occasion but rather default to your level of training!

    Forgiveness is between them and God, it's my job to arrange the meeting!
    -John W. Creasy (Man on Fire)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith92555 View Post
    So what say you all? I am a little torn at this point. Should I help her to get the permit or get her some pepper spray and a taser?
    Yes, help her get her permit and then cover scenarios and proper response. It sounds like you maybe don't give her enough credit. I know you are just worrying about the possibilities but it sounds like you look down on her.

    P.S. You shouldn't have told her that you had such a negative experience while picking up a gift for her. For most woman that ruins the feeling they have when wearing or thinking about the gift.

    Yes on the permit and pepper spray, no on the taser.

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    Limatunes nailed it and said it nicer than I would.
    I might have recommended you show her some of what has been posted here, but not what you posted about her, she might not take that very well.
    Some people take to firearms and shooting and personal defense better than others, let her try it, with encouragement, please, and see if it's right for her. Professional training sounds just like what she needs. If you can be supportive, go along, if not let her go it alone or maybe with another lady-friend is possible.
    I was the gunny in our family before I bought hubby his first handgun last Christmas. He asked me to teach him how to shoot, a tough job for someone who had no formal training at the time. We went to the range and fired. He did as well as I did and we have both improved with regular practice. I never laughed at him but encouraged him and gave little tips that worked for me as we've gone along.
    We go(with our 13 y/o daughter) at least one a week. Everyone is becoming better and better, and enjoying the family time.
    After she takes the class, if she likes it and wants to stick with it, go with her and be supportive or let her fly solo.
    The worst possible thing you can do is criticize her, doing nothing would be better. Let her learn at her own pace, do it on her terms, she might just turn out to be a better shot.
    Disclaimer: The posts made by this member are only the members opinion, not a reflection on anyone else, nor the group, and should not be cause for anyone to get their undergarments wedged in an uncomfortable position.

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