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When we are most vulnerable

This is a discussion on When we are most vulnerable within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I guess it would be time for an old fashioned fist fight....

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Thread: When we are most vulnerable

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    I guess it would be time for an old fashioned fist fight.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    Mr. BG would know long before he broke in that there were several large dogs preparing a special reception for him. He would likely have gone elsewhere before I could join the party.
    "If we loose Freedom here, there's no place to escape to. This is the Last Place on Earth!" Ronald Reagan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro2A View Post
    I had a dream last night and it dawned on me it could be a potentially real and life threatening situation.

    Lets say you just woke up, you're obviously still a little sleepy and groggy. You may be wearing sweatpants or underwear.... whatever you wear to bed. You get out of bed, it's early. You go down to the kitchen put on a pot of coffee, go back to use the restroom, then you notice the back door is cracked open, and the handle broken.

    You look around and notice some stuff shuffled around. Someone has broken in. Then you realize there is a silhouette of a man in your living room with a knife, gun or other weapon in his hand... he must have been hiding when you were moving around before you noticed the door. He is the only way between you and your handgun and phone sitting on your nightstand in your bedroom.

    My couple of points are this. First it's early, you aren't on top of your game, second you are in your sweatpants. I don't know about you but generally I don't get up first thing and change into something so I can strap my gun on especially if I'm getting ready to take a shower or something, I do that after the fact. Third I'm not the type of person to carry a gun around in my hand at home.

    Given the above scenario what would you do?
    I wake up, put my pants on, then my gun.
    Healthy children will not fear life, if their parents have integrity enough not to fear death.

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    My friends laughed at me when I told them that I carry a gun on me when at home doing the yard, washing the car or just lounging around. I carry my P3AT even when I'm wearing my PJ's, however my night stand gun is my Colt 45 1911 Govt model with CTC laser grips and of course backed up by my P3AT. My EDC though is a G27 or one of my PT Millenium pistols and the P3AT as a BUG.
    Freedom isn't free! Don't ever take it forgranted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shooterX View Post
    One way to deal with this would to have weapons strategically placed in various places around your home for quick retrieval.
    +1! I do this as I have no children in the house (will be modified if/when I get grandchildren).
    BE PREPARED - Noah didn't build the Ark when it was raining!
    Si vis pacem, para bellum
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    Quote Originally Posted by packinnova View Post
    Laugh my butt off as the BG get's eaten by the live-in guard dog that he missed...(which happens to be an overprotective pitbull)...
    The only time a BG would be in danger from our Pit Bull, is if he/she had a chocolate chip cookie in their pocket.
    "The pistol, learn it well, carry it always ..." ~ Jeff Cooper

    "Terrorists: They hated you yesterday, they hate you today, and they will hate you tomorrow.
    End the cycle of hatred, don’t give them a tomorrow."

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    Downtown Dayton, Ohio, after dark...if you are dumb enough to drive downtown and park and even get out of your vehicle after dark. Living room: atop end table, Ruger LCP. H&R .32 inside door pouch of little HHR car inside garage. Bedroom: 16-shot 9mm FNP-9, holstered and hanging on closet door. Six-shot 12 guage Mossburg 500 shotgun leaning in corner next to headboard of bed. Deadbolt inside front door. Back garage door locked between garage and livingroom.

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    I've got so many loaded guns in my house that chances are I'd be near one in any situation. But I gotta admit, I am pretty groggy in the AM!

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    Whenever I get out of bed the first thing I do is slide on a pair of cargo shorts that have my PF9 in one pocket and a small 115 lumen light in another pocket. It's a habit since my kids have friends over all the time so always have to be "decent" aka no more boxers.
    “I dream of a day when my children will live in a world without the shackles of cause and effect.” - S. Colbert

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    Since the posted scenario had one going to the kitchen in their bed clothes, my hope is that the intruder will see the fat naked guy and just roll over laughing, giving me a chance to get to something. If the kid is home, I wont leave my bedroom in my "pajammas" but if its just me, I have no problem with it.
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    I'm gonna go with a large kitchen knife and a spray bottle of kitchen cleaner that stays under the sink. The spray bottle should keep him beyond arms length, but if he gets in close, I have the knife. I also have spray bottles filled with cleaner/disinfectant in both bath rooms, as an added precaution. A drop or two of 409 in the eyes, and I should be able to slip around him and get to my pistol.

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    My gun goes right along with me if going to the bathroom, etc..... so the guy would now have a serious issue. If saw him in my house and with a gun in his hand, game's over ....

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    I always carry at home. My Benelli M4 and usually a Glock or XD in 45 acp are within arms reach. After getting out of bed I alway toss on a pair of pants or shorts along with a holster for the handgun. Morning ritual occurs with the handgun ready for instant action.

    I won't be caught off guard - even in my own home.

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    I sleep commando so the shock value alone of a naked fat man is worth something!

    My dogs sleep in my bedroom but have roam of the house. A bathroom is in my bedroom. When I leave the bedroom the dogs are running ahead of me to the back door so they can go out.

    I think we're good here in that particular scenario.
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

    "A superior Operator is best defined as someone who uses his superior
    judgement to keep himself out of situations that would require a display of his
    superior skills."

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    small pocket gun works well, like a jet fire or a kel tec. don't have to be big, just something you drop in your pocket when you get.
    An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

    Red State State of Mind

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