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Any EMT/Paramedics that carry? I have a question.

This is a discussion on Any EMT/Paramedics that carry? I have a question. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am a paramedic certified firefighter... I am going to vote with the scene safety defense, and the fact that after such an adrenaline dump, ...

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Thread: Any EMT/Paramedics that carry? I have a question.

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    I am a paramedic certified firefighter...

    I am going to vote with the scene safety defense, and the fact that after such an adrenaline dump, that I would not be able to render the best care I could in any other situation. I will simply call 911.

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    Adding onto oneshot's post... My dad is a Firefighter/Paramedic and says this "You have no duty to work on the guy you just legally shot in self defense. Here is an example: does an off or on duty cop who shoots someone have a duty to give first ad? No they call 911 and ask for EMS. You being off duty, you don't have the proper equipment. Your duty is to your family and yourself first. Not to the BG laying bleeding on the floor."
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    Very good insight and mostly good advice I guess I was thinking on the right lines but wanted to know how you all felt. Thanks for all that have replied hopefully none of us in the EMT/Paramedic field will ever have to be faced with this situation but we are a little more prepared for it now having talked about it. Any more info is appreciated.

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    Hey all, this is my first post but I thought I would throw my 2cents in since I am both a new CCDW holder and a FF/EMT-P for 10 years now. I have only 4 simple words for this thread..... "Injuries incompatible with life"!!!! You dont work what cant be saved...

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    Death by lead poisoning; no antidote available.

    Yeah I don't carry gloves and equipment when I'm off duty so my ability to properly give care would be impaired. Although, news reports generally paint you better if you give care. There's not a lot I could do to save his life anyway. Dude would need a trauma surgeon and a hospital for definitive care. Now maybe I would say, "Hey Dude you might want to stick your finger in that hole where all the blood is coming out" but that would be about it.
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    Thanks again to everyonefor posting their responses.

    Kalli welcome to the site.

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    The same question could be posed to anyone with any health care knowledge from CPR to trauma surgeon.

    I think you certainly could render whatever aid you could AFTER the scene has been secured. Until that point you should have retreated to cover, and stayed there, scanning and in ready position.

    Of course after the scene is secured, your services would be unlikely to be needed or wanted by the securing personnel.
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    off duty

    I would not even think of helping anyone who endangered my family or myself to the point where I HAD to shoot.

    I was in the Coast Guard Auxiliary as a boating safety volunteer. I asked an attorney if I assist someone off-duty and out of uniform, could my membership be used against me when I am being a good samaritan (considered an expert)?
    The attorney said simply: the good samaritan law even protects a doctor out of his operting room/office/hospital.

    I don't think your being a paramedic/emt or whatever applies in an off-duty self defense.

    As said above Bullet(s) placement. Remember, the dude was trying to kill YOU. You are justified to shoot to kill. (At least here in Florida)

    To quote my father "walk away from a fight; if you can't, then however you to win is a fair fight"

    Here's another thing. A few years back, a CWP holder shot a BG, but intentionally just wounded him. The lawyers for the BG were trying to get the CWP holder for assault and attempted murder. They contended that if the CWP took time to carefully aim, he was not "in fear for his life". Fortunately, the court threw it out.

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    I would not render aid.
    Up to now everything I have shot went down hard and never got back up.

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    FF/EMT-P here. I'm on the same boat as most of the other posters here. I would not even consider providing aid after the fact.

    Theres only one scenario that would come to mind. Rural area(being on a road trip or something), PD secures attacker and EMS is a longgg way out. I might help with chest compressions if there was not enough manpower on scene(one officer, etc). Thats assuming its going to be a trauma code. If hes moving/concious, I'm not having anything to do with it.
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