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Uh, oh here is that "good neighborhood" thing again. What you pointed out to her is exactly what I have tried to get through to some of my friends who move into a nice neighborhood, only to find that crime happens there as well. They actually seem to be shocked that somebody might think that they have valuables in their homes.

Happens anywhere.

I live in a gated community and the first year I was here someone tried to break in. Fortunately they weren't able to break through the sliding glass door but it was shattered. (it had a heavy duty plastic film on it for hurricanes and shade)

My dad lives in a gate community (townhouse) and one of the owners of a townhouse came home to find his house had been broken into. Turns out it was the neighbor who got up into the roof of his townhouse and then cut into the neighbors townhouse and ransacked it. Cops in this case didn't particularly give a flip. That's not a slam on cops in general but this particular agency is known for being stupid when it comes to responding to crimes. A good reason to not own townhouses or if you do own one to get up in your part of the roof and reinforce it to make it harder to cut through.

These both took place in good areas. There have been other thefts where I live as well.

People forget that BG's like to live in good areas too.