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Stashing firearms around the house-Practical or Paranoid?

This is a discussion on Stashing firearms around the house-Practical or Paranoid? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If I'm not carrying my J frame it is always within arms reach....

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Thread: Stashing firearms around the house-Practical or Paranoid?

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    If I'm not carrying my J frame it is always within arms reach.

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    There are plenty of people on this board that are armed 100% of the time they are home... some even arm themselves in the shower.

    Is it paranoia? It depends on YOUR viewpoint and comfort level. If someone thinks your having weapons around your house is paranoid, that's their opinion and you shouldn't worry about their opinion. It's what you want to feel safe. Don't let someone else determine your comfort zone unless they're providing the security.

    Wear your weapon instead of stashing them all around the house.

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    I figure thats what a holster is for,I have a gun no matter where I go in or outside my house,I'm physically unable to run to a drawer and get a gun before somebody can get to me and stomp a mudhole in my back
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    No children. I have pistols stashed about the home (unchambered, easy access, in a holster, hidden, but not locked, near a flashlight). When company is due, firearms are collected and locked up.

    I don't believe I do this because I'm paranoid, more likely convenience.

    Would change my habits if I lived in a different jurisdiction, depending on the jurisdiction.
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    Although as I have posted, I think it is paranoid, there is the much greater probability of having them stolen or having kids or even visitors "run into them."

    I do not have children in the house, but the only gun I leave out is a Makarov next to my bed. If it gets stolen it is worth it not having to put it in the safe every time I leave the house.

    I think it is a terrible idea, and I would like to see how many such incidents can be found that would indicate the need for such. I just cannot see the need unless one is involved in illegal activities.
    I still am not willing to change my lifestyle for odds greater than getting struck by lightning.


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    keep your .40 on you be best plan keep the rest locked up no need to stash them when you have one on you and if your concerned with goin through the mag and need moore ammo buy a couple spare clips and keep those close

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