Sorry honey, I can't shoot....

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Thread: Sorry honey, I can't shoot....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecorrigan View Post
    ... That's the point where I'd put my foot down and say: "LISTEN SWEETHEART... what couch would you like me to sleep on?!"
    Now THAT'S funny ...

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    CCW in california??which city or county??I thought its next to impossible to get a ccw permit in Kalifornia??
    Quote Originally Posted by Keith92555 View Post
    I went Christmas shopping for the wife today. I am very slow to get around right now since I am on crutches. I had knee surgery on 11/2 and have only been able to put weight on it for less than a week so I get along verrry slowly. It also makes it very difficult to carry anything (except IWB of course ).

    The wife knows what she is getting, she just doesn't know how much I am spending. She has some pearl earrings and a ring and wants a matching pearl on a chain. I managed to find her one at the mall for a little over $500.

    So as I left the jewelry store with my little bag I happened to notice a guy taking a keen interest in me. I was getting a lot of attention anyway since I am gimping around on crutches but he stayed behind me for a looooong time. This was especially strange since I was moving really slowly. After he disappeared, my paranoia kicked in full bore and suddenly EVERYONE is watching the guy on crutches with the jewelry store bag held by a string on his pinky a little too closely for my comfort. I walked against the wall with the bag on the wall side to make it more difficult for a snatch-and-grab to happen.

    After a while I needed to cross a large open area so I put the bag under my shirt and kept on my way. I kept vigilant all the way out to my truck and got home without incident.

    After I got home I related the incident to the wife and how paranoid I felt. She asked, "Did you have your gun?" I told her that I always carry my gun and of course I had it with me. However, I also told her that a gun would have done me little good since someone running away from me with her necklace would not be putting my life (or anyone else's for that matter) in danger. I told her that in a situation like this lethal force would not be an option.

    She has asked me recently to help her to get her permit to CCW in Californa. While I really want her to be able to protect herself, I am not sure that I should trust her judgement in situations like this. I don't think she understands the rules for lethal force adequately at this point. I am also not too sure that she would pay enough attention if I sent her to a training class for CCW either. She is the type who has to have everything explained for her in detail and ad nauseum and is too impatient to read instructions or study/train for herself.

    So what say you all? I am a little torn at this point. Should I help her to get the permit or get her some pepper spray and a taser?

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