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KCPD shooting (dash video, not graphic)

This is a discussion on KCPD shooting (dash video, not graphic) within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; oh sneaky mods merged so I look like an idiot even more than normal, no I did not post this in the same place there ...

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Thread: KCPD shooting (dash video, not graphic)

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    oh sneaky mods merged so I look like an idiot even more than normal, no I did not post this in the same place

    there is another thread on this incident and I commented there too

    first, the good guys survived the fight and are alive, that is paramount
    yes weight can severely affect an officer's performance on the job and needs to be addressed, I'll leave at that since as Sixto said we don't know all the facts/conditions

    next, I always look at these incidents with a mindset of learning, not nitpicking or lambasting someone for what they did wrong, only from an educational standpoint do I comment

    I think the first officer stopped way too close to the guy initially, just my opinion...distance is your friend

    someone said the big guy used cover well....if we're talking about getting our butt to the back of the car as quickly as possible then yes, if we're talking about true cover from the gunman then I disagree, his partner is telling him that the guy still has a gun and its pointed at him so he is not protected where he was at the moment
    that being said....he just got shot in the chest, if I'm the 2nd officer and the BG is still conscious, still gripping weapon, still moving....stop drill is in order the stop the threat

    I know a lot of people think the 2nd officer performed horribly slow reload, I thought maybe it was a tactical reload (getting fresh mag, gripping used mag out of pistol, inserting fresh mag in pistol, put partially used mag in pouch), but then why the sound of mag going in and slide going forward at the end or the reload sequence? getting that weapon ready is the first thing, stowing mag properly is secondary
    maybe he didn't perform the tac reload effectively? just wondering

    again, I analyze these things for my own education/training, not to say how someone sucked
    they survived
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    KCPD shooting (dash video, not graphic)

    Had a LEO friend send this to me this eveing. Its scary how fast this stuff happens, and when you least expect it. The officers were responding to a vehicle vs. tree accident, and the driver comes up shooting. The guy even takes time to rack the slide back and put one in the chamber.

    Raw video | Dashboard camera captures shootout
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    Good the 2nd officer was there.... the first may have had a much bigger issue surviving the attack.

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    What a jerk. He should have just turned the gun on himself instead if he wanted to commit suicide.

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    As a former KC area officer, I can tell you this thing is not all that uncommon in the area, nor in any urban area. Just glad my brothers made it out in one piece. I believe they showed incredible restraint with this individual. They saved themselves a lot of needless public over-scrutiny and potential lawsuits from the family of this person. (Happens too frequently!)

    Several observations about previous posts:

    -Training is paramount. How you train is how you fight. No kidding, my first "event" in Iraq, I was hearing bootcamp "ditties" running through my head as I chambered rounds and loaded mags.
    [slingshot, brass-check, tap the forward assist, sweep the sight, check the sight, ejection port cover closed] and [back to back, flat to to flat, push, pull, slap and fire]

    You'd be surprised how little most LEOs actually train. Typically in the academy and then once a year. I can tell you most CCW holders are far more proficient with their firearms than my LEO brethren.

    With adrenaline, one of two things will happen to you- you'll either stay in "real time", hands shaking, sweating, everything going a mile a minute and possible be overcome by panic or-
    Time will slow down to almost like the movies. Everything will go strangely quiet and colors may fade, while contrast sharpens. Your movements will seem like "real time" to you, but will in actuality be much faster.

    Until you've been under fire, you never know how you'll respond. In my personal experience it was training that made the difference. Situations for which I'd trained and rehearsed for days, weeks, months, hours and hours on end, I was in the zone. Situations for which i was untrained resulted in a very scary feeling of loss of control.

    And finally, physical fitness is a large part of being able to defend yourself. Firearms are a great equalizer, but what happens when you have a malfunction, or are in a situation where you are mandated by law to retreat.

    Physical conditioning also sharpens mental awareness. Exercise is proven to increase brain function, while the intake of fatty foods actually acts as a sort of synapse-insulator (similar to anti-depressants), slowing the brain response. Cops eat donuts and McDonalds because they're convenient and actually alleviate stress. But in the long run, no pun intended, it can cost them their lives.

    Next time you have that craving, how about a 20 minute walk around the block, followed up by a power bar and a B/C-vitamin complex drink. You'll feel better all day and be better prepared to perform your hoplotechnical functions.

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    I look at the brighter side of things.......One less society sucking POS off the street and one more prison cell vacant. He chose his own destiny. LEO's are ok and things are good. It's the way it should be.
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